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The Hospital Semashko (Samara) is one of the best maternity hospitals in the city. He is a structural unit of the city hospital. The clinic served patients at the MHI, VHI and conditions of the contract agreement.


The Hospital Semashko (Samara) is a major structural unit of city hospital No. 2. The Department also has the latest high-tech equipment, patients are provided with necessary medication and drugs at the expense of the Federal budget. The clinic provides a full range of services to pregnant women, new mothers and newborns.

The Hospital Semashko (Samara) annually helps to be born more than 4 thousands of kids, some of them are born premature. The clinic nursed the babies, whose weight sometimes does not exceed 500-700 grams. Timely action of doctors and modern methods of treatment help these children grow full and healthy to the delight of parents.

The staff consists of highly qualified professionals United by passion and the desire to help each woman find happiness of motherhood. The hospital Semashko in Samara provides medical services to holders of insurance policies, LCA, and according to the commercial contracts, offering patients a baby on a General basis or individually.

hospital Semashko Samara


The Hospital Semashko (Samara) provides services in the following departments:

  • Obstetrics diagnosis.
  • Observation Department.
  • Anesthesiology and resuscitation.
  • The NICU.
  • Pathology of pregnancy.


The clinic introduced the use of modern delivery techniques, the range of services includes:


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  • Delivery Partnership.
  • Choice of a specialist to support pregnancy and childbirth.
  • The Pain of childbirth by choice mothers (taking into account the recommendations of the obstetrician-gynecologist). Used spinal, epidural and other types of anesthesia.
  • Early applying of the newborn to the breast (the first feeding is carried out in the delivery room).
  • Joint stay of mother and baby in postnatal wards.
  • Early discharge from inpatient units (3-4 days after the birth of a baby, under condition of normal health indicators mother and child).
  • Modern methods of contraception in the postpartum period (for a period of 3 years).
  • Recommendations, education and support for natural (breast -) feeding the child.
  • The Nursing of very preterm infants and much more.
  • Paid labor with accommodation 1-2 local chamber increased comfort with the right choice of a personal physician.

Samara Semashko hospital reviews

Positive feedback about the hospital

Many women turn to the hospital Semashko (Samara). A reviews with positive ratings are written in the address as pay offices and free service. It is indicated that almost the entire staff treats women with great kindness and attention. Doctors provide all necessary assistance in the process of childbirth to tell me how to ease the pain during birth, doing everything we can to birth a healthy baby.

In antenatal departments of obstetrician-gynecologists conduct educational work, teaching moms to care for themselves and their newborns, conduct lectures on natural childbirth and the behavior of mothers that helps to keep your and child health. In the reviews many thanks to the many midwives and nurses who helped babies to be born.

Good recommendations were provided to the Department of pathology of pregnancy, where moms-to-be treated carefully and regularly inspect and conduct the necessary range of tests. It is noted that doctors and nurses are very friendly and kind, the General atmosphere is calm and friendly. All patients offices have indicated that there is maintained perfect cleanliness and constantly kvartsevanie all rooms. About the food reviews are mixed-some were satisfied and diet and diet menus, and some felt that the power system is built unsuccessfully, and the portions meager.

Semashko hospital in Samara

Negative feedback

Not all moms like the hospital Semashko (Samara). Some former wards were told that the holidays are faced with difficulty – doctors on duty clinics, little attention is paid to pregnant women, causing babies and mothers experiencing complications. There are indications that the nurses and technical staff periodically fended off requests from patients and acting rude.

To address the post-Natal ward made a claim that is very difficult is the case with the provision of personal hygiene of mothers. Restrooms are in the basement, where women after childbirth difficult to descend, especially considering the fact that the showers are only two hours a day.

Mothers written negative reviews in the address of some doctors and the General rules of the clinic. There are stories that the child with a pathology immediately taken to the NICU, and mothers do not allow to feed him, despite the fact that the baby does not accept artificial feeding. Some then had to go to other medical facilities to diagnose and cure the kid, although problems could have been avoided.

Samara Semashko hospital physicians

Inpatient unit

In General, positive feedback left anymore. The most exemplary and the best in the city is the hospital of Semashko (Samara). Our doctors have received personal recommendations from many patients, giving birth to several children from the same specialist. Many say that paid labor and free service differ only in the additional service, and the doctors are trying to provide all necessary assistance in full.

Placement in the inpatient Department of pathology of pregnancy or the arrival of a birth is carried out for all included patients. The hospital must take the following documents:

  • Original and copy of passport.
  • Medical insurance Policy, SNILS (original and copy).
  • Card Exchange mothers.
  • A Copy of sick leave on maternity leave.
  • Birth certificate (if available).
  • The Agreement on the maintenance contract (if the contract).

For a comfortable stay in the maternity ward should take some necessary things – personal hygiene, cotton socks, comfortable non-slip shoes (crocs), phone and charger to it. Do not take a lot of things in the hospital, but must have the above minimum and items recommended by your doctor (compression stockings, postpartum bandage, etc.).

Samara Semashko hospital phones

In the postpartum unit you will need:

  • Diapers for babies (at least 15 pieces).
  • Hypoallergenic Wet wipes.
  • Diapers made of natural fabrics (summer-cotton, winter-flannel, flannelette, etc.).
  • Children's underwear, hygiene products, baby cream.

Neonatal unit

In the hospital they. Semashko for joint stay of mother and child allocated 70 seats, 10 seats made available to the intensive care unit. The staff includes specialists-neonatologists and intensive care specialists who have received special training in emergency neonatal care. The entire staff has the necessary professional qualification for working in the Department for kids.

The Department's main task is considered the birth of healthy babies and assisting babies with abnormalities. The clinic is mandatory screening procedure for the early detection of diseases and abnormalities in the development of the baby.

 Samara Semashko hospital photo

ICU is equipped with modern machines and equipment that can save lives and stimulate the development of babies in the most difficult cases. During the year the doctors-neonatologists and intensive care specialists are able to reach more than 600 children.

The Department since 2002, for all time of operation the office received more than 200 children with body weight less than 1.5 kg. Thanks to the efforts of specialists in almost 98% of these children encouraging parents cheerfulness and health. Grateful patients believe that they are lucky to get to the hospital Semashko (Samara). Photo kids decorate the booths of branches and encouraging the patients.

Samara Semashko hospital address

Helpful information

One of the best clinics is considered a urban hospital refers to the hospital Semashko (Samara). Address of the institution: street Dybenko, building 165. Hospitalization is planned or emergency care.

All the questions you can figure out the reference service available to the hospital Semashko (Samara). Phone the contact centre can be found at the official site.


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