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One of the easiest and at the same time spectacular ways of decorating the edge of the product is the decoration with crocheted edges or the curb. A well-chosen yarn and hook will give a finished look and knitted products, and clothing made of fabric.

Applying knitted borders

A Perfect decoration is a knitted lace edging for shawls (crochet), patterns which are abundant in the journals. Traditionally, this trim decorated the sleeves and the hem of clothes, towels and napkins, towels and bedspreads, blankets and other items.

Apply a knitted edging and more extravagant way. For example, it make the edge of leather products, as well as decorate pieces of furniture. Finds its application lace edging and crafts, such as scrapbooking.

crochet edging diagram

Methods of joining the edges to the product

To the main product edging, crocheted, circuits for which are very diverse, and can join multiple sposobami.

  1. As a rule, to knitted products edges joins directly with the hook. Loop main things serve as her base and she nazvanivaet as a continuation of the main canvas. So, for example, issued the fringe for shawls to crochet. Schemes such furnish may be part of schemes shawls, but they can also be selected separately.
  2. The same method can be used when making a border of tissue products, for example wipes. In this case, you take a hook of small size (n 0,3, n 0,5 or 0,75) and thin thread, preferably a suitable composition to the fabric of the product that you need to register. Hook vylivaetsya directly into the fabric, and the cloth is tied off on the edge of the bars without nakida. Next, fit the rim hook whose schema liked the seamstress.
  3. But we can go the other way: the edge of the fabric should be sewn overlock seam needle into which the thread odevaetsya designed in the future in order to perform crochet. Schema edges are chosen arbitrarily. In this case, the stitches of the seam will be the basis, and it will tie up the canvas.
  4. The Following method seems to be the simplest: stand-fit rim hook whose schema is suitable for processing specific products, and then is sewn to fabric overlap on the sewing machine or by hand. But this method can be in practice much harder than the previous one. The fact that a crocheted border has a greater elasticity than the fabric, so the sewing may be slightly stretched so that the length of the edge of the product and the edges do not match. In order to avoid this, it is recommended to associate the sample edges and accurately calculate the density of the knitting, i.e. to count how many loops have 10 cm of a product, and then make the necessary calculations.

Knitted edging crochet, the scheme which you like, can be created in two ways: lengthways or across.


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Border connected across

fringe for shawls crochet diagramsBorder associated breadth, runs in a circle (if you need to tie the sleeve, the hem of the dress or cloth) or a rotary ranks until, until it reaches the desired width. The simplest kind of decoration is the so-called “crayfish step”. Simple binding columns without nakida, with stitches or a few brides may also be considered a variant of the border. With this way of design to handle even a beginner needlewoman, only mastering a technique such as crochet. Schema edges in this case are not required.

Fringe related along

border crochet diagrams and descriptions

You Can knit hem and banded along the blade. The width of this border is specified by the scheme, and the length can be adjusted in the process of knitting. “Guessing” the required length of such edges at first sight simpler than the dimensions of the cross, but bind to the sample and calculate the density of knitting will not prevent. This is necessary in order to fringe in the design of the product is not over “suddenly” in the middle of rapport, which will adversely affect the appearance of the finished product.

Hollow border

openwork edging crochet diagrams

Perfectly complements the product connected openwork crochet edging. Diagrams and description of these crafts are easy to find. Looks like this border very effectively. Especially beautiful knitted edging crochet, diagram of which contains a pattern of various types “shell”, “pineapple" of the festoons. Such edging may consist of one of a number of “shell”, or other elements, and can be quite wide-depending on the selected option.

Just amazed at how can be differently connected openwork crochet edging. Scheme for its implementation meet the most simple, and such that under force only to the experienced knitter.

Layered openwork border

Openwork border may consist of one row and tens of rows, which is especially important when knitting skirts, flounces on the sleeves or the pants. In order to get connected in tiers to the wide rim hook, the schema is retrieved the most common. Then proceed as follows: knit the first tier according to the chart, then from the inside to rework it to a dense fabric, consisting, as a rule, of the columns with one or two yo. In ordersaving threads and in order to facilitate the product, blackout cloth is often replaced sirloin grid. The width of the element is slightly less than the width of the openwork flounce. Further on it nazvanivaet next flounce. If knitting fabric with increments, then the next tier will be more elaborate previous.

