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Designer from the city of Seattle, Wendy Feller came up with and created from sheep wool one mitten, large size to fit the hands of two people. This idea had occurred to her during a romantic stroll with her husband in the winter. And husband Wendy Feller has already offered a pair of these gloves the original name of “Smittens”.

These mittens for lovers warm in extreme cold not only its thick viscous, but the warm hand of a loved one. Hand in hand in this mitten, you can walk with loved ones in any weather.

It is uncomfortable to hold each other's hands in mittens in winter. The lovers, who are accustomed to feel the constant presence and gentle touch each other, using gloves do not receive warmth and affection. Winter mittens for lovers allows you to feel the gentle handshake of a loved one, support each other, which helps to move freely around the city, ride public transportation, walk to the store together to skate at the rink, walking in the Park.

The joined palms of the hands warm not only the body but also the soul. Mittens are ideal for young people who love each other and not wanting to part for a long time. But they are relevant for families, especially for mothers and children. Baby hand in mother's hand that is touching and warm.

A kit for mom and baby convenient to use for walking, for wires in kindergarten and school. Children constantly have the feeling of the presence of the parents nearby. So why not extend a moment of close communication with your child even when you are in a hurry? The kids will be much quieter if will go to kindergarten with mom's hand in the winter morning.



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The Original set can be done independently. It includes one mitten for men and women, depending on hand size and one shared mitten for lovers. In order to link them, you need to buy a thick thread. To start knitting, as usual, one mitten in men's and women's hand.

Picking up the thread, it is important to achieve not only warmth, but also to consider the aesthetics and taste of young people. So original to use fluffy yarn, bright colors and the use of additional decoration.

You Then need to go to the General knitting mittens for lovers. First, you need to link two same cuffs and then make an expansion to twice the normal dobesilate and shared a house for two hands. The overall fit mitten without a finger. Options and knitting patterns, there are many, so the choice is. You can associate a common mitten to hold any hands or fingers.

Mittens for lovers beautifully decorated with embroidery, appliques, which gives them a special warmth and pleases the eye. Soft and warm things serve as an original gift for Valentine's day, on the anniversary of relations, for the Christmas holidays. You can use them as a nice souvenir for a child or loved one. The gift can be embroidered with personal initials, individual patterns, giving them a unique and memorable design.

It's Nice to hold hands with a loved one during a visit for a walk in parks and squares. 

For the spring season, you can make mittens for lovers of the fleece. A gentle touch of lovers ' hands enhance the romantic mood and gentle fabric protects from cold wind.

These mittens are Sewn from a fabric of red color. As a light option for every person, it is more practical to knit gloves or mitts, on the other hand.

For small children it is better to invent gloves with oversized applique embroidered toys or animals. This will allow them to feel loved, to feel care of an adult and are happy to consider new images. These warm gloves have always attracted the attention of other children and their parents in kindergarten.

In these mittens convenient to go with children in bad weather to school and not be afraid that he will freeze his hands. 

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