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Today, everyone knows that, according to the advice and recommendations of doctors, need to brush your teeth twice a day. Teeth cleaning-a procedure which became habitual and became mandatory, because everyone wants to have beautiful, healthy teeth and gums. To help in this simple desire can correctly chosen toothpaste. Just how not to get lost in the abundance of products offered? What brands can be trusted with your health?

brands of toothpastes rating

Why you need to brush your teeth?

A Positive effect from the use of the pasta is undeniable. Teeth – a body subjected to loads many times throughout the day. We chew: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack. Teeth need regular cleaning and care.

The Advantages of cleansing the teeth

The benefits of using a cleaning paste:

  • Clean the teeth from plaque.
  • Remove the remains of food from interdental spaces.
  • Strengthen the enamel.
  • Neutralize the smell from the mouth.
  • Allow you to maintain healthy teeth for years to come.

popular brands of toothpastes

Disadvantages of many pastes

Despite the help of pastes and their concern for the health of the oral cavity, there are both components, which are not as useful as we would like. Studying the brands of toothpastes, you should pay attention to their composition, namely the presence in it of harmful substances.

Harmful substances in the paste

  1. Triclosan-this antibiotic can kill the infection and pathogenic microorganisms in the oral cavity. It is used by the physician and mostly in hospitals. The reason for this is its negative effects on the body (liver, kidneys, brain activity).
  2. Polyphosphates-substances, helps to normalize reactions and to improve water quality. They are often used in the manufacture of washing powders. The negative effects of polyphosphates affects the appearance of the inflammatory process and the accumulation of cholesterol in the body.
  3. Paraben & ndash; preservative. It is used to extend the shelf life of the product. Large amount in the body can lead to the development of tumors.
  4. Fluoride – element, on the one hand, mandatory for healthy teeth, and on the other – able to harm health. The use of toothpaste with fluoride is possible only for medical reasons. Their constant use may cause darkening of the enamel and the development of diseases.
  5. Lauryl – a substance that promotes the formation of foam during cleaning. Manufacturers it is added to most detergents. Its large quantity in the body can cause development of allergies.
  6. Propylene glycol-the liquid that has the properties of the solvent. It is used in industry, such as brake fluid or antifreeze. The compound accumulates in the body and can cause diseases and allergic reactions.

Brands of toothpastes. Types

All the name brand toothpastes can be divided into two types:


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  1. Domestic.
  2. Foreign.

brands of toothpastes Russian

Pasta domestic production

Brands toothpastes Russia has more than a dozen titles, but among them are the leaders.

  1. The Russian company «Splat Cosmetics” is one of the largest that was able to earn the trust of customers due to its quality and efficiency. Their toothpaste has to compete with popular among the population of American brands. The popularity of the company is growing rapidly. This is reflected in the level of sales of goods. “Splat Cosmetics” is a wide selection of toothpastes. Here you can choose the option to strengthen enamel, toothpaste for sensitive teeth, the manufacturer will help in the struggle for the health of the gums. Selling toothpastes Splat accounts for 13 percent of all purchases supporters of a healthy mouth. The popularity of the brand was due to its unusual approach to working with clients. Thus, the firm refused the advertisement, stating that the funds which were to be spent on this article, investing in the ingredients of toothpaste. Another interesting idea of the manufacturer was the idea of selling unusual tastes and smells of pasta (for example, with the smell of black caviar or red chili peppers). “Splat cosmetics” was able to get the title of national brand due to the fact that 2004, each pack of commodity investing letter. Thus, the firm could engage in a dialogue with the buyer, placing it to yourself.
  2. Listing well-known brands of toothpastes, don't forget about the toothpaste R. O. C. S, which is produced by the Russian company. This tool is in great demand among buyers. Toothpaste is completely safe, and its membership includes a large number of natural ingredients. It does not contain antiseptic additives and dangerous substances. Toothpaste consists of tiny particles that do not damage the enamel, while nourishing and healing ingredients contribute to the prevention and treatment of most diseases of the mouth. Due to the large range of toothpastes, anyone can find a suitable option for themselves (children, whitening, for sensitive teeth, antitobacco, pasta rich in calcium and other types).
  3. A well-known company, which occupies a leading position on the market is “Nevskayacosmetics”. It produces products such as: “Pearls”, “the Forest”, “Mint”, and others. The manufacturer does not inflate the prices of goods, besides, tries to use natural ingredients in production. This contributes to the customer's demand. «Neva cosmetics" is 10 percent of the Russian market of tooth-pastes.
  4. The‘thorn cosmetics” - Russian company representing the brands of toothpastes Russia. Toothpastes “Cedar balsam”, “32 pearls”, Belamed are low-cost types in its price range are in demand. The company holds 9 percent of the Russian market of tooth-pastes.
  5. OJSC “Concern «Kalina» company that produces brands of toothpastes: “Forest balsam”, “Portent», «32 norm” and others. Its share in the domestic market of goods is 5 percent.
  6. OJSC “Cosmetic Association Svoboda” - a Russian company engaged in the production of low-cost brands. It is these toothpastes, as: ‘Carimed”, “Paradontol”, “Portent” and others.

