What to do if often hurts the right side of the head? Why hurts right side of the head?


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Headache from time to time comes to all of us. However, we rarely pay attention to where it hurts, and in a hurry to take the anesthetic. Sometimes simply endure, waiting for the end of this meal.

Turns out we were wrong! With recurring headaches should go to a specialist and find out why it hurts the right side of the head, the left, the back of the head or forehead.

But if you pay attention to your feelings, you will understand, to what doctor you should go to a doctor, neurologist, or otolaryngologist, is only well-versed in the symptoms.why hurts right side of the head

How to manifest migraine

If you often have sore right side of the head, covering the eye and temporal part, it is usually a sign of migraine. Most often the beginning of a headache attack is preceded by the flickering of black spots before the eyes, appearance of flashes of light and sometimes poor coordination. This “bouquet” can join also violations of smell and hearing.

Why this problem occurs in some people (note that most all women), is currently unknown. Accurately able to determine only that if the mother had a predisposition to frequent headaches, and a daughter with high probability will suffer from the same problems. Another cause of migraines researchers call the balance of neurotransmitters (substances involved in the transmission of impulses between brain cells).

At the time of a migraine attack, as already mentioned, often a headache on the right temple and around the eyes, a person can experience nausea, he experiences an urge to vomit, and any sound or bright light increases the pain. This nightmare can last from several hours to several days, besides causing problems with urination and stool.have a headache right

How to treat migraine?

In modern medicine, unfortunately, there is no means relieves true migraine. But with the right choice of drugs, as well as in compliance with the established rules doctors patient manages to pre-empt attacks and greatly reduce their intensity.

If it hurts the right side of the head and diagnosed with migraine, The necessary preparations, relieving spasm of the blood vessels of the brain ("Pepto" Niacin "Baralgin”, “Nitro” in small doses, etc.). This usually prevents the development of attack. But if he was strong, the recommended decongestants such as “Ergotamine”, “Bellergal”, “Metisergid”, etc. To reduce the level of serotonin used "Chimes”, “Indomethacin” etc. is of benefit in these cases as well, and taking anti-depressants and tranquilizers.

But it should be remembered that the selection of drugs is always strictly individual and self-medication in this case can lead to dangerous consequences!sore right side of the head

Cervical migraine

In Addition to these diseases there are several diseases, the primary manifestation of which is severe headache, but for a true migraine, they have no relationship.

The impact of the vertebral artery overgrown cartilage and bone structures in humans may develop the so-called cervical migraines. Usually it is associated with osteochondrosis in the cervical spine (the first and second vertebrae), but there are known cases of occurrence of symptoms of this disease and trauma.

The Compression or irritation of the arteries, which occurs in such cases, provokes a spasm of blood vessels inside the brain, which causes symptoms similar to a migraine. In humans, headache in the right occipital, This burning throbbing Pain experienced In the head, the brow part, sometimes causes visual disturbances in the form of mist before the eyes or sensation of sand in the eyes. Head turns are accompanied by increased morbid manifestations and a feeling of fever or chills.

Patients had manifestations of dizziness, but also tinnitus and hearing loss.

All of the above symptoms require seeking a neurologist for diagnosis and selection of treatment.sore rear right head

What to do if you have a headache only on the right?

True migraine in most cases, changes the localization of pain from the attack to attack, so if they are reasonable and are made all the time in one place, for example, constantly ache right side of head, then we can talk about some volumethe pathological process. This may be a symptom of bleeding after trauma, tumor, brain abscess or parasitic infestation, etc.

With these symptoms should immediately go to the neurologist and to perform diagnostic tests to rule out or confirm a suspicion.

Chronic paroxysmal hemicrania

To understand why, for instance, hurts the right side of the head, it is necessary to remember about such a painful, daily reminding myself of the disease, such as paroxysmal hemicrania.

The Pain with the diagnosis, as a rule, burning, drilling. It covers always the same part of the head and can be repeated up to 16 times a day! The disease covers his eyes, why is his retraction, protein red, and the pupil narrows. The nose on the affected side, usually laid, and from his eyes stands out the tear fluid.

As confirmed by a medical practice in the diagnosis of paroxysmal hemicrania the greatest efficiency in the treatment is the drug "Indomethacin" was passed orally in a dosage of up to 200mg a day.headache top right

Cluster headache

Cluster headache manifests itself the strongest attacks from which the patients are trying to get rid of by any means, sometimes even suicide. People describe the sensations as the sudden arising without warning, the pain attack, which reaches a maximum within a few minutes. The frequency of such attacks can range from 6 times a day to 1 time a week.

By the Way, most often this disease affected men. Interestingly, when this diagnosis is always the same ache right side of head or left. The pain is localized around the eye, extending to temple, forehead or cheek. And this happens from attack to attack, without change.

After the diagnosis the patient usually make an appointment sedatives and hypnotic drugs, vitamins, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and “Verapamil”, “Topiramate” and “lithium Carbonate" (as prophylaxis).

What to do if you have a headache behind ear on the right

The Pain behind the ear on the right or left may be a signal of complications after suffering otitis media, or inflammation of the middle ear. In a situation when the disease was treated insufficiently or not treated, into the middle ear cavity may accumulate purulent contents, which causes shooting pain.

If you have a headache behind ear the right or left, zooming about the complication, then get rid of this disease, only using ear drops, impossible, requires a comprehensive treatment. For this purpose steroid anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics (“Sofradeks”, “the Polideksa”, “Garson”). Pain help to reduce drops "Drops".headache in the right occipital

Headache hypertension

As the pressure increases, the patient may also experience a dull pain in the back of my head usually hurts right rear. Head "makes itself known” already in the morning and the only symptom is weakened by noon. Characteristically the increase in poor health with physical effort or mental stress. Sometimes to these symptoms is joined a hearing loss and a feeling of stuffiness in the ears.

Headache when the pressure is treated along with the underlying disease that caused it. This requires constant monitoring of blood pressure and administration of drugs to maintain it in good condition. Selects the dosage and type of medication only specialist, so as in each case the combination of medicines may be different.

A headache on the right: what other diseases are lurking behind this?

Besides the abovementioned pathologies must be taken into consideration that symptoms of glaucoma or inflammatory eye diseases (uveitis, iritis, iridocyclitis) can also be manifested by pain of the head with one hand (in the course of the trigeminal nerve).

Sinusitis is almost always accompanied by a bloated feeling and a feeling that a headache on the right or left fronto-orbital region. By the way, chronic sinusitis causes dull constant headache, which is then increasing, then decreasing spilled bouts.have a headache behind ear right

Be careful!

As you know, where and how it hurts your head points at different pathological processes in the body. So, the cause of the pain in his temples – usually a sign of poor circulation and the factors causing this symptom may be Smoking or lack of oxygen, not less rare and causes are dental or cardiovascular problems.

If, for example, a sore rear right – the head indicates pathology of the spine or changes in HELL, and reasonspains in the forehead are elevated eye pressure and infection of the maxillary sinuses.

If you pay attention to yourself, you will understand what kind of specialist should seek help. Depending on a headache right on the top, on the left in the back of the head or completely full, specialist, conducting the necessary surveys and setting an accurate diagnosis, prescribe treatment, which will help you to get rid of the painful symptoms. Be healthy!

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