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Although today the book market is rather widely represents production for kids, is not always its quality meets the needs of parents.

Buy the book, and it will see…

In printed products for children often the material is not of the highest quality, distorted. For example, you can find such "lapses" that are not know whether to laugh, whether to cry. “Mother-bee Papa bee will say: “to Bathe in the river not a game rdquo;. But an educated person knows that bumblebee and bee – this is a completely different species of insects, and the poem can introduce a little misleading, to give him a wrong knowledge about the world. To protect their child from such "masterpieces" of the unknown way seeping through editing, educational books with his own hands the work of parents or others interested in the education of adults kid yourself. Also many children's print edition sin a variety of material located on one page. Meanwhile, very young children find it difficult to concentrate when in front of their eyes is too many small drawings.educational books with his own hands

Books, cardboard and paper

To create them need bright pictures that can be cut from magazines, advertising brochures. Many, making educational books with his own hands, draw illustrations for them. You can print to the printer especially suitable illustrations to use them in exclusive edition. Also suitable drawings from coloring books that you can use as appliques or redraw. In this case, the function of books will expand. In fact, besides the new knowledge, the kid gets the opportunity to develop the skill of painting or work in technology applications.


educational books for children with his own handsEducational books for kids with their hands can do in the program Publicher, placing on the pages, any photos or images. Creating any educational books with his own hands, it is important to set educational and cognitive goals, which I want to achieve when engaging with the baby. Therefore illustrations should be placed in some system, supplied with questions and practical educational games. It is best if one uses a selection of pictures with a common theme: “Animals”, “Birds”, “Pets”, “Transportation”, “Veggies”, “Toys”. And fine, if the publication will be used poems, riddles, tales, invented by adults. Of course, assuming that this will be done qualitatively.

Books-handmade from fabric

For very tiny kids recommended toys without sharp corners – soft. And now increasingly in the hands of kids books made of cloth. The pictures on them are made in the technique of application, the sheet provided with a soft gasket, or gasket. These educational books for young offspring is made the parents at home, in your free time. books for kidsYou Can even make covers for them, placing during sewing of the pages to the front part of them plastic bags. This can protect against premature contamination of books, with his own hands for kids stitched.

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