Fluid in the elbow: causes, symptoms and treatment


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Bursitis of the elbow-inflammation of the shoulder Bursa. This happens due to the fact that the amount of fluid in the elbow joint increases, changing its composition. Joint fluid is required to ensure normal functioning of the joint that helps to prevent damage to the rubbing surfaces.

What is bursitis

Daily physical activity, faced by an elbow joint, lead to various diseases. Among the most common problems can be noted bursitis, which involves the accumulation of fluid in the elbow joint and the subsequent inflammation process. As a result, the hand ceases to function properly and the quality of human life deteriorates.

the liquid in the elbow jointThe composition of the liquid in the elbow joint when the flow of inflammation may be different in chastnosti:

  • Gnolam;
  • Sereznym;
  • Fibrosny;
  • Gemorragicescom.

Hemorrhagic contains impurities of blood, purulent – many leukocytes and bacteria. The least dangerous is serous composition. This disease can meet absolutely everyone, regardless of age and gender.


If you have a fluid buildup in the elbow joint, the cause may be different. There are several factors that lead to this disease among which the them to be identified such as:

  • Mechanical injury of the elbow;
  • Arthritis
  • Micro;
  • Infection.

After injury, fluid in the elbow joint begins to accumulate and swell after some time. One of the most common causes of bursitis arthritis is considered.


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the liquid in the elbow joint treatmentIn addition, often, such problem occurs due to the constant movements of the elbow, resulting in microtrauma. Often this disease is a professional disease of chess players, draftsmen, engravers and those whose work is connected with constant support on the elbow.

If the synovial Bursa there is damage to the skin, the Bursa can penetrate the infection causing the inflammation. The main factors of the emergence of this disease include metabolic disorders, prolonged stress, poor immunity, diabetes.

Types of bursitis

Bursitis of the elbow joint has several different forms and types, each of which is characterized by the intensity of the morbid manifestations, and consequences. It is possible to allocate such forms of pathological formation of fluid in the elbow joint, such as:

  • Chronic;
  • Acute;
  • Recurrent.

The Chronic form is characterized by the occurrence of minor pain, ongoing for a long time. While it does not occur the restricted mobility of the elbow and there is no tumor, however, the survey probed small seal.

the liquid in the elbow joint after injuryIn the acute form there are severe pain, especially during movement. Often there are also additional symptoms: temperatures rise, there is a General intoxication of the organism, which causes a dysfunction of not only the elbow but also many internal organs.

Recurrent form occurs if the was repeatedly violated the integrity of the affected region or infection occurs. The walls of the bag even after recovery contains liquid with pathogens.


The accumulation of fluid in the elbow joint, the first symptoms will be severe swelling and pain. Also, there is some limitation of joint mobility. This disease can occur in acute and chronic form, each of which is characterized by certain symptoms.

In the acute stage there is severe pain made worse by movement and is very fast growing tumor. In this case, the disease can be diagnosed only by their appearance, as the tumor is of considerable size. When probing may experience severe pain and the affected area becomes soft and warm. In addition, temperature can increase and cause malaise.

In the course of the disease in the chronic form, pain is not very pronounced, but there are for a long time. The tumor is very difficult to probe, but noticeably small seal. Movement of the hand not thus limited.


If you feel discomfort in the elbow joint region, the occurrence of pain and swelling need to see a doctor-orthopedist. For an accurate diagnosis the doctor conducts:

  • Examination of the patient;
  • Picture;
  • Ultrasonic diagnosis;
  • Puncture of the synovial fluid.

the liquid in the elbow joint causesOn the basis of the examination, the doctor determines the presence of disease, the nature of its flow and selects the most appropriate method of treatment.


At congestion and inflammation of fluid in the elbow joint treatment is chosen strictly individually, taking into account the peculiarity of the disease. Acute bursitis heals the orthopedist or the traumatologist, using conservative methods, and a chronic – surgeon.

During the treatment of acute inflammation are shown:

  • Overlay tight bandages to restrict movements;
  • Taking anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • The application of therapeutic ointments;
  • Applying cold.

accumulation of fluid in the elbow jointFor very severe inflammation shows the introduction of corticosteroids into the Bursa. In the presence of purulent inflammation the treatment is with antibacterial drugs. In the treatment program also includes physiotherapy. With the ineffectiveness of conservative treatment and the transition of the disease in a running stage shown surgical intervention.

Treatment of folk remedies

In pathological accumulation of fluid in the elbow joint treatment of folk techniques can bring very good result, but these need to be applied together with antibacterial therapy. First it is necessary to consult a doctor. He will be able to recommend traditional medicines that will go well with conservative medicine.

the liquid in the elbow joint treatment of folk remediesAt home apply compresses and decoctions of medicinal herbs. The easiest pack – potato. To do this, raw potato applied to the affected elbow. A very good remedy is considered the plant Golden mustache, compresses which help fight many different diseases. For compresses use a decoction or infusion of this plant.

At congestion and inflammation of fluid in the elbow joint treatment of folk remedies can give very good results, but you need to choose the right medicinal plants and follow all the rules of their application. For pain it is recommended to attach the frozen leaves of Kalanchoe, pre-wrapping them with a clean cloth to prevent damage to the skin.

Good folk remedy is considered and burdock root, as it helps to cope with absolutely any inflammation. To prepare the compress, you need the crushed root pour boiling water and infuse for 20 minutes. Then moisten in the infusion of gauze and apply to the elbow.

General guidelines

the liquid in the elbow joint treatment of folkThe presence of bursitis is very important to restrict movement, as they can lead to deterioration. You also need to carefully bandage, as if they are very tight, it can cause damage of the elbow. When bursitis need to limit your intake or eliminate from your diet foods such as:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Takeaway food;
  • Fat, fried and salty foods;
  • Fizzy drinks
  • Products containing food additives.

These products are very harmful in the presence of pathologies of kidneys, diseases of bones and joints.


It is Very important to carry out timely prevention of the occurrence of bursitis and the occurrence of relapse in case of occurrence of the chronic form. Such preventive measures include:

  • The prevention of injuries and other damages;
  • Use special protection when engaging in contact sports;
  • Prevention of arthritis.

If you experience first signs of the disease should not be ignored, it is necessary to immediately consult the doctor for examination and subsequent treatment.


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