Cystitis in a child: symptoms in different forms of the disease, causes, treatment


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The Most common pathology of the urinary system, characterized by the development of bladder inflammation, – cystitis. The child's symptoms will depend on the form in which it flows.

cystitis in a child symptomsCauses

One of the causes of the disease may be entering and anchoring in the bladder infection. Susceptible to the disease children of both sexes, but due to the specific physiology of the it girls, the risk of getting cystitis increases several times. Quite often suffer cystitis kids with weakened immune systems, endocrine diseases, chronic pathologies of the abdominal cavity, congenital diseases of the urinary tract, urolithiasis. In some cases, this way the body responds to the deficiency of vitamins. To experience symptoms of cystitis in children and as a result the intake of certain medications. However, the primary agents of the inflammatory process are trapped in the bladder from the urethra streptococci, E. coli, chlamydia, staphylococci and other microorganisms.signs of cystitis in children

Cystitis in a child: symptoms and classification

Depending on the nature of the flow of inflammation and its causes, it can be acute or chronic, primary or secondary. Acute cystitis in a child causes frequent urination (hour several times) that occurs as a result of compression of nerve endings, and as a result of irritation of the bladder. The child may experience lower abdominal aching pain, irradiiruet in the rectum or perineum are the main problems, which causes cystitis in a child. The symptoms of urinary incontinence, and sharp pain during urination and discharge of blood in small quantity, say about the development of the disease. In General, the intensity of the pain depends on the extent of inflammation. Chronic disease is characterized by slight symptoms manifesting only during periods of exacerbation. During remission, the children do not complain of feeling unwell.


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acute cystitis in a childDifficult to detect inflammation in infants. In this case, increased urination, crying, and General hectic condition manifests cystitis in a child. Symptoms with characterized by nausea, fever. The diaper can be seen that the urine became darker. If you detect even the slightest signs of cystitis in your child, visit the doctor. The specialist will help to fight the disease in a very short time (with adequate treatment the symptoms are eliminated already for a week or ten days).


In the treatment of children prescribed bed rest for a few days, diet and medication, often antibiotics. Need at the time of treatment to eliminate walks and active games. Parents need to monitor that the child does not get too cold. An important measure is the regular observance of personal hygiene. Every day, baby soap, wash under a shower of the child, promptly change his underwear. In addition, carefully monitor the status of the oral cavity, because dental caries is sometimes also leads to the development of cystitis.

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