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A Dentist can be called an extensive science. All because it includes various ways and methods of treatment. Depending on what sub-branch of dentistry related to the activities of doctors, it is assigned a particular specialization. The doctor can work in the field of surgery, orthodontics, or orthopedics. Together they work on solving the problems of their patients associated with diseases and defects of dentition. Our attention today has received the stomatologist-orthopedist. Who is this? In the article we learn that, which solves the problem of prosthetic dentistry, will discuss the methods used by the specialists of this profile.

dentist podiatrist it


What is the science? This is a huge topic in the field of medicine. It does not relate only to dentistry. Orthopedics covers problems of the entire musculoskeletal system. Simply put, the activity of the specialists goes beyond the treatment of dental disease.

So what does the doctor dentist-orthopedist? Science itself is devoted to the study, diagnosis, prevention, treatment of abnormalities and defects of the organs not only chewing, but also speech AIDS. Accordingly, the doctors direct all their energies to eliminate all these defects deteriorate the quality of life of patients.

The Stomatologist-orthopedist: who is it that heals?

Many people confuse orthodontists with an orthopedic specialist. What's the difference? The first activities aimed at the correction of malocclusion, incorrect location of the dental units of the maxillary arch.

An orthopedic Dentist – a specialist working in the field of prosthetics. Simply put, it aims to restore internal and external parts of the tooth. If a unit can be saved, its root intact, despite the complete destruction of the crown, then do orthopedists.

The Latest technology you to recover and completely lost the tooth. After removal comes to help implantation. This technique also covers a given area of medicine.

As we can see, this is a difficult and demanding job. The stomatologist-orthopedist is closely linked with other areas. Often specialists have the skills and the orthodontist, and surgeon. Next, let us consider in more detail what a podiatrists. For this we might want to learn about the reasons why you have to resort to prosthetics.

dentist podiatrist who is it that heals

The Reasons that lead us to a orthopedic specialist

The Best orthopedists-dentists always urge patients to fight the causes of tooth decay. For starters, they need to know to avoid prosthetics.

This may result in a trivial tooth decay, if left untreated for a long period of time. After significant damage to the unit affects not only the aesthetics of the smile but also the functionality of the whole masticatory apparatus. And this is, in turn, can provoke a malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract.

In some cases, the patient needs prosthetics to prevent the complete destruction of the tooth. If the unit is subject to defects, then it is more fragile. Tooth threatened destruction at any moment. In order to avoid this, set the bit. The goal of the dentist-podiatrist – prevent breakage. She not only leads to violation of functionality and aesthetics, but also cause pain.

Some people are concerned about the appearance of the teeth. They look unattractive, though, and excellent job with their functional responsibility. In such matters also comes to the aid of orthopedics. Specialist using the finest ceramic plates can hide minor defects. They are also called “Hollywood veneers”. This technology prosthesis allows you to hide scratches, chips, gaps between teeth and minor curvature.

Next, we'll look at what methods of tooth restoration is owned by the orthopedic specialists.

The Crown

The Most common prosthetic teeth are crowns. They look like a cap, a shape of a natural tooth. The design is made of metal, plastic and ceramics. The most successful options is considered to be the products made from a combination of several types of materials.

Crowns are made of ceramics today, are the most expensive type among prostheses of this kind. Material perfectly reproduces the color and shape units of the zygomatic arches. It has another plus. Ceramics obtained translucent like tooth enamel. It is this feature that makes the design the most natural.

Products made of sintered metal is more durable, as they have a titanium frame. The price of such crownsmuch lower which has made this type are widely popular among the population.

Undoubtedly, the use of metal has a negative side. In this case, the translucent ceramic is not relevant. Because through it is possible to consider metal based crowns. But here has found a solution. The stomatologist-orthopedist is correct by using zirconium oxide. It is a white metal, which is not visible under ceramics. Accordingly, these designs are much more expensive ceramics.

working dentist podiatrist

Let's Talk about tabs

What is it? This orthopedic device, which can be called filling, and dentures. The products are made of durable materials. Them close and protect advanced root canal after the procedure the treatment of diseases of dentin. They are also responsible for restoring the functionality of the dental units and aesthetics of the smile.

The design compares favorably to the seals, well the shape of the tooth. Ceramics can be manufactured in any color. Patients very rarely had complications after their installation. Even people who have which there is increased sensitivity of the gums, the experts recommend that the restoration of teeth. Ceramic does not render toxic effects on the body, as the material is of natural origin.

Veneers and Lumineers

Working as a dentist-orthopedist requires professionalism and constant increase of a skill level. Because progress is not in place. Need time to master new technologies. Today, in order to install veneers or Lumineers, not necessarily to go abroad. Domestic clinic has successfully mastered the technology of tooth restoration.

What is the design? This wafer-thin ceramic plate (not more than 0.7 mm), which special cement is attached to a front part of the front teeth. Specialist is forced to grind enamel to veneers worn with comfort.

The Design is installed, usually, in order to hide a chipped, yellowing of enamel, slight curvature. Veneers can last for the patient an average of 10 years. They perfectly retain their original appearance and color all the time. However, since the material is fragile, treat it carefully is necessary.

But in order to preserve the enamel, but to correct defects, orthopedic sets Lumineers. Unlike the above constructions only in their thickness (less than 0.3 mm). This allows you to practically grind down the enamel.

dentist podiatrist what makes


In cases where patients require restoration of multiple units next door, to the aid of bridges. In function they resemble crowns. The only difference is that this technology allows to restore a section length of from 2 to 5 units. Made of metal, plastic and ceramics. Typically, these designs combine several materials. They carry a greater functional load than single crowns. So must differ the strength. The best option may be to consider a bridge prosthesis on implants. This type of attachment provides a high degree of comfort during use and design. The implant is made of a metal rod. It is implanted in solid tissue, then it can replace the root system of the tooth.

working as a dentist a podiatrist

Plate design

So name one of the types of removable dentures. Today, they are widely used. For fully edentulous patients this type of prosthesis recommended by the dentist-orthopedist. Making it impossible to use other technologies to restore lost functions of the masticatory apparatus? It is a complete lack of teeth and contraindications to implantation. Also, this method of prosthesis is most often used because of its availability. The construction is simple to manufacture, therefore are inexpensive. Although, compared with other types of dentures, partial dentures have several disadvantages. Many patients for a long time can't get used to it. Designs are often rubbed the soft gum tissue and require fixing preparations to ensure that the prosthesis did not jump out from the mouth while talking or eating.

dentist podiatrist

Design Clasp

Consider another type of prosthesis. From partial dentures clasp constructions differ in that have fastening system. In addition to the basis and artificial teeth, the product is equipped with locks and clasps.

The Feature that distinguishes this type of prosthesis, stands the fact that their designs often use metal. And it's not verygood for aesthetics. Often during smiles visible metal clasps. Modern technologies allow us to remedy the situation. It is possible to produce a prosthesis with ceramic castles. However, this will affect its value. But such designs have garnered positive reviews among patients. They point to the fact that the dentures are quite comfortable operated at relatively low cost.

dentist podiatrist reviews

What to look for when choosing a doctor?

No One would argue that the quality of the prosthesis will directly depend on the skill of the doctor. Every patient wants to be served by experienced dentist-orthopedist. The reviews your friends will help you in the first place. As a rule, people who are not interested in distorting the facts. If they liked the work of any specialist, they would be happy to recommend to my friends.

You Also need to pay attention to the qualifications of the specialist who documented. The patient can see the certificates, diplomas and other documents. You always need to remember that this issue should be approached responsibly. After all, the doctor you trust your health – the most valuable thing that can be a person.

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