A cure for diarrhea for the baby


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Treatment of diarrhea in children may include the use of traditional means, and medicinal herbs. However, the main condition of effective therapy is a proper diet.

To prevent dehydration, children often prescribe drugs containing electrolytes. These include Lytren, Pedialyte, Resol and others.

Quite common is considered to be a cure for diarrhea for children Loperamide. It can be purchased without a prescription. Available is a cure for diarrhea in the form of a liquid (Imodium AD) or tablets. This medication should not be given to a child with a temperature over 38 degrees, or when the detection in the stool of blood. The drug is contraindicated in children under twelve.

Another cure for diarrhea - Kashin-pectin. This preparation known as Kaopectate. Medication available over the counter without a prescription. It has properties to bind substances in the intestines with excess water. Thus, the stool becomes more dry and solid. In this case, when the visible absence of diarrhea, the child loses the same amount of water as if it was never treated. Against the background of preparations containing kaolin, the chair looks different, but the condition is not easier.

Bismuth subsalicylate (Pepto-Bismol) is also sold without prescription. It is a cure for diarrhea has the property to adhere to the bacteria or toxin, provoking diarrhea. Thus, there is deactivation of a foreign substance, so that it ceases to cause harm to the body. The cure for diarrhea can change the color of stool-the stool may become black. The drug is shown to children older than two years.


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If the diarrhoea triggered by a bacterial infection, as proven by laboratory tests, the relief state can help antibiotics. The feasibility of these medications prescribed only by a doctor based on the results of research.

In the treatment of diarrhea in a child emphasizes the importance of diet. The main task is in any case to prevent dehydration.

In the acute phase of diarrhea to ensure that the child received enough fluids. It is necessary often to give drinking. In order to avoid vomiting, you should not immediately give plenty of fluids.

Not recommended dairy products for the entire period of treatment and for two weeks thereafter, as they irritate the intestines.

If the diarrhea in a newborn who is breastfed, experts recommend to suspend lactation. Mother's milk does not provoke and do not exacerbate diarrhea. Very often to get rid of the condition helps diet that consists only of water and milk.

Usually, diarrhea is accompanied by disorder of appetite. Therefore, the period of treatment recommended clear soups, herbal teas or broths, diluted juices.

After recovery should not stress the stomach and intestines. The child's diet should contain easily digestible simple foods. These include porridge, mashed potatoes, bananas, cooked vegetables.

During the first two days is not recommended proteins. If you experience any of the disease, especially associated with the digestive tract, you should avoid fat. It should be noted that they are quite difficult to digest even in the adult, to say nothing of the disordered children's intestines. The undigested fats are contributing significantly to toxicity.

Be sure to exclude from the diet of refined sugars, especially if diarrhea the child has a bacterial nature. This is due to increased activity of bacteria in the presence of sugar. In addition, it increases the acidity, which is very slow getting rid of diarrhea.

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