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Flowers and sweets – nice gifts that are certain investments. If you decide to surprise your loved one and keep a family budget, make the original bouquet with a box of corrugated paper himself. It is not only simple, but also very exciting process. In this article, you will learn how to make candy bouquets and crepe paper. Photos presented in the work, to help you figure it out. Let us begin entertaining in the process.

Make a candy bouquet: roses from crepe paper

Create a candy bouquet of roses-handmade for beginners and for professionals - is an interesting exercise.bouquet of candy corrugated paper

To make a bouquet of candy corrugated paper need the following resources:

  • Candy round shape;
  • Crepe paper pink and green (or any other shades on your taste);
  • Glue;
  • Double sided tape;
  • Scissors
  • Satin ribbon;
  • Toothpicks or skewers for canapes;
  • Decor;
  • A small basket.

Having Prepared everything necessary to start safely make the original bouquet with a box of corrugated paper.


  1. Cut out the base for the Bud of a rose from corrugated paper – two rectangles measuring 7 x 8 cmcandy bouquet of roses from crepe paper One end zakruglenie. The fingers gently stretch it from the center to the grounds to give a natural feel.
  2. Next, wrap your “Bud” the candy, and secure it at the base with glue and secure with a toothpick or skewer, carefully tying thread.bouquets of sweets and corrugated paper master
  3. Start the production of rose petals. Depending on your preferences can produce the semi-open Bud or a lush flower. For a classic rose, prepare eight pieces of crepe paper for the petals. Their size should be 2 cm less than the Bud.
  4. Each petal with a toothpick, wrap from one end.bouquet of candy corrugated paper Then the shape drag in the center. Using glue, attach to the base of the Bud. To make your rosette look more carefully, apply glue to the chamfered ends of the petals. They should be attached to the Bud in two layers. The first row – three things, the second – five stuff.

In the end, you should get a pretty rosette.


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Sheets of roses

For realism, in the manufacture of the leaves for roses, it is recommended to use the green corrugated paper.

Cut out small paper size rectangles – 2-2,5 cm and Then make the veins to went blank, like a crown. Obtained the figures attach to the base of the roses with floss. Do not use tape - it will be too visible and will visually increase the base of the roses.

It Remains to combine the resulting roses in a basket and decorate. At the bottom of the basket, you can put corrugated paper.

Ready your lovely candy bouquet! Rose of corrugated paper waiting for its owner!

Let's look at another interesting variant design of the candy-flower arrangements.

Tulips of chocolates

Before you begin, you need to choose the colors, the shape of the bouquet, the chocolates and additional materials.

So, you will need:

  • Corrugated paper four vivid colors;
  • Green tape;
  • Floral wire
  • Double-sided tape-gossamer - 1 m white basics;
  • Satin or packing tape;
  • Transparent beads to simulate dew;
  • Tools: wooden stick, scissors, pliers.

Make a bouquet of tulips of sweets and corrugated paper

  1. Cut a long strip of corrugations in two equal parts. After that, another chop each into four equal parts. In the result you should have eight strips.  tulips of sweets and corrugated paperTo make one Tulip you will need six strips.
  2. Next, each strip need to turn in the center and fold so that the front edges looked to one side. Lightly stretch the paper at the bottom edge. In this way prepare six pieces for one Tulip.
  3. Take a shorter wire and wrap with tape to an end. The packaging of the chocolates fasten to the wire.
  4. Start the Assembly of the elements of Tulip. Take your first workpiece and glue the wire to the tape.
  5. Two of the other workpiece position near the candy, holding hands and fingers. Tightly wrap teip-tape.
  6. Now the second hand position so that the corrugated paper took the form of a Tulip. First fix teip-tape two tail, and then secure the third.
  7. Similarly do with the remaining three blanks. Trim the excess edges of the corrugated paper under the slope at the base of the Bud. If desired, you can prune after the first set of petals. Gentle part wrap teip-tape and wrap the stem to the end.
  8. Do the leaves for the Tulip. You will need to cut a strip of corrugated paper. Then you need to cut it in two unequal parts, one piece should be slightly longer. Every part put infour times and cut the leaves.


My Dream is to learn how to make candy bouquets and crepe paper? Master-class below will help you to make the dream a reality.

In order to make the leaves look natural, use a wooden stick. Every leaf needs to pull the stick in a spiral. First place short-list and lock it teip-tape. Just below the barrel, place a long sheet and fix the same way.

In order to start collecting tulips in a bouquet, you will need to first pull two of the Tulip, using teip-tape. Then add staggered one Tulip, alternating flowers of different colors.

After assembling the tulips in a bunch cut into twenty leaves, as well as for flowers. Received the sheets in position on the perimeter of the bouquet and fasten three pieces teip-tape.

Left to wrap the bouquet with candy crepe paper wrapping paper, or cobweb.bouquets of sweets and corrugated paper photo To complete the work, tie a ribbon bouquet. If desired, each Tulip you can stick one transparent busine-Rosinka.


It is possible that the first time perfect bouquet can not succeed. However, you can learn a little and get a decent level design "sweet" compositions, becoming an experienced florist.

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