When there is a rash in syphilis? If itchy rash in syphilis?


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One of the most unpleasant symptoms of infectious diseases is a rash in syphilis (photo vividly captures the essence of the problem). Such education can significantly spoil the appearance of the patient and will even go as ulcers.

A Little about the disease

Speaking of syphilis, it is worth noting that this is a disease that is often sexually transmitted. As the causative agent of syphilis is possible to identify a microorganism as Treponema pallidum.

rash syphilis photo

It is very vulnerable to environmental conditions, but getting into the human body, it multiplies very quickly. As a rule, from the moment of infection before the onset of visible symptoms is 4 to 6 weeks. In the presence of associated sexually transmitted diseases the time of disease development may vary.

What distinguishes the rash of syphilis

In some cases, the papules, which appeared in the soles of the feet or palms, very similar to the spots of psoriasis or scaly lichen. Therefore, the rash of syphilis should be diagnosed by trained professionals.

the rash of syphilis

There are certain criteria that help to distinguish lesions resulting from syphilis, other types of stains. Thus, the papular, the elements have the following characteristics:

- the lack of itching and pain;

- clear boundaries;

- characteristic color that resembles the color of the meat or ham;

- there is infiltration of the tissues.

Because there are times when the diagnostic activities are complicated due to the variety of stains can be used such techniques to determine the nature of the rash as serological examination and study of cerebrospinal fluid. This diagnosis is particularly popular in the case of the secondary form of the disease.

The Rash of syphilis primary forms

If we consider the results of the observations of doctors, it can be argued that the first rashes in case the syphilis appears approximately 6 weeks after it was discovered a chancre or a lesion. While the rash can take two forms: papule and roseola.

For spots, called roseola, a characteristic pink color. They appear first. Answering the question: “if the rash Itches when syphilis?”, it should be noted that this form does not attract attention. This means complete absence of itching, flaking and any other painful sensations. Moreover, roseola not even raised above the surface of the skin. These rashes can appear on any part of the body.

itchy if the rash in syphilis

As for the papules, they are developing next to the roseola. This type of rashes may also affect any area of the body. After the disappearance of papules leave a pigmented spot without scarring. There are cases when the skin is a circle of small papules in the center of which is a large spot.

Secondary syphilis

This form of the infection develops, as a rule, within 5-9 weeks after the appearance of the chancre lasts 3 to 5 years.

The symptoms of such diseases can be attributed directly to the very rash in syphilis (photo quite clearly convey the clinical picture), as well as loss of nails, broad warts, the development of syphilitic sore throat, alopecia and vitiligo.

Perhaps the appearance of generalized lymphadenitis. We are talking about painless, dense nodes, the skin over which is normal temperature. Usually, in this type of disease has no striking manifestations, but sometimes fixed the hanging temperature, sore throat and runny nose. These symptoms resemble a cold, which often confuse the secondary form of syphilis.

Signs of secondary syphilis

To determine the development of this form of infectious disease is to familiarize yourself with the key signs of a rash in this state:

- and right rounded form;

in the centre of peel;

- don't merge into a single spot;

 rash in syphilis itchy

the pain and itching is not accompanied by a rash in syphilis, itches education, which is a consequence of any other skin diseases.

- education have crisp edges and dense;

- can disappear without being treated, leaving no scar;

- can appear on all parts of the body, including the visible mucous membranes.

Considering the rash of secondary syphilis forms, it is worth noting the fact that all entities are without any noticeable signs of use (blemishes, bumps, bubbles). The only exceptions are erosion and ulcers. In the first case, after the disappearance of education continues to be a stain, the sores is fraught with scars. Trace these signs provide an opportunity to determine what the primary element was originally on the skin. Such information helps to identify both the development and the outcome of existing entities.

Recurrent form

Figuring in what looks like a rash in syphilis secondary type, it is important to pay attention to the recurrent form of the disease. In this condition the lesions are localized mainly in the extensor surfaces of the hands and feet, and mucous membranes and in the folds between the buttocks and under the breast glands.

 what is a rash in syphilis

In the stage of relapse syphilis leads to significantly fewer spots than usual. The color of lesions pale. The formation of skin can be combined with a pustular and papular rash, often observed in debilitated patients. When there is a period of remission, all types of rashes disappear.

