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All kids love holidays, especially New year's, some masquerade or carnival. Before the parents in this case faced with a choice: buy a dress, rent it or try to do on its own. So today we will talk about how to make a suit ladybugs. Its varieties may be several.

costume ladybugs

The easiest option

If you need a costume for girls, use a dark skirt, if the boy is – then the pants. From the top you can wear a dark turtleneck or a shirt. If you want you can sew or tie a yellow collar and to attach to clothing. The head should put the enhanced bezel (it is first necessary to sew tendrils of dark fabric), and back – robe of thick red matter. This robe should sew round black dots at the edges decorate with sequins or tinsel. All the wings are done. Actually, a suit of Ladybird's I'm ready.

Christmas costume ladybug

Hardcore version

This option is more complicated, but the result is excellent. To make a suit ladybugs, you will need a meter of red cloth mesh (the width of the piece - one and a half meters), two meters of stiff wire, piece of black cloth, thread, red and black colors, duct tape, satin ribbon (red, black) in half a centimeter wide and thick red ribbon (three inches wide), matches or a lighter, glue, pins, wooden or plastic sticks (will fit two sushi sticks), elastic bands for hair, centimeter, pliers, a plastic card. The ladybug costume consists of a stick, a skirt (if a girl), and wings.


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knit costume ladybug

The Wings

First you need to make wings. Red mesh, folded in half, cut out a large circle (two pieces for two wings, a diameter of about 20 cm), stitch, turn. Now cut a piece of wire longer than the circumference of the wing, and insert it into the wing. The remaining outside pieces of the two wings of the staple, that is, connect the wings (all sharp edges wrap with electrical tape). The compound tie a rubber band or a black ribbon (with the help of her wings will be attached) and a close connection with a broad red ribbon. On the wings sew pre-cut black specks.


Christmas costume “ladybug” for the girl is unthinkable without beautiful skirts. Take two pieces of mesh width of 20 inches and a length of about 2 meters and make with the plastic card folds on each (bundle folds with pins). When everything is folded at the upper edge of pristrochite on a single piece of mesh ribbon red and the other black. The edges of each piece join in a ring so that they tied in a ribbon. The bottom edge of the panel with tape or braid. The end result is two skirts. Put them one on top of another, sew the black circles.

Magic wand

Costume ladybugs may be added in such an unusual accessory, desire to perform. Stick coat with glue and wrap the red ribbon, the top is adorn with ribbons and beads. All the outfit is ready. You only have to wear it with black turtleneck and tights, and you can go on holiday. Your child will undoubtedly be one of the most beautiful in the carnival.

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