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Many have heard the medical term "hernia", one in five adult personally encountered this problem. This topic is often addressed in TV programs about health, in notes on the Internet.

In fact, no matter what was the cause of the disease, when it starts its destructive effect. It can be long hours spent in front of the monitor, incorrectly organized attempts to create in the fitness club, the perfect torso, dangerous working conditions, excessive body weight everywhere... the Result of logical damage to the spine, disturbance of the dynamics of correct bending. Patients try a variety of ways to alleviate their condition, up to surgical intervention. Many people helped cushion Meiram, patient testimonials confirm its effectiveness.

cushion Meiram reviews

Methods and means of therapy

If you remember the basic directions of treatment of intervertebral hernia, Arsenal can record medical ways of relieving pain that are executed in the form of intramuscular injections, blockades. Fight inflammation with the affected regions of the spine with physical therapy, various types of massage using warming gels and ointments. Try to contribute to the fight against disease osteopaths, chiropractors. Use different types of fasting. It is recommended to wear a plaster, magnetic corsets.

There are a number of miraculous folk methods and recipes. Among all these items listed and methods of Meiram Meirkhanova. He has a special invention for getting rid of the disease, which was called pillow Meiram. The reviews from those who have tried, confirm the fact that it really helps.


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History Meiram

treatment pillow Meiram reviews

As he says Meiram of Marjanov, at the peak of his illness he could not walk without a cane. Almost seven years had suffered from severe pain. Spinal hernia, he was in two places, 1.6 and 2.1 cm in size. When he came to take pictures, the doctor noted with astonishment that such hernias people just lie in a horizontal position. To pass only a few meters, Meiram stopped the searing pain.

Only the Meiram for help! Waste treatment spent tens of thousands of dollars. Was in world renowned hospitals the length and breadth toured China. There was nothing to bring recovery. In India underwent a course of massage with special Himalayan oil. Visited all the famous chiropractor, chiropractors, osteopaths, ran into many scams. Purchased expensive bed special purpose that supposedly straightens the spine. Nothing helped...

Meiram believes that all his adventures were not in vain. He was able to understand the main point – in what way you can heal yourself. He thanked God that it were taught.

In all the ways of treatment comes only temporary relief of symptoms. After a while it all comes back. Method Meirkhanova gives you the opportunity to get rid of the herniated disc. Treatment pillow Meiram put on the feet of not only himself, but helped many patients. The healer shares her invention, would not require any fees, he is grateful to God for his recovery, and wishes to alleviate the suffering of all suffering.

View Meiram on herniation

Until now doctors can't say in a particular case, why was formed a hernia. The reasons are many. One day she can not be formed, the man himself creates it for years with their unhealthy lifestyle. First felt only discomfort in the back, then discomfort, then pain, and seizures.

A Hernia is – is not a diagnosis, it is formed for a number of reasons. Says Meiram, hernia – a result of spasm of the muscles. Ugly way of life leads to degeneration, deformation and degradation of the spinal column, intervertebral discs. For violation of the right functions of spinal muscles and the compression of nerves and blood vessels, formation of adhesions. Comes innervation nerves, blood circulation in the muscles, as a consequence of the spasm. To help cushion the spine Meiram reviews, which confirm its effectiveness.

cushion Meiram from hernia reviews

Don't lose hope

The strongest muscle in humans – this is the spinal cord. Thanks to them heavyweights able to lift heavy weights. If there is a strong spasm of these muscles, the discs can be squeezed out, the hernia is formed. It may not immediately manifest itself. A few years people may not be aware of its presence until it will not compress nerve roots. Then a strong spasm of muscles automatically distorts the spine. Hernia indefinitely will be with you until you have eliminated the spasms of the back muscles. A visit to the chiropractor and the chiropractor will only bring temporary relief. Muscle spasm to remove forever, they simply can not and just by put your vertebrae into place. After some time all can repeat. The pain will come back.

Don't settle for the operation. Surgeons are unable to remove the cause of the hernia, it just removes part of the disc. There is no guarantee that after a while spasm of the muscles is not giving out a new hernia. Do not lose hope for recovery, even the treatment of hernias of the neck and hump a pillow Meiram can bring significant results. The main thing is to believe in yourself and do the exercises regularly.

Pillow Meiram

Many reviews about the pillow Meiram confirm that a secret cure is very simple. The method allows to restore the initial lordosis of the spine, relieve spasms from the back muscles. This will cause the release of all the clamped blood vessels and nerve endings. The disc will gradually begin to unload the food will improve, and he's back at the expense of fluid gets high enough. The hernia will disappear. The spine is a single unit, so you need to remove the load entirely.

Meiram Pillow allows you to give the spine anatomical natural state. When lying on her biomechanics of the spine is gradually recovering. Muscles gradually and evenly stretched, relaxed. Will continue to work the force of gravity, all the vertebrae back into place, return the natural anatomic lordosis of the spine. Pressure on the intervertebral discs will stop, leave spasms, restores blood circulation and innervation of the nerves.

treatment of a herniated disc pillow Meiram reviews

The Essence of the methodology of the Kazakh healer

The Theory of the treatment of a herniated disc pillow Meiram based on the fact that the degenerative spine under special effects could take its original position. Initially, the spasms have little to loose, and then, as classes disappear. The spinal segment will receive a discharge, you will start to receive adequate nutrition. Freely “breathe” the nerve endings and blood vessels. The drive will once again fill with fluid, and the hernia will recede.

Pillow Meiram first of all allows to eliminate the root cause of the disease, and then there comes a full recovery.

About the procedure in more detail

In the reviews on treatment of a herniated disc pillow Meiram patients share detailed method of application of the device.

To Conduct manipulation with the cushion you need while lying on the floor. Wooden cushion wrap soft cloth or towel. In the beginning of the course, the product is placed under the tailbone. The first classes are recommended under the supervision of loved ones, they will help to take a comfortable position. Follow the head, it should not be too low, it violates the right blood supply. The first feelings will be painful, it is inevitable. If the pain intensifies, it should be alerted, need to take a break for a few days. Once the patient is comfortable, he can conduct classes independently. You need to relax, a sudden movement in the pose is contraindicated. If you hear clicks, this is normal, the law of gravity, the vertebrae looking for in his natural position.

treatment of spinal hernia pillow Meiram

Recommendations from Meiram

The Human body – a self-regulating system. Quality sleep good treats, so always get enough sleep. Drink more pure water, it removes toxins. Do not use orthopedic mattresses, all advertised business. Sleep on a comfortable semi-rigid mattress, but not on the boards. Do not do static exercises, they can lead to protrusion, to add to the misery. Massage trust be fulfilled only by experienced, competent massage therapists, as when a hernia of the muscles are unevenly tight. Gradually add spinal muscular corset. During exercise the blood circulation is accelerated, the power drives is improving, the stagnation in the lower back and the back removed.

The Load increase gradually, listen to your own body. Do exercises smoothly, without sudden movements. The direct load on the spine is contraindicated. Not everyone knows that muscle before classes to warm up and stretch. Negative reviews about the pillow Meiram (from surgery) is more likely to leave those who are not fully acquainted with the technique and how it works. In any case, do not overexert your muscles, don't exercise through the pain. If the pain worse classes, it is necessary to interrupt...

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