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Want to treat yourself or loved ones a nice warm thing made with your own hands? So simple, even novice seamstresses. Tie a scarf is quite simple. It is usually knit in addition to VariCam or the cap, but often this accessory is a separate piece.

knit a scarf

knit a scarf

Simplicity and originality – variations of colored scarves

Even using the simplest technique of knitting, you can create a beautiful thing. It is important to pick up a few matching shades.

The First way to tie a scarf with needles, for example, garter viscous or ordinary rubber band, alternating colors. Traditional dimensions: 25-35 inches wide, and about 1.5 meters in length. The bottom is made brushes. This scarf suitable for both women and men. It all depends on the chosen color scheme.

The Second method of executing variegated scarf – vyvazhivanie crochet many colored square pieces and connecting them in rectangular fabric the size you want. This model is more feminine, as it has openwork “notes”. Undoubtedly, the patience of the mistress can not hurt, as the work is quite laborious, requiring special diligence.

Openwork square fit according to the scheme:

1-row-chain of four or five loops encased in a circle.

2 line-in the ring vivaselecta three columns with nakida, two air loops, three columns with nakida, two air loops, three columns with nakida, two air loops, three columns with nakida, two air loops, loop in the first column with stitches to close the square.

The Third way – ‘jacquard’ scarf. To link this more difficult, because the simplicity hides a certain skill and experience. But it's still easier than vyvazhivanie schemes intricate openwork crochet, or weave all kinds of spokes. A distinctive feature of jacquard weaving is a liveliness and richness due to the variety of figures and ornaments.


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Easy openwork scarf crocheted the original method

Masters, haven't quite mastered the science, would be pretty easy to tie scarf crochet simple crochet pattern. The principle of execution is very original. To run this product requires the following procedure:

scarf tie

  1. Dial a chain of VP, the length of which is equal to the length of your scarf.
  2. The First row – chain base fit repeating fragment – repeat**: *С1Н, two trip*, С1Н, passing on a chain base with two loops, 2ВП, etc., 3ВП to rise.
  3. Second row - *С1Н the previous row to knit – one С1Н, two С2Н, one С3Н, two С2Н, one С1Н, skip two С1Н*. It is possible to repeat the second row one or two times for the wider scarf.
  4. Third row - *SC in the top of the fan of SSN, eight VP*.
  5. Fourth row – *the arc from VP to knit 4 SC, the peak of 3ВП, 4СБН*.
  6. The Next step – knit second half of scarf in the mirror (take the first number of narrow openwork fabric).
  7. Decorate the edges of the resulting fabric tassels.

In the above scheme, the following conventions are used:

VP-air loop SC-column without nakida, С1Н –one column with nakida, С2Н – a column with two yo, С3Н – in column three yo, CLOS-column with nakida.

To tie a scarf crochet pattern, requires not only skill but also creativity.

Men's scarf-fashion garment

The Stylish man always will appreciate the practicality and elegance of the scarf with which his image will be truly complete. To tie men's scarf can relief the viscous, picking up the yarn of the noble colors: gray, black, Navy blue, olive. Good use is heathered yarn. The easiest way – binding "English" rubber band.

The Variety of models, colors, patterns allow you to tie scarfs for the whole family, each picking a more suitable one. Invent, create!

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