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Most people after forty years of age have problems with focusing their vision produced at close distances. This condition is called presbyopia. We also know him as age-related hyperopia. Patients with hyperopia, up to the time of occurrence of the problems not resort to glasses, are forced to purchase positive lenses. Myopic suffering from myopia, need to focus sight for short distances in freezing points.

progressive lenses

Presbyopia is characterized by the ability of constant progression and reaches the maximum of its manifestation to sixty to sixty five years. The distance at which the subject is not clearly visible, gradually increases. Soon you will need to purchase additional pairs of glasses. They are needed for vision at distances greater than forty or fifty centimeters. Some patients gain three or four pairs of glasses that are used in different situations. One – for reading, the other – for a computer, and others – for driving, and so on.

progressive lenses reviews

Progressive glasses are the most modern tool for the correction of presbyopia. Their main purpose is the possibility of the vision of objects at different distances. Progressive lenses are multifocal. They are divided into several sectors.

Progressive lenses in their upper area designed for seeing objects that are far away from the eyes. The presence of this sector allows us to look forward, while maintaining the natural position of the head. The lower part of such lens is suitable for vision at close distances. To use look down down. Between the upper and lower zone exists the difference of optical strength called addition. It is, as a rule, not exceed two to three diopters. Between the zones is the progression. Its optical power varies smoothly, allowing you to provide clear vision of objects at medium distances. Progressive lenses on the sides have areas that are not intended for eyesight because of a serious optical distortion.


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Modern sunglasses have their benefits, although have some disadvantages. Progressive lenses, reviews of which indicate the possibility of good vision of objects at different distances, allow the presence of only one pair of glasses. They can read, work, computer monitor, go to theater and to operate the machine. Progressive lenses do not give sharp jump of the image in the moment when the view translates from distant objects to near, due to the presence of progression.

progressive eyeglasses

The majority of manufacturers offers modern glasses made from different materials and sold in different price groups. So, progressive lenses can be manufactured from glass and plastic. They can be photochromic and have an aspheric design.

The Most significant disadvantage of progressive lenses, according to user reviews, can be considered a small amount of area reserved for the consideration of subjects at medium distances, as well as the sector of peripheral distortion.

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