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Puzzles — a mosaic of the numerous details that need to connect with each other to produce a particular image. The most common are the puzzles from cardboard. The amount of detail may be different for kids are available in sets of 2-6 pieces, and paintings, interesting adults, start from 500 items. For experienced collectors are produced of the biggest puzzles in which from 13-18 thousand parts and more.

Puzzles — a fascinating hobby and interesting pastime

For adults picking puzzles can become a real hobby. It is noteworthy that this activity would not require any significant expenditures. Psychologists say that the folding pictures from many small pieces — a great way to relieve tension, de-stressing, relaxation. It also has a certain mental activity, and movements that develop fine motor skills. For example, the elderly doctors recommend puzzles, to preserve clarity of mind and intelligence.

the big puzzle

What are the characteristic features of high-quality puzzles? They have a clearly printed picture, and the details perfectly combined with each other. The most famous producers, puzzles which can be trusted, — it is Educa (Spain), “Step” (Russia), Clementoni (Italy), and Castorland Trefl (Poland), Ravensburger (Germany).

The more pieces, the more interesting it

How many elements to select the image? Everyone decides individually. According to «Palomino”, the most interesting the biggest puzzles, the amount of detail which is greater than 3, 5 or even 10 thousand. For their Assembly takes up a large amount of time and requires a special place where you can sit comfortably with the future picture. Still, of course, requires patience and perseverance, because the fast result is not expected.


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Major puzzles interesting to collect not only one, but pairs or the whole company. This activity is able to unite like-minded people.

large complex puzzles

In conventional stores paintings from more than 5 thousand elements — a rarity. But in the online shops easy to order jigsaw puzzles of all sizes, including giant multi-thousand sets.


Currently the world's largest puzzle — 33 600 parts. This is a huge painting entitled ‘Jungle’, which depicts the nature of Africa and her numerous representatives of the animal world. The dimensions of the canvas are impressive: its length is 5.7 m, width-1.57 m. This colorful masterpiece in the world presented the Spanish company Educa. The set comes in a heavy wooden box on wheels to facilitate the transport giant “toys”.

world's largest jigsaw 33600 details

The Second largest puzzle in the world consists of 32 separate elements. This piece “Double retrospective” from Ravensburger. Items Packed in a box weighing 17 kilos.

In third place — a picture “Life” from 24 thousand items. The plot is interesting and attractive: the ocean, many animals and colorful sea creatures, balloons, yachts, and planets.

the big picture of the puzzle

This is the big puzzle, widely known throughout the world.

How to assemble large puzzles: the ways and tips

The First thing to do before you start building, — to prepare a sufficient number of tightly closing containers. They will store the items after sorting.

Where to start and how to collect puzzles? When assembling large-scale paintings an enormous amount of time sorting through numerous details. It is from the primary screening process begins with discovering a puzzle. Having considered carefully the image in the picture should be divided it into zones. Next you need to sort the pieces by grouping them according to various criteria.

  • In some of the paintings are clearly visible individual objects — in this case, the pieces are sorted into containers according to which object they relate.
  • If it is impossible to determine on pieces of individual objects, elements can be sorted by color scheme (greens — in one pile, sky — in a different, dark — in a third, etc.).
  • Parts that can't attributed to any of the groups, are deposited into a separate group.
  • Definitely need to set aside separate parts, in which one (two) sides smooth — will need to assemble a frame. This will be the beginning of the build process. Frame always advisable to start the Assembly. And assembling the big puzzle, you just need to first assemble a frame that was clearly visible picture sizes.

When the frame is ready, it is advisable to start collecting the fragment adjacent thereto. Importantly, it details quite easily identified. You can collect and separate parts of the paintings, placing them around the parts of the puzzle where they belong.

The Most difficult part of the image (e.g., background or one-color areas), it is advisable to collect selection method. Selecting the right components, they just need alternately applied to the assembled sections, finding therefore the location of every detail. The items have to exactly coincide with each other, without any effort at all when folding. Also they mustto remain gaps. Sometimes some of his tricks and methods arise in the process of collecting, therefore, the question of how to collect puzzles as comfortably and quickly, the answer is everyone will have their.

how to assemble jigsaw puzzles

Where are the puzzles?

To Determine the place of Assembly of the future picture should be done before a box of parts will be unpacked. Since the process takes quite a long time, you need to make sure that the puzzle was located in a place where nobody will walk through it. It is desirable that the selected location is well lit. Frequent tips to collect large complex puzzles on the table, because it is much easier than on the floor. However, if we are talking about the big picture, consisting of thousands of elements, then find a suitable sized table is often not possible.

Of Course, you can collect a picture and directly on the floor. But it is much better to do it on a special Mat to build puzzles or on a sheet of plywood.

What to do with the collected pieces?

After a puzzle of thousands of pieces collected, the question arises about what to do with him. The only two options:

1) to Admire, to photograph, disassemble, and leave until next time.

2) you can Glue the elements into a single picture and find her a suitable place.

Fans of jigsaw puzzle often choose the second option because to collect the same image to many interested. In addition, the big picture of the puzzle can be a spectacular interior decoration of apartments, houses, villas, office space. For bonding parts of the puzzle usually use a special glue designed for this purpose, Scotch tape or adhesive tape.

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