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All girls play with dolls. These toys are among the first in the nursery, not in a hurry to leave them Teens, and sometimes even fully grown ladies. The dolls in the market today you can find various accessories, furniture and entire houses. But not always, the store has exactly what you need. And so many doll lovers prefer to create some items for them with their hands. What you can do at home without being a master? Anything: clothes, furniture and a variety of games and small things of interior – such crafts for dolls can to create one.

The Doll closet

DIY for dummiesEven if you don't plan to create a special place for games or you already have a Dollhouse, the dolls need clothes. It is not necessary to be a skillful tailor – many items of clothing it is easy to sew without patterns, cutting parts of fabric «eye». Encourage your child to do crafts for dolls together. T-shirt is easy to sew T-shaped blanks cut in the middle of the short rail neck. Skirts can be modeled from rectangles of fabric right in the figure, a collecting belt at the waist seam “needle forward” or using the insert bands. Just try to comply with these crafts for dolls, and the process you will tighten so much that very soon you will have a toy closet for any occasions.

Household stuff

Crafts for dolls with their own handsTo Beat a variety of everyday situations in a doll house is much easier when you have miniature food, dishes and other accessories. Many of these items you can create with your own hands. The biggest problem usually occurs with a filling cuisine. To purchase sets of furniture usually attached to a small number of dishes, miniature tea sets can be purchased separately. But what was to fill plates and glasses? Try to make products and ready meals from plasticine or polymer clay. Other masses for modeling, such as salt dough. From these materials it is not difficult to create dishes, vases, candlesticks and cups for the interior. Children also like to create crafts for the dolls. Your hands if you want you can do a lot of things – from the orange and slice of cheese to plate with scrambled eggs or a vase with a bouquet.

Dollhouse furniture made of waste material

Crafts for dolls monster highSo, you already have the clothes for the dolls and various accessories for the game, and that means it's time to move on to making more complex items. Doll furniture – something that is never missing in the economy of your daughter. And even if you purchase a few ready-made sets, I'll soon need another small sofa or bedside table. For the manufacture of puppet interior you can use anything: cardboard, foam rubber, packaging of products and Souvenirs from plastic and paper. Making these crafts for dolls, connect the imagination and all your skills in different needlework techniques. Finished furniture can be painted and varnished, decorate with stickers or cover with fabric. Try to decorate tables and cabinets using decoupage technique. If you have any of the repairs Wallpaper or self-adhesive tape, and use these materials.

Furniture made of matchboxes and cardboard

The easiest way to do paper crafts for dolls, but this stuff is quite fragile and short-lived. This is not the case with its main counterpart – cardboard. Cut and fold cardboard sheets is not much more complicated, the finished furniture is fairly durable and beautiful good design. Use any boxes or purchase cardboard sheets in the stationery. The original functional furniture can be assembled from matchboxes. Best of all they make the drawer (just glue the desired number of boxes in the proper configuration). Using only the inside of the box for matches, it is possible to make a shallow shelf. If you want out of cardboard you can learn to do fairly complex form products. Note: corrugated cardboard is easier to cut with a utility knife, and separate elements can be bonded to the PVA.

Style "Monster high"

Monster high doll videos DIYUntil recently, all girls dreamed of Barbie dolls, living in pink houses. But not so long ago the main petite blonde has a worthy rival. Dolls "Monster high," created by the cartoon “monster”, today it is extremely popular all over the world. According to the creators, the cartoon teachestolerance. It tells about the lives of children of various monsters, which, despite its extravagant appearance and habits, like regular teenagers, make friends, quarrel and make peace, fall in love and exams. If you have a similar doll, you may want to make crafts for dolls "Monster high" with their hands. However, the furniture and the accessories for these beauties may not be all “toy” or similar to the real counterparts. Each character its own unique style and preferences. Prepare to make the bed in the form of graves and to decorate tables with pictures insectivorous plants-all this love "Monster high" (dolls". Video «Crafts for Monster High” is another source for inspiration, believe me, have a Crafter make something yourself for fashion dolls. Main theme: black-and-pink color and skulls. However, there are variations among the characters is the daughter of the sea monster, and the children of a werewolf and the daughter of a vampire.

Crafts for dolls "monster high": furniture and accessories

Crafts for dolls monster highInterior and pleasant things best of all to make, given the image and the features of a particular doll. If several characters, and playing space is limited, you can choose an overall style for the design: the dark tones with bright finishes, the use of skulls and bats in the decor. Not necessary to create complex forms, even the most simple pieces of furniture look spectacular and stylish when they are painted in the corporate colors of "Monster high". Add to the interior of solemnity: use canopies, translucent draperies, lace and shiny fabrics.

A Doll house

paper Crafts for dollsIf you have enough space and time to work, you can try to create a home for dolls. Start with preparing the basics. The easiest option-to use for decoration of doll house cardboard box from home appliances or several small. Much stronger work design if you create it out of plywood or particle Board. Great for lazy – to use an old dresser or bookcase. So, you have the basis of a doll's house, at will already now you can install partition (to paste or beat – depending on the selected material) and outline the location of the stairs. Next, go to decorating: glue the walls with Wallpaper or a decorative film, on the floor you can put real linoleum or oilcloth. At will cut out the Windows or make them in technique of application using suitable pictures from magazines. Ready to decorate the house with homemade furniture - and you can celebrate the housewarming. Create crafts for dolls with their own hands is actually quite easy. Most importantly – only to start, after which new ideas will arise by themselves. This is a useful and interesting hobby for the entire family that do not require substantial financial investment.

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