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Products in the style of Tilda caught the fancy of the needle. Sewing dolls one of the most important roles played by the pattern. Tilda Goat decorate the interior and will be a great gift for a child. At the master-class, given in this article, you can make it for yourself or as a gift to family, friends.

pattern Tilda goat

Features of the puppets in the style of Tilda

In this part of the article we will focus on the toy, and about some features of its production. The material will be useful for novice seamstresses.

The Authorship of the puppets in the style of Tilda belongs to a resident of Norway Tone Finanger. She has published a great number of books, but unfortunately they have not yet translated into Russian language. You know the cute coffee bear, snail on wheels, Easter bunnies, sleepy angels? Distinctive toys created by the talented seamstress. All products have similar pattern. Tilda Goat, on which we will focus in this article is constructed in a similar way. You can see the seam on the face. So he was careful in the area of the spout from the inside, make a small incision, not reaching the seam of 1–2 mm.


All of these products combine little black eyes, blush on her cheeks and no nose and mouth. Russian needlewoman sew tildes largely from natural fabrics: linen, cotton, calico, wool. Some people like to make dolls out of flannel and fleece animals. Abroad, where there are the direction of the Tilde sew special doll knit. It has a complicated name. In our shops did not find, but can be ordered via the Internet.

Clothing: Tilde

The Materials for the dresses you can use a variety, there is no rigid framework. For convenience, certain items of clothing are sewn to the toy, and make the part removable.

For Tilde outfits will fit:

  • Denim tkani;
  • Trikotaj;
  • Fles;
  • Chersti;
  • Base;
  • Organza;
  • Silk;
  • Tul.

Usually for clothing, take a cloth with a small pattern, stripe, plaid. The tilde can sew by hand, but still preferred to use the sewing machine. To the legs around the knees were bent in this area make horizontal lines. If the doll needs to sit tight that you can not fill it with holofayber at the hips.


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Goat tilde: a master class

This is the description sew Goat in the style of Tilda. As hairstyle she will have long thick braid. Toy recalls the heroine of the tale “the Wolf and the seven little kids” and will certainly appeal to children. Below will be given its pattern. Tilda Goat sewed a snap and is designed for the average skill level.

tilde doll goat pattern

For products suitable linen or cotton gray, white, brown or flesh tone. Lay the pattern on the fabric and trace them. Remove paper and prostrochite on the specified lines. At the bend make a small incisions in order to make it easier to fill the product. Remove all the details.


To Fill crafts best holofayber. Wool, though a natural material, for these purposes, does not fit categorically. After a short time it greatly strays, and the object is deformed. Polyester batting — also not the best choice, it falls unevenly and creates the semblance of cellulite on the legs toys. Fills the product into the filler with sushi sticks or a pencil.

tilde goat with his own hands

Building products

Horns pin down and sew a hidden seam. Do the same with ears. Sew legs to the body with buttons. It is a reliable method of attachment. In addition, they will remain movable.

Attire for goats

Now think about what will be wearing our doll-Tilda Goat. Pattern for a simple dress is not needed. It can be made from two rectangles sew or toy a more complex outfit. Cut two rectangles from colorful cotton. If the edges are crumbling fabric, sewn or treat them overlock. Strip smaller cut into two parts —is a sleeve products. Decorate the rectangles along the bottom edge of the lace. Put your hands in the sleeves and secure them with buttons.

Upper part of the dress brisbanite with a needle and thread. Neatly sew it to the neck of a Goat. The hands attach with buttons. Here and ready tilde Goat. With your hands you can draw her eyes paints or sew on beads, as is customary in the manufacture of toys of this type.

Goat Hair

The Scythe is better to make a woolen yarn. Take a book or Notepad and wind the yarn on it. Better. that thread was a light color and fluffy. Too thick braid to do. Wrap a small amount of thread on the notebook. Cut the yarn on one side. Braid a braid of them. Drag it with tape or a rubber band. If you wish, you can trim the bangs. Braid sew and flip over the shoulder.

goat tilde with their hands master class

In the hands of a goat, you can give a bouquet of flowers or a basket. The product will be a wonderful gift. The gift will be sincere, the person who receives it, like that made by goat-Tilda with her hands. Master-class will help both experienced knitters and beginners. The toy can make any outfit.

Classic pattern: each Goat — Goat

To our lady was not lonely, she needs a date. Below are templates that you can sew Goat. A funny character will be a good friend the Goat. Below to sew it presents a fairly simple pattern. Tilda goat is almost the same in the manufacture of a male character. You'll need a puppet knit or any other suitable fabric. For pants, prepare a dense material. Also you will need some yarn for the beard.

goat tilde

Tilda — it's emotional and cute toy. A collector of cute girls and animals, which are made in this style.

goat tilde

Sew the pattern from the article the toy, which will decorate the nursery and will be a good friend.


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