Defeated pain right side under ribs? Hurry to the doctor!


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Aching or dull pain on the right side under the ribs is a common symptom. They were experienced at least once in their life, probably every person. The reason for such an unpleasant feeling with a dense arrangement of organs in the rib area on the right. Here is the kidney and liver. Both bodies have a dense structure and is quite closely contactable with the inside ribs. pain on the right side under the ribsTheir natural state, they are protected and not injured bone during movements.

Dull, sharp pain under right rib is a signal that the liver or the kidney was close to the Lodge, allotted to them by nature. This can occur due to the increase in size of organs due to inflammatory process.

Also pain can be caused by movement of organs against shock and pressure their other organs located in close proximity.

Why hurts right side under ribs?

In Addition to the injuries, discomfort can be a consequence of the inflammatory process to the following:

- in the gallbladder;

sore right side ribs floor- adrenal;

- in the right lung;

- in the pancreas;

- in the upper intestine.

During pregnancy women also may have pain on the right side under the ribs. It is associated with fetal growth, which compresses the organs within.

Also, for example, inflammation in the gallbladder wall thicken on the increase. Slowing down the flow of bile from it, which leads to the expansion body. The gallbladder starts to put pressure on the liver, and she, respectively, on the ribs. When this occurs, a dull pain aching in nature, aggravated by movements.


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Ulcer causes pain right side under ribs

In this case, the symptom appears most often after about half an hour after made meal. In addition, the ulcer patient often want to eat at night, there is often heartburn, constipation. The pain stopped after possible vomiting. Every day the patient increases the feeling of hunger and there is intolerance of certain foods.

Other diseases that trigger the occurrence of unpleasant symptom

In Addition to ulcers, can cause pain in the right side under the ribs can following ailments:

  1. Acute appendicitis. To identify this disease you need to lie on your back and push severe pain under right ribSideways to the right. Increasing pain in this place indicates inflammation of the Appendix. And if you additionally raise the right leg, the sensations become even stronger.
  2. Acute pancreatitis. In this case, the pain begin to manifest under the ribs at the top of the stomach.
  3. Cholecystitis in the acute stage. Besides pain under the ribs in the upper part, the patient overcomes vomiting, and the food sickens you.
  4. Hepatitis, acute intestinal infections, pseudotuberculosis. Pain in such cases are observed in the abdomen, under the ribs. The disease is accompanied by constant vomiting.
  5. Myocardial Infarction. Manifest pain in area under ribs on the right due to damage to the bottom of the heart wall.

Besides all the above, the cause of discomfort can be a trauma to any organs. Whatever error or was caused by pain, should immediately contact the doctor.

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