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The Owl – nocturnal bird of prey with excellent eyesight and hearing. Apart from the fact that it possesses great strength and sharp claws, this winged creature is still surprised by all the incredible beauty.

Since Ancient times, the owl is considered a symbol of wisdom. A lot of educational shows and books make your logo this bird.

The Last few seasons of night predator is a trendy print that is used for clothing and for jewelry. how to make a beaded owl

Store shelves are overflowing with decorations depicting owls. If you want to get yourself a great addition to the popular trends, then go to the nearest boutique, and, no doubt, you will be able to purchase him for a considerable sum of money. There is another way to become the owner of unusual jewelry, today we will tell about it.

Owl bead

There are a huge variety of patterns and master-classes on weaving from beads of this night bird. You can use the beads to sew it on a piece of thick cloth and leather or woven with wire and fishing line. You decide!
In this article we will give you two options how to make a beaded owl.

Earrings "Owl"

First, using the simple master-class workable earrings “night Owl”.

Weaving beaded jewelry these will not take you much time, but the result you will be satisfied.

These earrings will look great in the ears of a little girl or teenager complete with jeans and a sweater.brooch owl bead

What you need

  • Transparent fishing line (you can buy in the store for needlework or ask her husband, a fisherman).
  • Long special needle for beading with delicate abalone.
  • Dark brown beads.
  • Light brown beads.
  • A Few yellow beads.
  • White beads.
  • Earrings (special earring hooks).
  • Small scissors.
  • Contrast color Fabric with beaded.

Weave owls

  • The First row, which we shall find is at the widest part of the torso owls: recruit 2 dark brown beads, 6 light brown and 2 dark brown.
  • Fishing line is Threaded the last bead of the row from the last.
  • Threaded second end of the bead from the third.
  • We Perform this action with all the beads.
  • Start next row: to do this, recruit one dark brown bead on the fishing line and threading the needle in a loop between the first and second bead of the first row.
  • Thus drag 1 dark brown, 5 light brown and 2 dark brown beads.
  • The Third row is woven the same way as the second: drag 2 dark brown, 4 light brown and 2 dark brown beads.
  • Fourth row consists of 2 dark brown, 3 light brown and 2 dark brown beads.
  • In the fifth row you should have 6 dark brown beads.
  • In the sixth row of the plaiting 5 dark brown beads.
  • Now make the legs for this type of 3 dark brown bead, pass the line through the second, third and fourth beads, type 3 of the same color and thread fishing line 5 in detail.
  • Hook and cut the line.
  • Now we do the upper part of the owls: the row in which you wove the first plaiting 2 dark brown, 5 light brown and 2 dark brown beads (we will re-count the rows with the middle row, the number that you just spun, let's call the second).
  • Third from the top row braid 8 dark brown beads.
  • In the fourth row of 3 dark brown, 1 yellow and 3 dark brown beads.
  • Next, separately splitem connect the head and torso with it.
  • For the head, weave the first row of 1 dark brown, 1 white, 1 light brown, 1 white, 1 dark brown, 1 white, 1 light brown, 1 white and 1 dark brown.
  • Drag to the bottom line of a single row of 1 dark brown, 2 white, 2 yellow, 2 white, 1 dark brown beads.

On Top of this row, weave 2 rows as follows:


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  • First row: 1 dark brown, two white, two dark brown, 2 white, 1 dark brown.
  • The Second row consists of 7 dark brown beads.
  • Owl bead is on the head “ears”, they are made in the same way as you did the legs.
  • Connect the head to the trunk.owl bead

Owl bead is ready, attach to it the accessories, and you have great earrings.

Decorating “night Owl” on a hard basis

This ornament is made in the technique called "beading". The owl, which happens as a result of the fact that you will sew beads on a piece of leather, can be used as a pin, pendant or brooch.owl beaded

You can take seed beads of black, white or brown. We will describe a master-class "How to make a polar owl". owl weave beaded

Tools you will need to make this decoration

  • Beading white (size №6, 10, 11).
  • Oblong white beads (Fig).
  • Oblong beads graphite color (figure).
  • Beads silver color (size No. 15).
  • Beading graphite color.
  • Large rhinestone amber color.
  • Leather.
  • Super glue.
  • Sheet of paper.
  • Thin line.
  • Interlining forfabric.
  • Long bead needle with a thin eye.
  • Fittings for decoration, you want to do (pin brooches, metal loop and chain for the pendant or pin).

Owl, beaded

  • Recruit 30 beads white color No. 10 and make them ring.
  • Brick weave (how it is done, we have described in the previous master class) plaiting the number of white beads size 11.
  • Drag the next row silver beads size 15.
  • Fourth row also weave beaded in silver color.
  • Inserted into the resulting ring bead amber color.
  • Weave the same pattern for another ring and insert a second bead, securing it with two rows of silver beads.
  • Drag to the ring on the reverse side beads silver color.
  • Take a rectangular piece of non-woven framework, and, taking two cm from the top edge and 1.5 cm from the sides, braided sew beads right next to each other.
  • Sheathed every eye in a circle white beads №10: to do this, slide the needle into the fabric near the beads, string on fishing line bead, sew it to the fabric, making a loop around it, the next bead beside the first sew, treat the entire circumference of the eye.
  • Make three "cilia" oblong white beads at the top of each eye.
  • Between the eyes at the bottom sew horizontally oblong bead graphite color.
  • Draw the torso in a semicircle under the already embroidered the eyes of an owl.
  • Panel outline this circle with white beads 10-size.
  • The First row of the torso embroider white bead №6 in the form of two semicircles. The beginning of the first semicircle is near the first beads, and the end near the nose of an owl, the second semicircle starts from nose and ends near the opposite border.
  • Alternating white beads and hematite colors, row by row fill in all the trunk.
  • Glue for non-woven, on which is embroidered an owl, a piece of thick paper.
  • Stick To the paper thin skin.
  • Cut the outline of the owl for extra material.
  • With both edges immediately under the eyes sew the 3 horizontal white oblong beads – wings.
  • To the bottom of the trunk owls sew the two legs of the three elongated graphite beads.
  • Panel owl in a circle to hide all the messy sticking leather edges.
  • Sew accessories.

embroidery beaded owlGreat solution for this work will be a brooch ‘Owl bead”. This decoration, as you can see, is not difficult to do.

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