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Dolls in the technique Tilde won the love of knitters around the world, because they are so gentle and subtle, but funny, too. Especially cute dolls, angels Tilda. The pattern of such toys can be simple enough that it could handle even those who are just starting to comprehend the basics of sewing textile toys.


Doll made in the technique of Tilda, came to us from Norway, they came up with mistress Tonya Finnanger. Today, these interior toys are among the most popular in the world. Buy them and sew themselves. They come in different sizes and depict people and animals, as well as various household items, from the cookies to the plane.

These dolls are characterized by the absence of sharp bends, sharp corners, they have a streamlined shape, elongated in length. Tilda dolls have small beady eyes, close together to each other, rosy cheeks and razor-filled decoration clothes - lace, pockets, straps - all the elements must be done as naturally and gently.

If the doll depicts a man, then you can use the same pattern for different models, only slightly transforming its content or even a change of clothes and decor. For example, toys angel Tilda pattern will be standard for such products. Only the wings and decor appearance will give a conceived identity.

angel Tilda pattern

Basic pattern Tilde

To sew their own doll in the technique Tilda, you can use the following natural fabric

  • Calico;
  • Linen
  • Thin wool;
  • Fleece;
  • Cotton Jersey.

To stitch toy angel Tilda pattern, you can use this.

bath angel Tilda pattern

She is cut from the paper pieces cut in two parts with the addition of 3-5 mm of the contour of the seams. To sew cut parts you can at least manually, though on a typewriter, most importantly, all the seams must be very careful. Before you turn the finished portion of the doll, the seams should be cut with small scissors. Definitely it should be done in those places where the line of tailoring has corners or twists. This is to ensure that the seam didn't zboril in the finished product, and the doll looked very carefully.


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Tilda autumn angel pattern

Autumn Sadness

"time eyes charm!"... Autumn is so beautiful that the poetry of Pushkin each recall, when the leaves turn colorful warm colors. Doll Tilda Autumn angel, a pattern which will be standard, will allow even more finely to feel sad because the past summer. Such a toy is easy to know if an outfit for Tilda sew in yellow orange and scarlet colours. However, any color coat, hat or a beret, a scarf will make the angel puppet cozy, autumn touching.

angel Tilda pattern

Here is the pattern out of fleece or felt can be made of autumn leaves and fasten them to the wreath.

bath angel Tilda pattern

If the fleece is soft, it is possible the pattern to make a two-layer felt enables a single layer of leaves. Embroider veins on the leaves seam be ahead of the needle in forward and reverse direction.

Tilda autumn angel pattern


Funny and cute decoration for the bathroom will be Bath of angel Tilda. The pattern, as usual, the most simple, but the decor is very interesting. This Teledock you can perform in different ways, but it is clear that she just "had a bath". You can, for example, around the head of the doll, wrap a piece of Terry cloth - a turban out of a towel. It is possible for hair to come up with curlers-curlers - thin strips of cloth on which is wound the curls. To further indicate that this angel Bath, the doll is dressed in a Terry cloth robe. It can be knit in this pattern.

angel Tilda pattern

For greater reliability the doll in hand, you can give a basket for linen, made, for example, from the bottle of toothpicks. By the way, if the toy will be interior and of sufficient size that a "basket" can be used as a holder for cotton swabs.

bath angel Tilda pattern

Any interior toy will give the room harmony and comfort. That includes options such as angel Tilda. The pattern is simple, but requires good fabrics, neat work and love to the future home to the angel. Toy will be the guardian of each room, so interesting, themed decor doll will be the basis of creativity.


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