Sanatorium-resort "Angara", Irkutsk: rest and treatment


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The Resort “Hangar” is unique in its kind resort situated on the territory of Kayskaya grove. Visit the sanatorium is a great opportunity for residents of the Irkutsk and adjacent regions to correct health, to enjoy a wonderful holiday in one of the most picturesque places in the region. You can pass complex inspection of organism, to get good expert advice, a wide range of health programs.

What is the resort “Hangar” (Irkutsk)? What conditions are offered to companies? What is the cost of travel and accommodation? We will try to answer these and other questions further into the material.

How to get to the resort?

Sanatorium “Hangar” is located at the address: Irkutsk, street Railway, 4. To get to the destination from the local airport, to take the buses on route 90 or 80. Hence travel route taxi № 41, 49, 20, and 48.

resort Angara

You can Reach the sanatorium from the railway station of Irkutsk can be sitting on a bus № 90, 80 or 77. From the same bus stop route taxi № 16 and 20.

How to get to the sanatorium from the city bus station? You need to use transport that runs on route 3K. These buses regularly arrive at the next station stop. If desired, for a modest fee, you can drive to the sanatorium in a cab.

Medical profile

The Resort “Hangar” is a General institution of medical profile. Local experts assist in the elimination of the consequences of the ailments that are striking:

  • Skin and respiratory tract;
  • Cardiovascular system;
  • The nervous system;
  • The digestive system;
  • Musculoskeletal system;
  • Urinary-sexual system.

Mr. Irkutsk

The Resort “Hangar” offers a course to curative mineral waters that are intended not only for internal but also external use. The therapeutic effect is supplemented by the procedures with the sulfate mud, which are collected from local lakes Nuh-Nur.


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Attention nursing staff to each client sanatorium, the availability of qualified doctors, using the latest treatment methods and innovative equipment – all of this contributes to the rapid recovery.

The Resort “Hangar” in Irkutsk: the price

A two-week stay in a sanatorium, with the passage of a restorative therapeutic program cost for one person in 13 700 rubles.

With regard to the treatment of ENT diseases, the health resort offers the course for ten days. The cost of such therapy to date is about 8000 rubles.

resort Irkutsk

The Main profile of the sanatorium - treatment of the consequences of pneumonia and help those suffering with asthma and help people with cerebral palsy. In such therapeutic programs, the cost of a 10-day trip will be 10 300 rubles.

Passing a two week course aimed at treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, hypertensive diseases, will cost visitors of the institution is not more than 14 000 rubles.

The Resort “Hangar”: the price of accommodation

Visitors of the resort who wish to quickly solve the problem finding places to stay and to save money, the resort town offers the possibility of settlement in the hostel. The latter is located directly on the territory of the resort, allowing you to stay comfortably for the night. When you select this option, people who arrive in health resort, have to pay for accommodation several times less in comparison with renting an apartment in Irkutsk.

Angara resort prices

How much cost of living in a hostel for the visitors of the resort “Hangar”? For the seven-seat accommodation in the room it will take about 400 rubles per day. Also the hotel rents double or triple room, check-in that will have to pay 600 and 800 rubles, respectively.

It is Worth noting that the above are only the minimum prices for accommodation. The value may slightly change when booking rooms.


The Resort “Hangar” (Irkutsk) has an extensive staff of professional chefs. Local diner has its own production base, equipped with the latest equipment. Because of this the facility can provide its visitors a varied menu that meets any culinary wishes.

Clients companies are offered a common and diet menu. Local nutritionists: we use exclusively fresh products, saving them to ready meals a range of vitamins and minerals needed to maintain health.

Organization four meals a day under urgent medical supervision according to the system of separate menu allows visitors of the sanatorium:

  • Create an individual program of diet;
  • To normalize the weight;
  • Improve lipid metabolism in the body;
  • Pick up the healthy eating with diabetes, other diseases.


How to spend your free time, visitors to the resort? Customers companies available gyms and sports halls, Hiking in beautiful places, visiting libraries, dance floors. The staff of the sanatorium allows to organize picnics. In addition, visitors to resorts offers a whole lot of excursion programs.

resort Angara in Irkutsk the cost of the permit

Work with children

The Resort “Hangar” features a Wellness camp available for students aged 7 to 16 years. Here the children offer the following:

  • General health and strengthening the body;
  • The treatment of specific ailments;
  • Integrated 5 meals, program which is developed individually for each child under the supervision of a dietitian;
  • Accommodation in a modern, well-equipped buildings;
  • A lot of programs for fun and cultural entertainment.

Upon arrival At the sanatorium the child shall be examined by a panel of experts. Based on the results of a comprehensive examination, a tailor-made treatment program.

During the whole period of stay in the sanatorium with the child are experienced teachers, they organize educational, cultural and entertainment events. Children can visit themed tours, concerts, circus and theatrical performances, participation in various contests.

In conclusion

As you can see, a visit to the resort “Hangar” is the perfect solution for a holiday. Here you can get a wide range of services aimed at General health improvement, elimination of consequences of serious diseases.

resort Angara

The Local resort is located in a picturesque area. So here usually come on holiday with their families.


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