How to remove a tick with yourself?


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People who have suffered from the bites of these parasites are often asked about how to remove a tick per person, and you can do it yourself? To not simmer long wait, just answer this question: of course you can. Let's try to understand this situation.

There are several ways to remove a tick from the body. In principle, all methods are identical to each other. The differences in the applied tool. But before I tell you about them, I would like to remind you how not to remove ticks from humans!how to remove a tick from a person's

How not to remove a parasite

  1. In No case do not use vegetable oil or glue. This "grandmother" methods, which today is not only no use, but even there's some risk. Oil will clog the parasite respiratory system and will kill him, and will also cause the tick to regurgitate its saliva back into the wound, and this is the risk of infections infection.
  2. Not recommended to touch the parasite with tweezers, as there is a risk to "break" the tick abdomen. Ideally, doing it naked and with soft fingers, although the doctors often remove the parasites just the same tweezers. Well, if doctors are working with tweezers, and then we with you!
  3. In addition, do not treat the wound with various chemical liquids (gasoline, ammonia, etc.), not prijavite parasite a cigarette, do not pick the wound with a dirty needle, do not pull the tick (otherwise it terminates), do not press it with your fingers and apply to remove a tick from a person

Correct ways, how to remove tick from

  1. Use the special hooks to remove parasites. They are sold in any drugstore. Externally, this hook resembles a two-pronged curved fork. The device is worn on the tick so that it is between the teeth. Then everything is simple - the parasite gets out of the skin.
  2. There is one time-tested way to remove a tick from a person. Doing it with a thread. This requires a coarse thread. Make it loop and grab the parasite as close to your skin. Pull the tick from the body, gently rocking from side to side.
  3. Of Course, not all of us need to know about how to remove a tick from a human with a surgical clamp or forceps curved, since such tools usually have at home does not happen, but I will tell about this method. Grab the parasite with tweezers as close as possible to its proboscis and SIP gently, rotating it around its own axis in a convenient (!) for you! Notice, whether clockwise or counterclockwise. How convenient for you personally! Through three turns, you can begin removing the tick from the skin. Thus it is removed entirely - no broken proboscises should not remain under the skin! how to remove a tick from the body

But what if the removal was unsuccessful, and the parasite exploded, leaving his front part in your body? How to remove a tick from human? Now we will examine this nuance.


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What to do if the wound left head with proboscis?

In principle, nothing mortally wrong with this. Actually, proboscis stuck in your wound, no terrible pain! We consider two cases.

  1. If the proboscis of the parasite sticking out over your skin, take the tweezers, hold them with the proboscis and safely remove. You can go to the clinic and asking the surgeon to remove you the rest of the tick.
  2. If the proboscis was left inside the wound there is a small abscess. Through the work of white blood cells fighting foreign bodies, the remains of the tick some time to be alone.

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