Symptom of otitis of the outer, middle and inner divisions of the ear


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Otitis media is a disease associated with inflammation of the ear. It may involve one of three divisions: the outer, inner or middle. Under the first is commonly understood as the ear, the eardrum and auditory canal. Middle ear Symptom of otitis mediaIncludes the tympanic cavity and Eustachian tube, it performs the function of zvukoprovodnost. The inner ear is called bone formation in the temporal bone, which is hollow inside and is divided into channels with vestibular receptor apparatus and auditory analyzers. How can be affected with inflammation of each of these departments?

Otitis externa

This form of the disease is manifested by effects on the auditory canal and the auricle. The first symptom of otitis media in this situation – the itching. With pressure on the sore ear can cause discomfort. Under the influence of bacterial infection or fungus the skin may become inflamed as the ear and inside the ear canal. To cause such a reaction may improper hygiene of the ears, e.g. using sharp or contaminated objects, as well as damaged by insect stings skin, burns or frostbite. Among others, this form of the disease is considered Symptoms of otitis media in adultsIs relatively easy and the least painful.

Otitis media

This form of disease is most common. Symptom of otitis media in this case is manifested by filling the tympanic cavity of the ear infected fluid. To call such a process may have recently had an infectious disease, sore throat, measles or the flu, and getting dirty water into the Eustachian tube. The symptoms of otitis media in adults slightly less pronounced than in children. The thing is, that in a healthy state of fluid removed from the middle ear via the Eustachian tube which connects the nasopharynx and the tympanic cavity. In inflammatory processes of the lumen of the pipe is narrowed, blocking the outflow of fluid. In children, it is initially smaller and shorter, so the disease appears sharper. If acute otitis media, symptoms may include the selection of the auditory canal of pus, ichor, mucus. If you carry out the treatment correctly and on time, damaged the membrane is completely restored without causing further, any deterioration of hearing. In the case where an ear infection was neglected, the pus may not find the exit and be directed into the cavity of the skull, causing brain abscess, meningitis or mastoiditis. Pay attention to even the common cold if it is accompanied by discomfort in the ears, so Acute otitis media: symptomsTo prevent worsening of the disease.



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This form of the disease is quite rare, but is the most dangerous. In some cases it is caused by a complication of otitis media, and sometimes the cause becomes a common infection. The disease manifests through ringing in the ears, dizziness, hearing impairment. A common symptom of otitis - nausea until vomiting. Some patients note nystagmus - involuntary jerking of the eyeball. The person with this disease becomes difficult to maintain a balance not only in movement but also at rest. Symptom of otitis media with purulent form – the increased temperature. Without proper treatment, the disease can lead to hearing loss and complications can cause cerebellar abscess or meningitis.

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