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Waiting for replenishment in the family, the parents carefully choose products to care for the baby. This process is very pleasant, after all, how many cute things you can find in stores. But it is not necessary to buy everything, children grow very quickly and many items can simply not be useful. Special attention should be given to the purchase of the stroller. You will need it daily, so should be comfortable for baby and practical for mom, and at any time of the year and regardless of weather conditions. These demands are met by the stroller “Adamex Enduro”.

Manufacturer Adamex

The brand “Adipex” began its activities in 1993. The main principle of Polish companies is the satisfaction of buyers. Manufacturing of strollers takes into account all the requirements of quality and safety. And this is the main criterion on which pay attention to buyers.

The Manufacturer keeps track of the latest trends and offers quality and modern products. Therefore, “Adamex Enduro” fully corresponds to the requirements buyers.adamex Enduro

Package contents

Stroller equipped with everything necessary for the comfort of the baby and mother. In the presence of a cradle, which is a must for a newborn. When pipsqueak grows up, you need to use the seat unit. The cover for the legs and a raincoat will allow you to walk in any weather. Even if comes sudden rain, not a problem. The rain cover is very easy to put on the stroller and the baby does not get wet. Mosquito net protects from insects, and they will not be able to disturb the sleep of the baby. Travel bag roomy enough, it can put the necessary accessories. The shopping cart will withstand a lot of weight and become a real helper.


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Feature cradle

Model “Adamex Enduro” has a spacious carrycot. The hood is adjustable in position completely silent. For air circulation detachable back, it is very convenient in the summer that the kid was not hot.

The Internal padding of the bassinet is made from cotton fabric. It is fastened with a friendly snake and is easy to remove for cleaning or washing.

Manufacturers have provided ergonomic carrying handle cradles and dense canopy for protection from the elements.

Parents who use a stroller “Adamex Enduro” about the cradle positive, it has a very acceptable size.adamex Enduro reviews

Features of the unit for walking

Backrest and footrest are regulated depending on the needs of the child. The bumper securely locks the baby and is easily removable. Warm cover for the legs will protect your baby from the weather.

Stand on which the baby puts feet covered with oilcloth. At any moment it can be wiped with a damp cloth from dirt and dust.

Seat unit can be installed in position “mom”, so baby will always be in sight of the parents. As they grow older the unit often turns “mom”. Curious kid you want to see, he just needs to learn the world.

The Model has a five-point safety belts. With a special shoulder pads you can gently fix the position of the baby. Jumper between the legs gives additional safety.

Seat unit “Adamex Enduro” careful attention to detail. Easy to operate and practical stroller will be a good acquisition.stroller adamex Enduro

Quality chassis

For the frame used aluminum alloy. The handle can be adjusted depending on the desired height. Faux leather covers the handle, it is non-slip and pleasant to the touch.

All wheels have shock absorbers for smooth motion. The front wheels can swivel and, if necessary, be fixed, while the braking system provided at the rear.

“Adamex Enduro” has detachable wheels, if necessary, they are very easy to replace. But usually that's not necessary, as these models have excellent quality. Remove the wheels may need after a walk in bad weather. Simply wash under running water with a soft sponge.adamex Enduro price

“Adamex Enduro” customer reviews

On the forums you can find different opinions about this model stroller. Of course, it has its advantages and disadvantages.

Many parents complain that the stroller is heavy enough. But, unfortunately, this is common to all combined models. To make it easier, try not to overload the basket for products. Also do not carry a bag for mom unnecessary items, take only what can really come in handy on the walk.

The Main advantage of the “Adamex Enduro” - the price (about 16-17 thousand rubles). Due to its quality the product will last several years. In many families, the stroller is transferred to relatives or sold. After a bit of use, it retains its appeal and functionality.

It is Possible to conclude that the stroller Adamex brand – this is a good purchase. Compliance of price and quality will certainly please the parents.

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