How to treat a sore throat in children? Useful tips


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Sore throat-is inflammation of the tonsils. Almond – 2 small “ball” in the back of the throat of your child. They help to fight infection. Before describing how to treat a sore throat in children, discuss reasons for its occurrence.

Where does a sore throat?

Sore throat, it is also tonsillitis, bacterial, viral or fungal infection. The viruses that cause cold or flu, can also cause tonsillitis. Tonsillitis is transmitted from an infected person to a healthy through coughing, sneezing and by touching. The infection can also spread through kissing and the use of the shared dishes.

how to treat a sore throat in children

Signs of tonsillitis

  • Fever and sore throat;
  • A feeling of nausea;
  • Cough and hoarseness;
  • Runny or stuffy nose;
  • Yellow or white spots on the back of the throat;
  • Rash on the body or in the mouth.

In No case do not start the treatment of throat in a child, if you are not sure that this is angina! Accurate diagnosis can put only a doctor.

treatment of the throat the child

Possible complications of tonsillitis

If you are interested in the question: “How to treat a sore throat in children?”, you should know that bacterial infections that are not treated with antibiotics, can spread to the ears of the child. Can also cause problems with breathing and swallowing. Without treatment, tonsillitis can lead to more serious diseases. Therefore, in such situations, you need to contact your doctor who will tell you how to treat angina in children.


When to see a doctor?

You Should immediately consult the doctor in such cases:

  • If the symptoms are becoming more serious and the child becomes worse;
  • If a baby has a rash on the body, red cheeks or swollen tongue;
  • If you notice snoring or pauses in breathing at a time when your child is sleeping;
  • If you don't know how to treat a sore throat in children.

When to call «ambulance»?

Sometimes, strep throat can lead to serious complications, so sometimes you need to call «ambulance», especially if:

  • Because of the pain the child is unable to eat and drink;
  • Baby is having trouble breathing;
  • The child cannot speak;
  • Severe swelling of the jaw or tongue;
  • He hasn't peed for over 12 hours, and there are problems with a chair.

How to help your child?

If your kid is still having angina, herbal treatment is usually ineffective. However, there are some activities that can improve overall health, because baby is now so bad… Your child will be better if you provide him a calm environment. All the forces of the body now spends to fight off viruses and infections, so a good night's sleep and rest the baby just needed. Make sure that the child enough food and drink. While it has been a pain in the throat, swallowing causes a lot of trouble. So try to provide your baby with liquid food. Perfect variety of mashed potatoes, soups, broths, and cereal with milk.

strep throat treatment with herbsIf the child is big enough he can gargle saline solution. This will reduce the sore throat. Make a solution for rinsing is easy, just dissolve in warm water one teaspoon of salt. Prevent the spread of germs. As often as possible wash your child's hands. Don't let him share their food with someone else.


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