How to make a flower from polymer clay? A small lesson in fine craftsmanship


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All the girls want to look beautiful and irresistible. They are usually, in addition to stylish clothes, for all sorts of decorations, such as, for example, as a flower from polymer clay. Today is very popular jewellery, hand made polymer substance. It's such an awesome material (also called "thermoplastic"), which is highly elastic, and the end result is still very durable. If the processed polymer clay with their hands, the flowers of which are very beautiful, then you should consider some peculiarities of working with her. There are two kind of surgery: and bake drying clay. You can choose any, all depends on your desires and the type of work you want to perform.

In order to be able successfully to make a flower from polymer clay, bake proposed to use thermoplastic. Just note some of its properties and precautions when you work with this clay:

  • Elastic and soft in his hands;
  • Has different shades of colors;
  • When baking, a temperature of not lower than 130 to 140 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes, if the product of a thickness of > 1 mm;
  • When the heat treatment allocates toxic substances, therefore, in order to avoid poisoning should be baked decoration is strictly in the container;
  • When baking the clay can be combined with other heat-resistant materials;
  • Painted in additional colors and varnished the product after the stay in the oven.

flower polymer clayIn principle, sculpting colors of polymer clay is not difficult. Rather, it requires skill motor skill and accuracy. That flower polymer clay that we offer is simple and graceful. It – a small brooch, made in the ethnic style, which is decorated with small glass pearl.


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For our work need:

  • Bake polymer clay in white;
  • Acrylic paint (color choice is yours);
  • Pin fastener;
  • Pearl beads of heat-resistant frosted white glass;
  • Two-component adhesive;
  • Rolling pin specifically designed for thermoplastic;
  • Toothpicks;
  • Clear nail Polish.

So, start making brooches in the form of ethnic flower made from baked polymer clay.

At the beginning of our work we need to make a smooth ball out of our thermoplastic. This is the heart of the flower, the size of which we propose to determine at your discretion.polymer clay DIY flowers

Then you need to make one ball, which should roll out with a rolling pin to the thickness of the disc was about 2-3 mm. This will be the base of the flower. On top of the disk put the original bulb. Gently press on a little construction, but only from the bottom side of the disc.sculpting colors of polymer clay

Now spread around the bead beads-pearls, lightly pressing them into the clay.flower polymer clay

Then take a small piece of material, roll it into a thin rope and form a flower petal. Then attach it neatly to the base with a toothpick. To do so, as shown in the figure.polymer clay DIY flowers

The Next step will be slightly depressed with a toothpick in the slot on the petals. It must be done carefully so as not to deform the very shape of parts.sculpting colors of polymer clay

The Small balls can add décor between the petals of our flower. However, to make it more convenient to just after you attach the clasp to the back of the future brooch. To do this, use two-component adhesive and two balls of polymer clay.flower polymer claypolymer clay DIY flowers

Our product is ready for baking in the oven where it will need to be kept at a temperature of 130-150 degrees Celsius for half an hour.

Then, after the hack has cooled, it should be painted in the desired color with acrylic paints and allow to dry in the fresh air. The final touch is coating. You need to take transparent Polish and carefully applied to the brooch. Again allow to air dry.sculpting colors of polymer clay

Here and ready for your wonderful flower polymer clay that you made yourself. With this brooch you will always look charming and elegant!

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