Headaches in the temples and the eyes: how to treat at home?


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Headaches in the temples and the eyes bother people in different ways. They can occur in both temples or in any one and at the same time put pressure on the eye. Pain are sharp, dull and throbbing, long-lasting or short-term. For the proper treatment of such pain is necessary to find out their reasons.

Causes headaches in my temples and eyes

The Cause of such pain is often become infections. Their causes meningitis, optionally accompanied by nausea, dizziness, weakness, unpleasant sensations in the back of his head. In such a situation the most reasonable-to address to the doctor. Delay could lead to a rise in temperature, loss of mobility, coma and even death.

Headaches in my temples and eyes

Often headaches in the temples and the eyes that accompany the flu, sinusitis and sinusitis. Such pain lead changes in the vascular system. They occur in disorders of blood circulation in the brain, leading to blindness, stroke, or hypertensive crisis. They often provoke overwork and stress, prolonged computer work. Cause the pain of a brain tumor, hypertension and head injury.

Migraine – a common cause of temporal pain

Migraine headaches in my temples and eyes are paroxysmal, throbbing in nature. They concentrate in eye and frontal-temporal area. Usually their localization is marked on the one hand, although there are bilateral pain. Sometimes they are accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

Face with the onset of the attack may turn pale or to blush. The pain increases with the presence of sound, light and olfactory stimuli. Mental and physical stresses are transferred with difficulty, and sometimes quite impossible. The period of attack is different. It can last for several hours and 2-3 days. Pain is often cropped in a dream.


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Headaches in my temples and eyes how to treat

In some cases, headaches in the temples and eyes, migraines appear with surprising frequency. They are interspersed by short periods of intense pain. Such attacks are referred to as migraine. On the background of meningeal syndrome develops.

Temporal pain during pregnancy

Frequent are considered to be pain in the temples and eyes during pregnancy (especially those that occur in the first and third trimester). However, according to doctors, they usually do not cause serious concern, though difficult to establish the cause.

The Temporal pain of the first trimester is associated with hormonal changes, and the third – overweight, inevitably occurs during pregnancy, and other specific changes in the female body.

During pregnancy headaches provoked by ingestion of cold food, caffeine in high doses, insomnia, fatigue and tiredness, allergies, eye strain, depression, hunger and dehydration. Unstable hormonal shifts biochemical processes, which leads to headaches.

Pain in the temples and eyes in pregnancy

The Most common pain in the temples and eyes in pregnant women arise on a background of migraine attacks when there is a narrowing and expanding of blood vessels of the brain. Statistics show that about 15% of pregnant women experiencing a migraine.

In addition, they are easy to arise against the displacement and lack of sleep, weather changes, loud noises, overly bright lights, smoky air. Temporal pain with pressure in the eyes cause certain foods (tea, chocolate, nuts, preserves, soda, alcohol, yogurt, etc.).

Treatment of temporomandibular pain alternative methods

If you're having headaches in my temples and eyes, how to treat them? Since pain is different, it is necessary to identify the cause and to establish an accurate diagnosis, consult your doctor. The goal of treatment of headaches depend on the diagnosis. In some cases, prescribe treatment, aiming to reduce the intensity and frequency of pain. And if the infection that triggered the headache, the efforts directed at suppressing the underlying cause.

Sometimes with the pain, help to manage alternative practices. Someone the pain goes away under the influence of aromatherapy, followed by taking vitamins and mineral supplements it herbal medicine. All you need to do before turning to chiropractors to consult your doctor. Multiple methods of alternative practices are very effective, although under them and placed upon a scientific basis.

Pain in the temples and the eyes than to treat

Change diet and lifestyle with pain in temples

A Very effective way might be a change of power. A low concentration of sugar in the blood is often the cause of temporal headaches. Those burdened with migraines, notes that the attacks they happen when there is no possibility to eat regularly. Smaller portions and increase the frequency of the power (up to 5-6 times a day) eliminates the migraine. The exclusion of foods, leading to headaches, allows to remove partially or completely from the illness.

If the pain in the temples and eyes, the treatment at home referred for a lifestyle change. For example, such measures as the restoration of sleep, avoiding harmful habits and adequate physical activity, perfectly cure them from pain.

Drug therapy in temporal pain

Drug therapy recommended by the doctor, helps to effectively deal with pain in eyes and temples. For the relief of pain, there are prescription and OTC drugs. Proper dosage reduce the intensity and duration of pain occurring in the temples and eyes.

Pain in the temples and the eyes pregnant

If pains in the temples and eyes, than to treat them, what drugs to use? Depending on the symptoms of pain, doctors prescribe drugs from the antidepressants, or anticonvulsants cardiovascular medications, spazmolitikov, pain medications or means of botulinum toxin type A.

Do Not self-medicate, especially during pregnancy. Even with the help of a doctor drugs from temporal pain affecting the eye, are selected months or even years.


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