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Any complex system can exist only thanks to the reliable leadership. It is a fact, proven by history and time. The human body — it's many complex systems that work cohesively under the guidance of the endocrine and nervous systems. And General Manager of the whole matter is the pituitary gland in the brain. Who is this genius?


The Pituitary gland of the brain is very small and discreet. The growth is not managed, the size similar to the smallest forest nut, and the weight gain could not — just 0.65 grams or even less. Externally it consists of two lobes. The front is covered with glandular tissue in the back — nervous. Because of such duplicity can be called two names. If we talk about the first fraction, it is called the adenohypophysis. When it comes to the nervous part of our friend, call him at such moments the neurohypophysis.


Geniuses are very rare, so they need to be protected. The pituitary gland of the brain is no exception. To him nothing happened, he was lodged in a highly secure place — in a deep gorge. It is located at the base of the brain in the saddle, labeled Turkish.

After a brief acquaintance with the personality of a genius move on his brilliant abilities. They affect very different areas of human life. To give birth to the baby, feed the infant toddler, from child to turn into an adult; not to die of thirst during times of stress and illness, have a normal weight and blood pressure, to be in a good mood and to have enough vitality — it takes the pituitary gland. The dysfunction of this genius greatly complicates life.

What does this amazing iron? It produces a wide variety of active substances, which are called by one common word — hormones. These same hormones are very important. All of the above processes in our body is not possible without hormones. So to grow, you need the hormone somatotropin (people know him as the human growth hormone). Conception and fetal development is impossible without follicle stimulating and luteinizing hormones. At birth to start contractions, oxytocin is very important, and without prolactin will not have a baby so beloved of mother's milk.


The Pituitary gland in the brain is not invulnerable. Its activity may be compromised. Disease pituitary like when hurts head of the company and no one to replace him. In such situations often begin some problems in the production process, failures and even downtime. Something similar occurs when the pituitary gland stops producing some hormones or it goes into the body is very small (negative) or very much (surplus).


Hormones of the pituitary gland affect the dependent organs of internal secretion, such as adrenal gland, ovaries, pancreas and thyroid. Each of them leads their division and perform the task set before her the pituitary gland. Therefore, if it starts malfunction of the pituitary gland, the entire endocrine system goes haywire, leading to serious problems throughout the body.


The Pituitary gland starts to fail because of tumors that appear as a result of accelerated growth of the gland. This process starts as a genetic mutation or external factors — poor environmental conditions, radiation, mechanical injury to the brain. Increases the volume of the glandular tissue of the pituitary is generally uneven: some cells become very much at the expense of others. As a result, those cells, which produce an excess of one hormone, and those that are missing, causing a lack of other hormones. Hormonal balance is disrupted. The result — the most varied: from minor violations of the menstrual cycle until complete failure of the entire endocrine system. The latter case is studied in detail and described by such famous endocrinologists, as Nicholas, start with those and Harvey Cushing. This disease often call them names.


Unfortunately, to fully restore the disturbed functions of the pituitary to date, is impossible, since do not fully understand the causes of these violations. All I can do doctors is to teach the patient to maintain hormonal balance through hormone substitutes, which are accepted a lifetime.

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