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Knitting has long been considered boring, your only “blue stocking” and their grandmothers. This kind of needlework confidently holds the leading position in the lists of Hobbies and crafts around the world. Creations knitters are not only traditional shawls, socks and mittens: knit now can be dresses, coats, jewelry, shoes and even swimwear.

For many girls, the motivation to learn hand-knit is the opportunity to dress up their four-legged friends.
a simple scheme of knitting Warm clothes in pet stores is not cheap, and a skein of yarn, simple calculations and a simple scheme of knitting save several times.

First steps: getting started

Want to learn knitting can find a stack of useful tips. Many of the pages of women's online magazines are full of photographs, diagrams and step-by-step descriptions of the manufacture of a product.

The Lion's share of the success of the knitting project in the proper selection of yarn. You should not rush for the cheap samples, arguing that to study and it would be fine. The concept of “threads” includes a description of these options:

  • The Percentage of natural and synthetic fibers.
  • Density torsion.
  • The Strength of the yarn.
  • Uniformity of the texture and coloration (absence of thickening of the thread and the colored balls into skeins with the same labeling).
  • The quality of the used natural materials (plant and animal origin).

If you are using a good yarn, even the most basic form of knitting will allow you to create a really worthwhile thing.

Spokes and the density of knitting

The next step is to choose the right tools-the spokes. They should be selected taking into account the type of product that they will be connected, and the thickness of the chosen yarn. Optimal is the use of spokes of the same thickness as the thread (size in millimeters, you can define and attach to the range). The thickness of the spokes, printed by the manufacturer on their packaging, specified in millimeters.
a simple scheme knitting for beginners


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Also on the label of almost any skeins recommendations regarding the size of spokes. Most beginners until you get used free to hold knitting needles in the hands, often knit too tight. So it makes sense to choose the spokes a little larger caliber than indicated in the recommendations, then during the knitting of the fabric loops will be larger, and knitting will be easier.

Following these tips and choosing a simple scheme of knitting for beginners can be quite fast to achieve tangible results.


In the presence of all the necessary materials, you can proceed directly to the knitting. As the first products many experienced knitters recommend to choose the scarf, as its direct canvas does not require complex calculations and manipulations with the addition/decrease of loops.

In category “the Most basic form of knitting scarf knitting needles” definitely win different types of rubber bands. Their essence lies in the combination of front and rear loops. Also a good variety of other patterns of these elements.
diagram simple crochet scarf knittingsimple pattern knitting
The Most common pattern remains gum 1:1 (one front loop, purl one). However, the associated, therefore the scarf can get too dense and hard, so it's best to consider the use of the bands 2:2 or English (including nakida).

a simple scheme of knitting

the most basic form of knitting

How to learn to read knitting scheme

To understand the schemes for knitting is not difficult. On the field, marked with squares shows the icons and symbols that represent each loop, you want to purl. One icon can replace one or several loops.

Some characters have become almost universally accepted, in one and the same interpretation used by many publications, others may be the personal invention of the developer of the scheme. In any case, each scheme placed a transcript of the legend.

In the diagrams indicates the start of the knitting direction, and rapport (repeating element of each pattern).simple delicate patterns for knitting schemespattern "rhombus": the combination of front and rear hinges the Horizontal rows in the diagram correspond to rows of knitted fabric. Often the schema of simple patterns for knitting is limited to image only odd or even rows, forming the front side of knitting. Other ranks, all loops promazyvayut so, as you can see (front or reverse). But in some complex schemes, the formation of the pattern occurs through all series canvases.

Scarf in one night

In Order to delve deeper into the process of knitting and quickly to visible results, it is desirable to use bulk yarn. You can take a smooth yarn with uniform twist or pick up a “fantasy” - with thin and wide sections. When using such yarn even a simple scheme of knittingallows you to quickly get an interesting painting. simple openwork knitting schemes

Crochet scarf will need to recruit the calculated number of loops and knit fabric to the desired length, using the selected pattern.


The Number of loops can be calculated povezav a sample of the yarn, which will be used for the manufacture of the product.  diagram of simple patterns for knittingEven if the label roll is indicated as the density of knitting, this figure is very inaccurate. It depends on:

  • The density of knitting specific masters;
  • The type and size of the selected spokes;
  • The used pattern.

The sample needs to be washed, then stretch and pin to the horizontal surface of the pins. diagram of simple patterns for knittingThus, upon drying, the canvas will not sit down and become smooth. An alternative to washing can become a steam iron with a steam effect, but for beginners this method is not recommended due to the presence of many nuances.

The dried sample is measured, counting the number of stitches and rows per 10 cm (width and height) and determine how many loops should contain a canvas.

How to avoid common mistakes beginners

Even the tool of large diameter, thick yarn and a simple scheme of knitting does not guarantee automatic seamless manufacture of the scarf. These factors can significantly ease the work of a knitter, but a successful outcome also requires attention, patience and perseverance.

Among the aspects that require the most diligence, it is possible to list:

  • Strict adherence to the scheme (without the arrogance and contempt for the errors).
  • Timely correction of the admitted inaccuracies (dissolving and tying).
  • Compliance with the original number of loops.
  • Neat design edge products.
  • Compliance with the same density of knitting the entire canvas.
  • Aesthetic appearance of the first and the last rows and tucked the tips of the trimmed threads.

As for the last paragraph, the tips of the threads it is best to fill in the knitted fabric large needle. So they won't break out even after washing.

Knitting openwork patterns

Accustomed to the knitting world, you can start making openwork products. This type of bondage requires the canvas holes. If we are talking about summer clothes made of cotton or viscose, with openwork leaf can be almost transparent, consisting of a large number of holes.

As the recommendations in this article are addressed to beginners, we should consider a simple openwork knitting. The scheme of such patterns must include nakedi. Knit in the back rows, they form the openwork. Also, a technique in which two loops provyazat together.

It is possible to Train such schemes offered solid pattern combined with some elements of good, then should go on to more complicated options.simple delicate patterns for knitting schemessimple openwork knitting schemes

As well as solid, simple delicate patterns for knitting, diagrams and descriptions have reports and duplicate items. After promazyvanija several rows mistress remembers these items and almost automatically follows a given algorithm.

The Completed product should be treated in the same way as the sample to calculate loops (washed, lay and dry). After these binding events are aligned, the thing becomes soft and acquires the necessary form.

A gift from the heart

With proper attention to selection of yarn, tools and models of future products simple scheme of knitting will allow you to create a unique product that will become a favorite “highlight” of closet knitters. In addition, the popularity of craft adds value to the gifts made by hand. Therefore, even with minimal experience in knitting, you can make great gifts for relatives, friends or loved ones.scarf associated spokes

Regardless of the type of knit product made by hand, need specific care: gentle wash with special means in warm (not hot) water, drying in a horizontal position, avoiding stretching. Compliance with these requirements will significantly increase the lifespan of knitted items.

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