A vasectomy is reversible? Everything about the operation


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vasectomy is aBecause of certain circumstances, some men resort to rather drastic means of contraception, which is the vasectomy. This is a surgical procedure that involves excision or ligation of VAS deferens. This procedure is not too complicated, as a rule, it lasts about half an hour under local anesthesia. The scrotum is a small incision, through which is vasoreactive, which is also known as a vasectomy.

The Consequences of this operation is also fairly simple: while preserving sexual function - libido, erection and ejaculation, a male becomes sterile, his semen does not contain sperm, so pregnancy is almost impossible. Of course, this method of contraception does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

vasectomy consequencesAlthough a vasectomy is one of the most reliable ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies, it does not give an absolute guarantee, especially right after surgery. First, the ejaculatory ducts can still be live sperm. Full cleaning occurs after 15-20 ejaculations, which can be confirmed by semen. At this time you need to use additional contraception. In addition, some men may experience anomalies - for example, the double VAS deferens, and if it is not identified before surgery, then fertility will be preserved. Such cases are extremely rare, but sometimes there is a recanalization of the ducts, which also restores fertility.


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Since this is quite a serious decision, a man should several times to think seriously if he wants a vasectomy. Where to do the operation if still there is a need? It should be a good clinic with experienced surgeons. Best even before the intervention to meet and to consult with your doctor and then make the final decision. By the way, this procedure is minimally invasive and does not require hospitalization, the sutures are removed on the 8th day. According to Russian law, such an operation may be performed either for medical reasons, for example in the case of serious hereditary diseases, or at the request of the patient older than 35 years, has two children.

vasectomy where to do

If several years after vaporesection man changes his mind and wants to be a father, it will be possible. Although without the help of doctors can not do. Vasectomy is not castration, the function of the testicles is preserved, so that it is possible to extract the sperm and use for IVF. In addition, it is possible to reconstruct the deferent ducts, but not always, this operation can be successful. Furthermore, the procedure is very complicated and expensive. That is why doctors recommend to think carefully before you resort to vasoreactive. The decision must be reasoned and balanced.

In some countries it is believed that a vasectomy is a wonderful way to rejuvenate the body. They say that after surgery the testicles aktiviziruyutsya in terms of testosterone production. However, whether to test a similar hypothesis for himself and to resort to such radical methods?

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