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With a comprehensive selection of orthodontic appliances, have the opportunity to correct the bite in childhood, each patient can easily select the appropriate camera. They are all United in their purpose – to return to the anatomically correct positioning of the teeth and establish a proper bite.

Orthodontic treatment of malocclusion

The Differences in principle of operation, frequency of application and the method of fixation in the oral cavity, many of them demand more than a dozen years. One of the most common today is considered patented by the German Professor the development of multifunctional-apparatus Frenkel. The purpose of the fixture is treatment of anomalies of development and formation of malocclusion in children of younger age group (4 to 11 years).

Created the device Frenkel in the middle of the last century.

camera Frenkel

Immediately after the confirmation of efficiency of development in numerous laboratories have proposed to use for mass treatment of children. Camera Frenkel (photo presented below for clarity) is used, usually, to remedy the defect of mesioclusion.

Indications for use

The Ideal period for therapy of this pathology believe the active growth phase in both jaws. Its principle of action consists in the complete elimination of the pressure of the cheeks and upper lip on the teeth in underdeveloped areas, as well as in stabilizing the closing of the lips, the normalization of the situation of language contact and functional features.

Rolf Frankel was offered the above orthodontic appliance. It differs from the analogues of that time was situated in the anterior part of the oral cavity vergnugung of pelota and the buccal shields. This allowed us to reliably fix the position of the tongue, and also back missing features.


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camera Frenkel reviews

If you talk about how the machine Frenkel type III helps in the treatment of pathologies, it is worth noting the main indications for wearing a similar dental structure:

  • The anomalous position of the front teeth;
  • Mesioclusion;
  • Shortening and narrowing of the upper row of teeth;
  • Retrosi anterior maxillary teeth;
  • Malocclusion in a vertical manner;
  • Failures in the process of growth of both jaws.

How the device looks like?

Orthodontic appliance of Frankel (patient feedback has repeatedly confirmed the effectiveness and efficiency of adaptation) consists of two buccal shields, connected by a special procedure for palatinal ie palatal handle. In turn, two vergnugung pelota located side by side and United by clamps and brackets.

In conjunction with the reference design on the upper jaw the obligatory acts and vestibular arc worn on the lower teeth. It is these specific features of the device, the patients, producing the maximum effect, despite the minor discomfort in the treatment process.


During the operation the products described here in a positive way can change not only the appearance of the jaw. Indeed, the closure of the upper and lower teeth, elongation of the upper dentition is often visible to others: attractive smile, and smooth the oval of the face are the main subjects of praise and compliments.claw machine Frenkel reviews

In this short time the patient will begin to feel the full therapeutic effect from the use of such a device, as a proper bite is essential to a clear diction, better chewing of food. By the way, research scientists were able to confirm the relationship between the quality of the crushed products and the diseases of the digestive system, cardiovascular system.

The Machine Frenkel type III (opinions of parents whose children were treated by this method are mostly positive), often combined with the implementation of therapeutic exercises. In addition, to achieve biodynamiska balance in the oral and maxillofacial area may be effective treatments by a physiotherapist and a special massage of the facial muscles. That is, the underdeveloped areas of the jaw begins to grow more actively, and the growth of the lower jaw remains slightly chilled.

Features of adaptation of the dentition to the device

Entering the oral cavity, the apparatus Frenkel type 3 (photo below demonstrates this) contributes noticeable to the naked eye correct the shape of the face, improving the closing of the lips. camera Frenkel photo

In fact, this regulator is designed for training sessions. He admirably with the task of ensuring the neuromuscular functions of the maxillofacial area allows the patient for a short period of time to adapt to the new sensations.

Figuring out what is a device Frenkel, reviews young patients and their parents are also useful. Despite the wide age range proposed by the medical professionals, users of devices believe that the optimal age to undergo such treatment from an orthodontist is 7-8 years. This period is considered most appropriate for the treatment of mesioclusion. Although in modern practice there are many cases when treating children up to 15 years.


Most doctors in practice are using claw machine Frenkel. Feedback about the device confirmed a positive influence on the harmonious development of the dentition. In addition, parents noted that with the help of orthodontic appliance children managed to get rid of habits that significantly impact on their lives: thumb-sucking, laying the tongue between the teeth, etc.orthodontic appliance of Frankel reviews

Patients who have tried the effect of other devices, for example, traumatic uncomfortable device Angle or vestibular plates, rave about the convenience of the adaptation of Frankel, his versatility. Getting used to wearing sonochemistry install in children, usually occurs fairly quickly, although many young patients at the initial stage of treatment, are experiencing considerable difficulties.

Opting of the apparatus of Frenkel

The Basic recommendations for the care of the orthodontic device and its wear provided by the dentist at the reception. The specialist shall determine required treatment time by this method. Largely, the course of application of the apparatus Frenkel is determined by the individual characteristics of the child, and on average from 1 to 1.5 years.

Often, the doctor prescribes wearing it only at night and for a couple of hours during the day. Acquiring the proper healthy bite will help only a qualified approach to treatment.

apparatus Frenkel type 3 photo

The Device Frenkel helps to achieve great results, restoring the aesthetics of the smile, eliminating the bad habits and preventing the possibility of needing surgical treatment in the future.


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