brands of toothpaste

Popular brands of toothpastes foreign production

The Russian market of means to cleanse and maintain the health of the mouth has a large number of representatives abroad. Brands of toothpastes, the producer of which is known to all, is:

  1. GlaxoSmithKline-a British company that has enough popular brands of toothpaste: Aquafresh, Parodontax, Sensodyne, and others. Among the products of the company includes not only preventive but also therapeutic paste. For example, Sensodyne, is positioned as a great paste for sensitive teeth. Results of its application are visible after a few applications.
  2. Colgate-Palmolive Company is an American manufacturer of cosmetic products. Its products are known to many. Colgate toothpaste popular among Russian buyers. The share of American firms on the Russian market amounts to almost 30 percent.
  3. Another big American company that occupies a leading position in ranking of popular overseas toothpastes, is a Procter & Gamble. It represents such brands as: Blend-a-Med, Oral-B, Blendax, and many others. Most of these products are known thanks to the widespread advertising on television and on the pages of fashion magazines. The company's share on the Russian market is not less than 10 percent, and this size is growing steadily.
  4. Dr. Theiss Naturwaren GmbH company, which is a native of Germany. It is like the famous toothpaste. This pasta has received the title of best in the popular vote in Russia. This toy is not only preventive but also therapeutic paste. Among the large selection of different types of pasta each buyer can find the right.
  5. Sunstar – a Japanese company known worldwide. Her toothpaste Gum won huge number of fans. It's a premium product, so buy it not everyone can.

brands of toothpastes reviews

Gum: the story of the brand. Toothpaste

In 1923 the American periodontist founded the company, the result of which was the sale of a new toothbrush. At that time, few manufacturers have paid attention to the comfort of use of the basic accessory that supports the health of teeth. They were all quite bulky and make use of them was uncomfortable. John O. Butler was able to create a brush of small size, teeth cleaning which could delight the client every day.

Despite the fact that the form of the invention of American periodontist tried to repeat many of the company firm of John O. Butler flourished.

brands of toothpastes manufacturer

A few years Later he bought the patent for the invention of one toothbrush. Its author was a doctor who worked for many years Dean of the medical faculty of Tulane University. Dr. Charles C. bass for many years studied the problems and causes of diseases of the teeth and gums. In the end, he was able to find a solution, and the result of his years of work was the establishment of a toothbrush that meets all the requirements of medicine. Her model still exists in the sale of the company.

Company Sunstar

In 1988, is a leading Japanese company Sunstar acquired the American firm. After became involved in its further development and promotion.


Brands of toothpastes, which are rated the highest on the Russian rynke:

  1. R. O. C. S.
  2. Lacalut.
  3. Splat.
  4. Sensodyne.
  5. Paradontax.
  6. Colgate.
  7. President.
  8. "Asepta".
  9. "Alex".
  10. Aquafresh.

brands of toothpastes types

Product Reviews

Different brands of toothpastes reviews get both positive and negative. The washing Machine collects mostly positive reviews. Customers are satisfied with its therapeutic effect. As even her use of the course gives the promised results and eliminates diseases. Toothpaste Sensodyne got a lot of fans for its ability to relieve tooth sensitivity and carefully clean them.

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