Hand made toys from scrap materials for a tree: a master class


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If you need a Christmas toy with their hands out of scrap materials it can be done easily and quickly. Some suggested in the article options to handle even a child. Ideas are considered from the simplest to the more complex.

Balls-webs of thread

The Most traditional hand made toys from scrap materials for the New year is done in the form of a sphere. The technique may be different.

Christmas toy from scrap materials

The easiest option with which to handle any — is a lightweight, openwork decoration of thread. They are suitable not only for trees, but also for interior decoration. They are made like this:

  1. Inflate the balloon to the desired size.
  2. Dip the threads (wool, embroidery floss, acrylic) in white glue (you can use vaseline).
  3. Wrapped them the surface of the balloon.
  4. After drying protegee ball with a needle and remove it.

A Simple but beautiful hand made toys from scrap materials on the tree is done.

The Balls are decorated with fabric, ribbons and beads

A More complex variant of the decoration of the spheres is that of the finished base glued various decorative elements.

hand made toys from scrap materials on the tree

The Sequence of manufacturing of such toys as follows:

  1. Ball, tennis, for example, are covered with scraps of fabric, forming a smooth surface (no wrinkles).
  2. At the Top of the bandage material, tape, ribbon or string. It turns out that something like a bag.
  3. The Knot can be hidden under the beautiful bow.
  4. Decorate balloon decoration (sequins, beads). Can perform this step before wrapping shape in the beginning, so if you would prefer.
  5. Don't forget to do the suspension.

Turned out beautiful Christmas toy. Their hands out of scrap materials it is easy to produce such original Souvenirs. The important thing is that you can make them quickly.


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POM-Poms: animals and balls

To complete this decor also do not need anything special: just thread, cardboard and scissors. Most often, POM-poms adorn the cap and are usually made round. Of these fluffy balls you can easily gather sheep, chicken, snowman or any other character.hand made toys from scrap materials

Get the Original POM-POM collected in the form of berries, fruits and vegetables. The principle of a fluffy ball like this:

  1. Made From thick paper or cardboard and cut out two rings. Hole diameter as the outer size depends on the size of pompom you want to.
  2. Impose the resulting carton blanks one over the other and begins to wrap their threads. You can use different colors in a single product. If the inner layer to carry a yellow, for example, then that color will be inside the pompom. You can also wrap the orange in the upper half of the ring, and the white on the bottom, you get a bulb from two different hemispheres. Motley will come in the case if you randomly wound different shades of threads.
  3. Insert the string (which can be used as a mount) between the cardboard blanks, gradually slotting the threads on the ring, pull it to the node.

To get the object in another configuration, a base of cardboard do not ring, and, for example, arc. After making the shape of the object always can give cutting threads in the right places. Make the necessary number of blanks, connect them with each other. Unusual hand made toys from scrap materials on the Christmas tree ready.


Of course, They don't always have on hand, however, if the winter is not too snowy, they can gather up in December. From pine and spruce cones make as balls on the Christmas tree, and other original toys. You can build a symbol of the year or snowman, pre-painted material white. Very nice large single instances, a bow and hanger. The particular aesthetics attached a gold or silver paint. To get figures of animals, the bumps connect with clay or glue. This toy with his own hands from scrap materials (photo below) is long. In this case, the materials and even natural. To build a jewelry cones will even a small child.hand made toys from scrap materials for the new year

Hand balls

Christmas toy from scrap materials can be done in this original and simple technique. You will need:

  1. Spherical workpiece. You can buy the foam, make yourself from papier mache or make use of unnecessary balls, or the balls. You can even take the old incandescent bulbs. Be sure to allow for suspension and how it will be attached.
  2. White acrylic paint, paint brush.
  3. Napkins with Christmas pictures. You can buy special decoupage, but many use simple Cutlery.
  4. Glue and lacquer (regular or special decoupage).

hand made toys from scrap materials photoThe Sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. The ball is applied to the soil. As we will need white acrylic paint. You may need several layers.
  2. After drying the paste image cutof tissues.
  3. If necessary, you can fill in the background and decorative elements so that the edges of the tissue were visible.
  4. Cover the surface with clear varnish.

A Spectacular Christmas toy from scrap materials ready. In addition to the balls, and do any other decorations. Wood buy in stores or make yourself.

Textile fantasies

This technique can be performed as a Christmas tree and a special toy. Their hands out of scrap materials for boys and girls is very simple to make and budget gift. You will need the following things:

  • Cloth;
  • Threads, pins, needles, glue;
  • Decorative elements.

hand made toys

The Idea selected by the most varied:

  • Balls;
  • Christmas trees are a simple form;
  • Snowmen;
  • Machine;
  • Vegetables and fruits;
  • Candy.

Implement the idea in two ways: bilateral plane figure or three-dimensional, which is actually a normal soft toy. In the second case, you will need material for stuffing, so it's easier to use the first option. The sequence of actions is:

  1. Pick up the scraps and zagotavlivali of them are simple forms for their toys (two copies each).
  2. Decorate the decoration.
  3. Sew both sides together.
  4. Making the suspension in the form of loops of tape, ribbon or thread.

If you need the original hand made toys from scrap materials for boys, take the idea of a machine:

  1. Cut out the General contour of the machine from a fabric of the same color.
  2. Glue or sew the prepared particles in the form of Windows.
  3. As the wheels use large buttons. If you add the laces with grommets, Velcro Windows, you get not just beautiful but also very interesting work.


Is a technique of twisting strips of paper. From the resulting elements are glued together as planar openwork and three-dimensional objects. You can do the following things:

  • The tree;
  • Snowflake;
  • Bulb (a circle with suspension);
  • Bow;
  • Bell,
  • Frosty;
  • Animals (simple form).

Of all the possible materials looks best in metallic pearlescent designer paper. Use a common color (from children's kits for art or office). Sold, and special, already prepared strips, but they are not cheap.

hand made toys from scrap materials for boys

If we talk about rapid manufacturing at home, it is possible to use old colored magazines. If necessary, sheets can be painted. Do the following:

  1. Cut the paper into strips with a width of about 5 mm.
  2. With the spokes twisted rings and other items. For fastening tips use the glue.
  3. From the received workpieces assemble the necessary form.
  4. Attached loop for hanging.

Delicate hand made toys from scrap materials on the tree is done.


This technique is probably the most complex presented here, but it allows you to make quite an original decoration from balls to figurines of animals. Most importantly, they are three-dimensional, and for their manufacture will require only paper, scissors and the suspension member. Of course, the finished toy you can also decorate with additional decorative elements like beads, ribbons, lace. Then you will need more and adhesive. Toy, with their hands from improvised materials performed in this technique will require perseverance and certain skills, but they come with experience. Such a thing can become not just a children's craft, but also a great gift memento.hand made toys from scrap materials for children

So you've seen several ways of making Christmas decorations. Each of them is interesting in its own way and deserves attention. Choose an idea and begin the creative process. Children will be keen to create your Christmas masterpiece. Adults will like it too. Christmas tree toy with their hands out of scrap materials, are usually made quickly and easily.

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