Necrobiosis lipoidica: causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment


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Necrobiosis lipoidicaThis is a very dangerous chronic skin disease. Inherited it is not transmitted. Illness occurs when metabolic disorders in the body. It is a local lipoids in which lipids are deposited in the dermis, in which there is a necrobiosis of the collagen or degeneration.

Features of necrobiosis lipoidica

The Disease occurs in a chronic form for a long time. Quite often after an apparent recovery, the disease develops again. There are cases of spontaneous recovery. But it is quite a rarity.

What is the group of people susceptible to the disease?

Necrobiosis lipoidica – a relatively rare disease. It refers to the local lipoidosis skin. Mainly manifested in patients with diabetes. Most often the necrobiosis lipoidica affects people 20-40 years. Less frequently the disease occurs in children and the elderly. Often ill women.

Risk Factors

Risk factors include violations of metabolic processes. Mostly lipid, hormone and carbohydrate metabolism. The risk factor increases in patients with wounds of diabetes, and various injuries (insect bites, bruises, etc.).necrobiosis lipoidica

To what expert to address?

In all skin lesions, including when the disease necrobiosis lipoidica, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist. A doctor will diagnose and will prescribe the necessary treatment.

The Causes of the disease

Lipoid necrobiosis of the skin appears because of the Disorders of metabolism. In particular, because of a failure in the process of metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. Because of this, the blood vessels develop changes of a pathological nature and start microcirculatory disorders. The disease can appear in people who have no problems with glucose tolerance.


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Due to disturbed microcirculation begins degenerative changes in skin cells and necrobiosis (changing intracellular metabolism). And as a result – fat cellular dangerous necrobiosis lipoidica

Necrobiosis lipoidica: disease symptoms

The First symptoms with lipoid necrobiosis – the appearance on the skin small pink-red oval nodules. At the edges they are surrounded by a bluish border. In the center of the lesion plaques yellowish-gray. At the same time, may form small red nodules under the skin. Look like capillary cystic expansion. Sores this stage of the disease do not appear.

The Nodules grow and after some time merge into dense patches, having a smooth surface with a specific sparkle. They feel dense and painless. In the middle of the skin is covered with a translucent film. The edges formed a small bluish-red cushion.

The lesions are symmetrical and located several plaques around. Most often affects the lower limbs, mostly on the lower leg. Sometimes plaques can appear on the thighs, torso, forearms, and the scalp of the head.

If the disease progresses without complications, the skin lesions do not cause any unpleasant and painful sensations. Otherwise first appear the sores and other skin defects. Then begins burning, tingling, itching and pain.increase the level of blood glucose

Necrobiosis lipoidica occurs much harder if the person at the same time there are more and diabetes. In this case, suffer from small vessels, and it only enhances the skin lesions. If blood sugar low, then the patient's condition is somewhat normalized. Plaque partially or completely resolve. Their number decreases.

Microscopic examination detects a decrease in the elasticity of cells, they receive the pathology of wrong metabolism of fat. Most of all it suffers from the connective tissue. Specific kind of lipid necrobiosis – chronic granulomatous disease disciformis Misera. In this case skin patches on sizes much more. They are more dense to the touch – as the surface of the Board. Especially in the middle of the affected area.


If there is an increase in the level of glucose in the blood, That is special test for detection of disorders of carbohydrate metabolism. This is mostly done when the initial stages of diabetes. In addition to the test, be sure to give up blood and urine tests for sugar.lipoid necrobiosis of the skin

Glucose tolerance test-this is a stress test with glucose. The procedure involves several stages of blood sampling from the capillaries. Done on an empty stomach after ingestion of seventy five grams of glucose. It is pre-dissolved in water. Normal level of glucose less than 5.5 mmol per liter. Two hours after sample – not more than 7.8 mmol per liter. Deviations from the norm indicate impairment of the function of the insular apparatus. In this case, a deeper and more thorough examination. The test is not done if a glucose level above 6.7 mmol per liter.

Diagnostics deals, in addition to dermatological and therapeutic, and even endocrinological center. First, a visual inspection of the patient. Then assigned a histological examination of specimens obtained at biopsy of the affected skin. Uses specific staining of lipids with Sudan to identify clustersfat bean.

In the blood vessels pay attention to the proliferation of the endothelium and fibrosis of the walls. Differential diagnosis is made with:

  • Plaque scleroderma;
  • Granuloma annulare;
  • Erythema induratum of Bazin;
  • Papulonekrotichesky vasculitis;
  • Cellulitis;
  • Sarcoidosis;
  • Dermatitis of the lower leg;
  • Erythema nodosumnecrobiosis lipoidica treatment


For the treatment of lipid necrobiosis should contact the endocrinology center. It provides a comprehensive examination of the patient. Diet appointed for regulating blood glucose levels. For treatment with anti-inflammatory and improves microcirculation drugs:

  • “Hingamin”.
  • “Aspirin”.
  • “ksantinola nicotinate”.
  • “Dipyridamole” and others.

Also prescribed antidiabetic drugs and ointments, which include hormones of the adrenal cortex. Well help application solution "Dimexide" (25-30 percent). Treatment can be both outpatient and inpatient.

Additionally prescribe medicines, having in its composition of vitamin e are Assigned to physiotherapy with the use of Bukki rays and irradiation with x-rays. In complex cases, treatment is carried out surgically. During the operation, the excised pathological education. Next, you need to hold the plastic skin.

Don't have to scare anyone so diagnosed as necrobiosis lipoidica. Treatment in a progressive manner on the background of the first type of diabetes: there are various options of insulin. On the background of the second – sulfonylureas. Of assigned vitamins "Aevit", "Askorutin", vitamin b and nicotinic acid. When necrobiosis is assigned bromides or preparations of vegetable origin. And also improves microcirculation – “Etamsilat”, “Complain” etc.consult a dermatologist

Prescribed lipotropics, and in non-diabetic nature of the disease – “Dipromony” introduced intramuscularly. When the local used phonophoresis therapy with heparin or prednisolone ointments. Free days are used phonophoresis corticosteroid funds applied under a bandage.

Treatment of folk remedies

For the treatment of lipid necrobiosis folk remedies should consult a dermatologist. Self-medication without their physician's approval is highly undesirable. As the suitable folk remedies have been successfully used celery (500 g) and lemons (6 pieces) and boiled for two hours in a water bath, pre-chopped in the blender. Ready means taken in the morning one tablespoon. The mixture was stored in the refrigerator.

Well help in the treatment of aloe and cinnamon. Twenty grams of cinnamon powder pour a glass of boiling water. Insist to cool, and added to this infusion of ten milligrams of aloe juice. Mixed, divided into two equal parts. The first drink in the morning on an empty stomach. Second – in the evening, before bedtime.

For external use compresses made from steamed powder of pine or oak bark. What is the danger of necrobiosis lipoidica? If treatment is not performed or is running, it may reach the development of gangrene.endocrinology centre


Prophylaxis – regular examinations in the clinic for the detection of diabetes or other diseases related to the violation of metabolic processes in the body. It is advisable to visit the local doctor and undergo a medical examination every six months. This will help to get rid of many problems and prevent the development of possible diseases. People who have relatives there have been cases of diabetes, you need to constantly monitor glucose levels. In the case of diabetes it mandatory and timely treatment-is also prevention of lipid necrobiosis.

Besides the above, it is necessary to avoid any physical injuries, especially in the legs (particularly ankles). Should exclude from the diet fatty foods and fried. Preference should be given to boiled food and steamed.

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