It is Important to understand that relapse patients are particularly contagious case of any contacts, even household.

During his secondary syphilis rash may be defined as polymorphic. This means that the skin at the same time appear pustules, spots and papules. These elements are grouped first, and then coalesce and form a ring, half-arches and garlands. Such formations are known as lenticular syphilides.

Features of the rash in secondary relapsing form

When you experience this lenticular form of the disease the rash may have the following symptoms:

- Psoriasiform. Is peeling sifilide across its surface, resulting in formation of silvery scales.

- In case of seborrheic sifilide papules covered with crusts scales whose color can vary from grey-yellow to yellowish normal.

- Karagodina education. The rash of syphilis in this case manifests itself in the form of a large papule surrounded by smaller formations.

- Ring-shaped rashes often recorded in men in the scrotum and penis.

- a Moist, erosive syphilides appear in the axillary, popliteal and inguinal folds, and also in the neck and abdomen. Papules may coalesce into plaques with jagged edges.

- Papular syphilides. In this case we are talking about dense tubercles appear on the feet and palms. Such lesions are blue-violet or yellowish color.

- Herpetiformis the syphilides consist of papules with a bubble at the top, which eventually gives way to a yellowish crust. The bumps may merge and form a red plaque that can leave scars and pigmentation.

- Nummular lesions have a size of approximately 2 cm In most cases the shape of these dense formations of rounded. Can also merge into plaques (10-15 cm) to form a continuous syphilides.

- Miliary education. This kind of papular rash consists of multiple small and dense elements brownish-red color. They can merge, forming fine-grained surface with uneven edges. This type of rash appears when syphilis is combined with tuberculosis. It is characterized by chronic and difficult course of treatment.


It is Important to understand that a rash on the body in syphilis may appear when pathological changes of skin appendages. This means that in addition to the spots may diffuse loss of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. The hair often falls out in a certain place, resulting in small bald patches.

rash on the body in syphilis

These rashes are a prominent manifestation of secondary syphilis, in which there are periodic recurrences of the disease. If the patient is faced with such a problem, he shows the study of the cerebrospinal fluid.

It is important to note that if you respond promptly to the symptoms of the secondary form of the disease and a full course of therapy, that is, all chances to overcome the disease.

Severe skin lesions

With each new relapse of the disease become less marked. In other words, reduced numbers of spots and changes their shapes and sizes. Thus, the fact that the rash in secondary syphilis is relatively scarce, does not mean the improvement of the patient's condition.

In most cases, the reduction of the concentration of lesions suggests that the development of syphilis, leading to the defeat of the internal organs.

rash in secondary syphilis

However, the rashes will eventually become a kind of tubercles, are grouped and leave behind scars.

Tertiary syphilis

For this form of syphilis is characterized by patchy destruction of the skin and mucous membranes, large joints, hollow organs and the nervous system. The main features include gum and papular rash. Tertiary syphilis can develop 5 to 15 years (if untreated) and are diagnosed very rarely. While it is likely that asymptomatic period can last more than 20 years.

Figuring out what a rash in syphilis the form can appear on the skin, it should be noted that education of this type is rounded and dense, and their size is approximately 1 cm. They are located at the depth of the skin, which, in turn, acquires a blue-red tint in education.

With regard to syphilitic gum, underthis term is understood a dense movable node located deep in the skin. Its size usually reaches 1.5 cm Painful when such formations are not fixed. After 2-4 weeks Gunma Prefecture rises above the level of the skin, getting kind of dark red rounded tumors. At its center is formed first softening and then a hole through which comes out in a sticky mass. After that there is the formation of deep ulcers in place of gum.

In most cases, gum have a single localization, and located in the face area.

Thus, it is easy to see that such a disease can cause quite serious health problems. So do not delay treatment in case of detection of characteristic symptoms.

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