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In today's world have become popular various types of needlework: embroidery, knitting, macramé, polymer clay, patchwork, beads and quilling, soap-making and so on. There are so many that it's impossible to list.

For centuries, artisans engaged in embroidery. What they did not create with it! Paintings, portraits, murals, covers for cushions and so on. Especially popular was the cross-stitch icons. People believed that are made with love and warmth of the icon will protect them from adversity and hardship, grief and loss. The most important thing – the embroiderer needs to ask the blessing at the Church for permission to embroider icons, because the icons of embroidery is considered to be in some way a sin (wycliffite eyes, lips, nose, hands, Holy face).

cross stitch iconsNext, let's Consider how you can create such beauty, which will protect from evil spirits and at the same time pleasing to the eye.

Cross-stitch icons – a worthy occupation for masters

Before starting, it is necessary to stock up on the necessary materials and great patience. The materials include: thread the desired color palette, a needle of a certain size, frame, embroidery kits.

If you use a thread of gold or silver, the icon will be more like the old. It will gleam in the light.

The Ideal will be the icon if the face and hands to write the Holy oil, and all the rest (clothes, nimbus, base icons) – embroidery.

In Addition to embroidery, you can add various kinds of beads, sequins, beads, rhinestones and more.

Basic requirements for embroidery icons

Cross-stitch icons requires basic conditions:

  • Embroider only on the new moon;
  • Receive the Church's blessing;
  • The rejection of bad habits: alcohol, Smoking, cursing;
  • Before starting work, to read the appropriate prayers;
  • Good mood;
  • In any case not to sell the generated icon;
  • Be sure to consecrate the finished icon.

Color Choices for icons are of great importance. Black – the evil, scarlet-the colors of an earthly king, gold – color of the king of heaven, the victory of good over evil, blue – colour of peace.


Cross-stitch icons – meditation is very useful. Embroidering, the person is in a relaxed state of mind. In each cross or stitch embroiderer puts a wish or prayer that will protect you from the evil.

You Can, of course, buy ready-made Shrine and a shop, but hand made and soul is much more valuable.

cross stitch icon schemesNot surprisingly, many mistresses prefer to do with their hands such crafts as cross-stitch icons. Schemes to sets for embroidery included.

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