Looks like a heat rash? Recognize the basic signs


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What is prickly heat in babies know not every new mommy. However, to acquire this information is still necessary. After all, such a deviation is quite easily confused with an allergic rash and other more serious diseases.

What causes skin inflammation in a newborn baby?what is the sweating sickness

Before you know what it looks like prickly heat in young children, you should find out why she even appears. The fact that the skin of a newborn baby is very delicate and thin, and after contact with rough clothing, it can be formed small inflammatory areas. In order to avoid this, the child should be carefully looked after (regular bathing, not much to wrap up in a blanket in the hot and warm weather, etc.).

It Is particularly noteworthy that the majority of young mothers interested in the look of miliaria, people mistakenly believe that the manifestation on the skin is a disease. This is not so. After all the sweating sickness is a result of improper and irregular care of a baby. If you follow all of the standard hygienic measures, such problem may not relate to your child.

Where may occur the sweating sickness in the child?

Presents a deviation may occur in completely different parts of the body of the baby. Miliaria most often occurs in the following places:looks like prickly heat in infants

  • Folds of skin on the body;
  • Inner surface of arms and legs;
  • Inguinal region;
  • The buttocks of the child;
  • Neck and forearms;
  • Face;
  • Head in General;
  • Spin.

What is sweating sickness in newborns?

It is Worth noting that the above areas may similarly occur, and allergic rashes. Therefore, it is important to know how does the sweating sickness in newborn babies. Such a deviation is an irritation, consisting of a large number of little specks of red or pink. After progression, they are joined by small blisters filled with turbid or light liquid. If you just react and take all necessary measures to eliminate this deviation, the pimples will quickly dry up, leaving the slightest trace. If we wait for self-resolution of problems, the bubbles may dry up with the advent of solid crust. In some cases, such an outcome cause the baby itch that he can react to constant crying and a whims.what is the sweating sickness in newborns

By the Way, weeping rash in newborns is rapidly spreading throughout the body. Therefore, you should get rid of this disease in the early stages of its development and in any case not to lead to the appearance of small watery pimples.

How to recognize a heat rash?

Not only to master the information, looks like prickly heat in infants. Because this deviation is very similar to many other diseases of the skin. In this case, you should know that:

  • On the face of the child sudamen appears very rarely;
  • Stretch watery pimples in hand, visually they disappear. If bubbles were visible, then you are dealing with any other deviation, but not with sweat.

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