Paraovarian cyst: causes, symptoms and treatments


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Paraovarian Cyst is a small hollow formation, formed as a result of disruption of normal embryogenesis. It is located near the ovary, but not attached to it. In fact, similar problems are faced by many women, and in most cases, the presence of similar structures for health is not dangerous. However, the strong growth of the cyst, the patient required skilled care.

What is a cyst paraovarian?

cyst paraovarian

As mentioned, this cyst is a one-part pouch filled with liquid. In most cases, education is small in size — at times its diameter does not exceed a few millimeters. Most often the cyst is found during gynecological examination, and such pathology more susceptible women of childbearing age (20 to 40 years). This structure tend to increase, but only in the presence of certain factors, which include:

  • Inflammation of the uterus or ovaries;
  • Local warming of the pelvic organs or the abuse of hot baths;
  • Uncontrolled hormonal drugs;
  • Early puberty;
  • Disorders of the endocrine system;
  • Multiple abortions;
  • Abuse of the Solarium;
  • Cyst paraovarian often begins to actively grow during pregnancy;
  • Risk factors include sexually transmitted infections.

Cyst paraovarian: the main symptoms of

paraovarian cyst treatment

As already mentioned, in most cases, such education does not affect a woman's quality of life. However, if the cyst increases to 5-10 cm in diameter, begin to appear the first symptoms, which include:



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  • Periodic flank pain and recurrent feeling of bloating, which increases during exercise. It should be noted that these signs have nothing to do with phases of the menstrual cycle.
  • Some women also note pain in the rump.
  • Most often the cyst presses on the bladder, which leads to the increased urination.
  • Often there is compression of the intestine, accompanied by constipation or frequent urging to defecate, and bloating.
  • In some cases, the growth of the cyst may cause disruption of normal menstrual cycles and even infertility.

Paraovarian cyst: treatment

delete paraovarian cysts

Unfortunately, such education is rarely disappear by themselves. However, if the cyst has not reached large sizes, with the therapy can wait — doctors, usually prescribe only regular observation. On the other hand, the presence of such tumors can hinder the process of fertilization, so when planning a pregnancy paraovarian removal of cyst is necessary. In addition, the operation is performed with the active growth of these tumors. The deletion occurs at the time of laparoscopy and is considered to be a relatively simple procedure. In most cases, surgeons are able to save the ovary and fallopian tube, so no problems with conceiving in the future should arise. However, women after surgery should have regular gynecological examinations — this will help to prevent the development of any complications.

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