The appendages are ill: the symptoms and treatment


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Inflammatory processes of female genital sphere in the modern world impress many members of the fairer sex, and in this case very common condition is the inflammation of the uterine appendages (ovaries and fallopian tubes). This disease can occur not only due to the fact that the girl sat on something cold or chilled feet. Of course, hypothermia is considered to be the main cause of this disease, but an inflammatory process is promoted and other factors. Try to understand, why hurt appendages. Symptoms, treatment of this disease will also be considered.

The Causes of the inflammatory process

Inflammation in the uterus provoke as pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microorganisms. Certain factors making them pathogenic and contribute to the onset of symptoms. In the epididymis, the infection enters the following:

  • From the vagina and cervix;
  • Through the lymphatic and blood vessels;
  • From other organs in which occurs the inflammatory process, – the sigmoid colon, Appendix.

appendages ill

Why suffer the appendages? This occurs due to the inflammatory process that is caused by the following factors:

  • Stress, hypothermia;
  • Multiple sexual partners;
  • Childbirth complications;
  • Appendectomy;
  • Weakening of the immune system, various infections and diseases – HIV infection, diabetes mellitus, and others;
  • Medical manipulations in the uterine cavity, for example abortion.

Local symptoms

If the aching appendages, the symptoms of this ailment can be local and General. The defeat of the fallopian tubes and ovaries disrupts their normal functioning.

sick appendages symptoms

As a result, the body responds to the inflammatory process in the following way:

  • Pain. The woman may experience pain in the abdomen, and they come in different strength intensity. Most often, the pain is dull but gradually increasing. She felt in the iliac fossa and passes from this zone to the sacrum or hip. In chronic inflammation of the pain becomes constant, but not too sharp, aggravated by sexual intercourse, menstruation or physical exertion.
  • A disorder of the menstrual cycle. When appendages get sick of the inflammatory process, menstruation can be irregular and leaking quite painful and long, with heavy bleeding. Sometimes it happens Vice versa: the menstrual cycle is shortened, and the discharge becomes scarce.
  • Discharge from the vagina. They are purulent, serous or mucous membranes, accompanied by irritation and itching of the genital organs.

Common symptoms

Inflammation of the appendages is accompanied by such General symptoms, such as:

  • Increased body temperature. When this occurs chills, appear headaches and muscle pain, body temperature exceeds 39 degrees.

why hurt appendages

  • Malaise. The woman begins to feel sick, you may open vomiting, mouth dry.
  • Disruption of the gastrointestinal tract. Appears abdominal pain and bloating is observed, there is a disorder of diarrhea.
  • Impairment of the function of the urinary system. When the appendages are sick as a result of inflammation, then you may be pain when urinating and urine is in small quantities. Sometimes there is a pyelonephritis and a cystitis.
  • Disorders of the endocrine and nervous system. The woman arises neurosis and depression, its efficiency is greatly reduced. Many patients complain to a doctor for a reduction of libido or complete lack of it.

Possible complications

As appendages get sick often due to inflammation, which contributes to the formation of obstruction of the fallopian tubes or adhesive process, then untreated, the disease can cause infertility. In addition, a history of inflammation of the appendages increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy is 5-10 times.

sick appendages treatment

The Flippant attitude to own health among the girls in the future results in the appearance of purulent complications that require surgical intervention. In severe cases, possible removal of the fallopian tubes.


If the aching appendages, treatment should be initiated in a timely manner. Usually the patient was sent to the hospital, where at first she prescribed a diet that excludes the consumption of salt, carbohydrates, and pepper. Severe pain patient in the first days should be in bed. Pain and inflammation relieves cold, so your doctor may alsoadvise to apply on the lower abdomen a cold compress.

Medical treatment of inflammation of the appendages begins with taking antibiotics. As the disease occurs because of the action of different groups of microorganisms, usually prescribe several types of drugs.

sick appendages symptoms

Thus, the treatment is carried out following antibacterial agents:

  • Penicillins (“Amoxiclav");
  • Macrolides (“Erythromycin");
  • Cephalosporins (“Ceftriaxone");
  • Derivatives of nitroimidazole ("Metronidazole");
  • Antifungal drugs (“Diflucan”, “Nystatin”).

Your Doctor may prescribe admission and other antibiotics, but they have a positive influence on the flora that usually lives in an oxygen environment. In the first three days carry out the introduction of antibiotics through injections, after which the patient begins taking the pills, and drug dose decreases. The effect of treatment occurs in the first days after it began. But if antibiotics do not bring the desired result, it is possible surgical intervention.

In addition to these drugs, in-patient treatment is performed by injection of intravenous infusion of saline solutions, glucose gemodeza and other drugs. To stop the pain and reduce inflammation, the patient is recommended to take anti-inflammatory non-steroidal drugs in form of tablets. These include "Ibuprofen”, “Substance”, “Ketarol” and other means.

As soon As will fall the acute form of inflammation, prescribe such procedures as electrophoresis with lydasum or iodine, impulsive high-frequency currents, ultrasound.


Thus, the appendages are sick for different reasons, but inflammation usually provokes hypothermia. If you are experiencing symptoms such as nausea, pain in the abdomen, suspicious discharge, you should not postpone a visit to the gynecologist. If you delay treatment, you can develop serious complications.

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