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An Extraordinarily beautiful candy bouquet makes a wonderful gift for any occasion. Such bright, original and memorable gift will make the celebration unforgettable and will definitely surprise the receiver. bouquets of Raffaello with your own handsIf you want to learn how to make a sweet floral composition, this article is for you. We'll share two interesting master class on creating beautiful candy bouquets. To make them, any person, even not having any knowledge in floral design. In addition, the independent production of the original gift will be spent much less than the cost of purchasing the same in the store.

Bouquets from "Raffaello". Their hands create beautiful and stylish composition

To perform a sweet gift, you will need to prepare some materials and tools. First, you need to buy the candy "Rafaello" in the amount of 25 pieces With these sweet rounded shape, convenient to operate, also, they are very tasty. Secondly, you will need crepe paper of several shades. Gold (metallic) we will use for the design of the buds, and purple for decorating the bouquet. Thirdly, you will need floral wire and double-sided tape. For decorating compositions can be used floral ribbon, lilac organza, beads and any other decorative items. a bouquet of Raffaello

The Technology of making sweet songs

How to make bouquets of Raffaello with your own hands, will be described below. Let us start to create colors. Take metallized Hirobumi and cut 25 small rectangles. Now in these blanks carefully wrap the candy, forming a tight Bud and leaving the bottom, where should the sepals, the tips. Now prepare floral wire - formed with one end of each cut hooks. This is necessary in order for the flower's stem through the candy. Further, the winding wire double-sided tape. Attached to the stems of the buds-candy. And then decorate the workpiece Golden Hirobumi. Now take the lilac organza and cut out her squares of 20*20 cm They will need 25 pieces Folded in half. Organza wrapped in each Bud, forming a beautiful airy petals.


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Generated bouquet and decorate crafts

a bouquet of Raffaello master class

Once all the flowers are done, start assembling the bouquet. For strength fix the stems with duct tape. Wrap the flowers with lilac Hirobumi. Now take a large piece of organza (about 2 m), bends it to the third, and decorate the bouquet. Well fix the tissue. That's all a bunch of "Raffaello" is almost ready. It remains only to decorate it with ribbons, beads or any other decorative details according to your taste. Now you know that the bouquets from the "Raffaello" to do with their hands is very simple! I hope you will succeed. Good luck!

Bunches of "Raffaello". Master class # 2

We Offer you another method of making a charming bouquet of flowers. To create it we will need the following materials and tools:

  • Wicker basket of flowers;
  • Foam installation;
  • Candies "Raffaello" - 50 PCs.
  • Floral crepe paper in yellow, orange and pink colors;
  • Wooden skewers;
  • Wire;
  • Green wrapping paper (50*50, 2);
  • Foil color (red and Golden);
  • Floral mesh (30*40, 1);
  • Yellow and green tape;
  • Braid.

You will Also need to prepare a tape, a knife and tape. The desire to decorate the bouquet can be used decorative elements - flowers, twigs, to make a bouquet of Raffaello

Start implementing ideas: stylish rose made of candy

How to make a bouquet of Raffaello? To start prepare the basket. Will hide any smooth surface film, squeeze her a little foam. After drying, cut the billet the desired shape. Then attach a piece of foam in the basket using double-sided tape. Take green tissue paper and this German billet. From top to decorate a floral garland with mesh. Tip: for these works it is convenient to use hot glue or duct tape. The handle of the basket decorate braid or ribbon, securing the ends with glue. How to make bouquets of Raffaello with your own hands, we will look at next.

Create magnificent roses

To perform the color take the candy, wooden skewers and floral wire. About 40 piece "Raffaello" fix the sticks, and the rest - on the wire. Next, cut out of red, gold foil and floral crepe paper oval, somewhat elongated petals (4 pairs for each rose). Give them a realistic shape. Next, prepare all the buds to make a bouquet of Raffaello with your own hands In the end, you should have foil 10 red roses and 10 gold, and from crepe paper is the same amount of orange, pink and yellow flowers. If you want you can make a few unopened buds. From green paper cut out the sepals. They attach to the inflorescence.

The rose Stems decorate green paper or tape. When all the flowers areready, start assembling the bouquet. Insert the stems of flowers in a billet of foam. Tip: try to place the roses in the basket evenly, with out large gaps.

Optionally, in the center of the composition can be placed a bottle of sparkling wine. Don't forget to attach it to the handle of the basket by the neck. Decorate the bouquet with sprigs, flowers and any other interesting details at its discretion. All the beautiful bouquet of "Raffaello" is ready! See, to make such original and practical gift is not difficult. Success!

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