Pills "Flemoksin". Instructions for use for the treatment of acute infections


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The Slender ranks of of drugs, which is based on penicillin, are constantly replenished with new fighters with more powerful and broad-spectrum activity effect. Why is this happening? For the simple reason that bacteria, which are directed against this massive attack of drugs, transforming, adapting to a new hostile environment. This process of adaptation is sometimes a cause of recurrent infections, which are more destructive to the body effect.

A Preparation "flemoksin", instructions for use of which for treatment of various infections is presented in this article, refers to a group of these new "fighters", that is, the antibacterial drugs of wide spectrum of action and is, in fact, an analog of amoxicillin. As an antibiotic, this drug is as active against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, e.g., streptococci, clostridia, staphylococci, and esherihii, Salmonella and Vibrio cholerae.

A Preparation "flemoksin" prescribed to treat various infections caused by sensitive to amoxicillin bacteria, including respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal tract, various infections of the skin and soft tissues, and urogenital system.

But in the case of amoxicillin-an active substance of a preparation "flemoksin", the statement points to a number of microorganisms that are resistant to its action. In particular, the microorganisms producing penicillinase. Also it is useless to apply it for the treatment of viral infections.


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Method of use pills "flemoksin". Dosage

The Taste of pills "flemoksin" tangerine-lemon, giving the possibility to disguise the bitterness of amoxicillin when taking. When this tablet do not chew and swallow with water. The ingestion of a preparation "flemoksin" completely absorbed from Gktw for 2 hours, without being destroyed in the acidic environment of the stomach. So it can be taken before or after meals. If the drug is administered to children, the frequency of medication can be increased by splitting one pill into several parts. Also when taking pills "flemoksin" can be chewed with water. Of especially naughty children it is possible to offer "flemoksin", pre-dissolved the pill the right dosage in a tablespoon of water.

In regard to the dosage of the drug "flemoksin" instruction requires to stick to as age of patients and severity of the disease. In particular, for the treatment of infections of bacterial etiology mild and average forms prescribed pill adults and teenagers twice a day in an amount of from 250 to 1000 mg.

For children younger dosage, you receive the following:

– 1-3 years: 125 mg three times daily or 250 mg twice a day;

– 3-6 years: 250 mg three times a day or 1375 mg twice a day.

– infants under one year dosage is calculated per kilogram of weight of the child at 30-60 mg in 2 or 3 doses a day.

Treatment Usually lasts from 5 days to a week. However, we recommend continued use of the preparation "flemoksin" within 2 days after the apparent disappearance of the disease. Treatment infants should continue for 10 days.

A Preparation "flemoksin" in the sinus administered in dosages of 125 mg, 250 mg or 50 mg 2 or 3 times a day. However, in each case the dose of the drug must appoint a physician, given how the severity of sinusitis, and a history of the patient's contraindications. If after three days from the start of the drug not seen significant changes in the patient's condition, "flemoksin" replaced by another drug of the same series of actions. However, most experts recommended for the treatment of sinusitis to combine the "Flemoksin" with products containing klavulanova acid, as it increases the effects of amoxicillin.

Also noted that the drug "flemoksin" goes well with mucolytics, antitussive drugs and other auxiliary drugs that can improve the function of the respiratory system.

Method of use pills "flemoksin". Contraindications

After the intake of the tablets in the gastrointestinal tract have a high concentration of amoxicillin in the liver, resulting in the admission of the preparation "flemoksin" instruction instructs to reduce the dosage by half for patients with renal impairment. For the same reason it is not recommended to combine the intake of pills "Flemoksin" with alcohol, as this may develop liver failure.

While taking the drug may experience side effects like the digestive tract (diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, stomatitis, goiter, hepatic cholestasis, hemorrhagic colitis), and on the part of the circulatory system (agranulocytosis, hemolytic anemia, thrombocytopenia, leukopenia). In some cases, medication may be accompanied by disorders of the psycho-motor functions and also a number of allergic reactions to components of the drug. If signs of side effects "Flemoksin" the drug overturned.

During pregnancy and lactation treatment by a preparation "flemoksin" prescribed only if the expected benefit of such treatment for the mother is much more risk of side effects in an infant or fetus.

With the simultaneous use of pills "flemoksin" with oral contraceptives, the effectiveness of the latter may be reduced.

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