Fillet edges

sirloin fringe crochet diagrams

Borders are made in the loin techniques traditionally used to decorate textiles: napkins, towels, curtains. But also as decoration for clothing that lace looks very attractive, especially in combination with filet inserts that are made out of the product itself.

Schema patterns for creating a fillet the edges a lot. Some are especially designed for knitters. But will look good and associated fillet bordure crochet, diagrams that were originally intended for embroidery, especially monochrome.

A Border of lace ribbon

wide edging crochet diagrams

Using the ribbon lace as a border also seems to be a good idea. It looks impressive, especially in combination with simple viscous or cloth. In addition, when the design of clothing will look organic, for example, hem, decorated with a border of tape lace, in combination with a belt made in the same technique.

Knit ribbon lace is not as simple as good, but the result is really unusual and original rim hook. Diagrams and description, as well as master-classes on knitting lace ribbon can easily be found.

border crocheted schemes

Edging Irish lace elements

The Special place is occupied by borders, created with use of elements of Irish lace. They are using the technique of non-separable the knitting. But you can draw a border of leaves and flowers, the traditional ‘Ireland" of connecting them together with the irregular mesh or the coupling method.

Look great, for example, kitchen towels or curtains, decorated with a border with elements of Irish lace and sewn onto the knitted fabric elements consistent with the style of the curb. Fringe knitted crochet with schemes of this kind certainly occurs, but you can do without a specific description to show imagination.

The Role of color in creating the border

border crochet with diagramsTraditionally, the border fit solid. Color can match the tone of the basic product, and blend with it or contrast-it all depends on taste and imagination of knitters. But using different shades when creating a border is also not forbidden. On the contrary, plain things, decorated with colored edging, look cheerful and bright.

And, of course, will look spectacular multicolor fringe if the seamstress decided to decorate the border, but also, for example, knitted applique or bulky items, crochet. The same colors used for the creation of such decorations and border, create a complete image, and it becomes more attractive and interesting.

The following are some simple descriptions of the implementation of the rim hook.

crochet schematic border


This is a simple lace edging, knitted in one row. It consists of columns without nakida, polytypical with stitches and columns with yo. In order to perform this binding, turn the product face, perform 1 air lift loop, in next loop promazyvayut the column without nakida, then in the next loop - polytypic with nakida, then 3 column with stitches in the same loop basis and then polytablet with nakida. In the next loop again promazyvaetsya a column without nakida. Continue in the same order.

There is another way of knitting the border in the form of shells. This finish consists of 3 rows:

  • 1 range: tally 3 air lift loops are suppressed 1-loop basis, then promazyvaetsya the column without nakida in the next loop. Then rapport: promazyvaetsya 1 air loop, the loop is skipped 1 the basics, in the next loop promazyvaetsya 2 column with nakida, etc.
  • 2nd row: knit 5 promazyvaetsya turns and loops (3 loops rise and 2 air loop), then fit in 1 column without nakida on the air loop of the previous row, 4 hanging loops and again 1 stably without nakida on the air loop of the previous row. At the end of the series promazyvaetsya 2 air loop, a last loop of the previous row is performed 1 column without nakida.
  • 3rd row: knitting turns promazyvaetsya 1 air loop and 1 column without nakida. Further, the arch 4 of the stitches of the previous row shell is performed in the same way as it was done in the previous sample: column without nakida, polytypic with nakida, 3 column with nakida, polytypic with stitches and a column without nakida. Shell promazyvaetsya so until the end of the row. The series ends with a column without nakida in the third loop of the chain of 5 loops of the previous row.


Unique looks fringe in the fringe. Knit it also in several ways:

  • Promazyvaetsya the number of columns without nakida. The next row is performed as follows: 1 air loop, 1the column without nakida in the beginning of the series, then the repeat - next loop promazyvaetsya 1 column without nakida chain 15 loops and the connecting column, knit into the same loop of the previous row and previous column without nakida.
  • Fringe at the idea of “springs” is similar to the previous one, but after you create a chain of 15 loops continue knitting on it. 1 air loop is skipped, then in each air promazyvaetsya 2 column without nakida. Ready “spring” is attached to the base connecting the column, as described in the previous option.

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