Low platelets in blood: causes and ways to improve


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The Elements of the blood, by assumption, are fragments of megakaryocytes (large bone marrow cells), – platelets. Significant role in formation of blood platelets plays a thrombopoietin-a hormone mainly synthesized in the liver but is also present in the spleen and kidneys. Low platelets in the blood – a rather alarming symptom. This phenomenon requires a detailed study, because it can be a sign of serious pathologies.

low blood plateletsLow blood platelets: causes

In a microliter of blood normal contains from 150 to 450 thousand data cell fragments. If their number is reduced, there is a condition called thrombocytopenia. Generally, platelets live for only ten days. Therefore, the bone marrow constantly synthesize new elements. Low number of platelets in the blood can be detected or as a result of their lack of education, or due to their too rapid destruction, or of both together.

The Formation of blood plates in insufficient quantity may be due to leukemia, viral diseases, implementation of chemotherapy, poisoning. And they are destroyed faster than it is formed, when such diseases and conditions as pregnancy, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, idiopathic and thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura, sepsis, hemolytic uremic syndrome. Low blood platelets can result from taking drugs "Sulfanilamide", "Quinn", "Heparin", an anticonvulsant medication.

low number of blood plateletsPrecautions

A Decrease in blood platelets inevitably results in a reduction of clotting, so there is thinning of blood. In this case the person even for weak shocks and small cuts formed large bruises and hematomas. That's why it's so important to be extremely careful to avoid any damage. Often low platelets in the blood give rise to the condition as hemorrhagic diathesis. It is characterized by the release into the subcutaneous tissue of red blood cells and plasma. In General, people with thrombocytopenia should avoid the use of any substances, which may contribute to the thinning of the blood. So, they are forbidden to use drugs with the content of ibuprofen, aspirin, antibiotics, penicillin, sulfonamides. To refuse from Smoking and alcohol so as not to impair the General health. Especially careful should be the woman – low platelets in the blood can cause what is normal menstruation will start strong uterine bleeding, as it is fraught with severe consequences. To plan a pregnancy until until they are raised to normal level of platelets, it is not necessary, because the period of gestation of the child data elements of the blood in healthy people is reduced.

low blood platelets causesHow to increase platelet count

The Most effective method is adherence to a certain diet. You need to eat foods with calcium (cheese, cheese), fatty acids (nuts, namely, almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts), vitamin K (leafy vegetables, parsley, leaves, cranberries and grapes). In addition, to eliminate thrombocytopenia helps the intake of certain medications. The most productive, but very expensive method of treatment is transfusion of a patient platelet suspension.

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