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In the Spring I want to spend more time in the fresh air. It was at this time girls begin to think about how to quickly get in shape after a long winter. To combine useful and pleasant by using Cycling - and muscle will acquire the necessary tone, and the fresh air inhale ad libitum. Therefore, with the onset of the first Sunny days on the streets, there are more cyclists, who often put your iron friend for the winter with the appearance of ice. And want to ride a bike all year round? Don't laugh, it's possible. You only need special transportation - a Bicycle with wide tires. About it we will tell you.

bike with wide tires from China reviews

Bike with wide tires: General description

Every cyclist is proud to transport and ready to praise him all day and real fans of the sport in store there are always a few stories about the incredible possibilities of the iron friend. It is not surprising that randomly met on the street bike with wider tyres attracts the attention and arouses curiosity.

How does this miracle? Outwardly, this bike is a little different from normal, with the exception of the thick and wide tires, increasing its permeability. Due to this, it can drive where a normal bike would have to carry. In addition, this design allows you to ride in the rain, in the snow and on any terrain. Therefore, a Bicycle with wide tires is rightly called a real "jeep". Because the automotive industry is called the class of car with high traffic.


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The Emergence of new bikes significantly expanded the possibilities for the lovers and fans of active rest. However, due to the high cost and the small amount of information on these models of "jeep" on two wheels they are still not widespread in Russia. We have collected all known information about the bike with the wide tires, the reviews and comments of its owners. So, proceed to a thorough study of this miracle of modern technology.

bike with wide tires description

History of the new bike

Bikes with wide tyres of the big diameter (or pitbike) appeared in Alaska. We all know that the climate in these areas identical to our Siberian nature, and therefore caused this model is of great interest to the Russians. Inventor petrika - mark Gruenwald - used for its first model tires three inches wide and placed them on the rim having a diameter of three and one-half inches.

The rest of the bike is normal - multiple speeds, shock absorbers and brakes. Although there are models where there is no suspension fork. Many cyclists argue that pitbike you can go without it, because the soft and wide tires perfectly "absorb" all the potholes and bumps found on the road stones.

Features pitbike

As we have already said that a Bicycle with wide tires perfect for off-road driving, then there is a natural curiosity: what allows him to overcome all obstacles? The secret pitbike?

Of Course, his tires. They allow you to adjust the pressure depending on the coverage. If you need to drive a few miles through sand and rocks, the pressure is reduced. The grip will be greater and the tires will "absorb" all the obstacles. Of course, to move in this mode is quite difficult. But you can drive anywhere without problems.

If you are planning to go on a normal asphalt road, then you need to bring the tire pressure to the normal and to ride for fun.

Note that a Bicycle with wide tires (photos of this miracle of technology we have listed below) weighs a bit more than their counterparts. But this is a very subjective opinion, because regular mountain bike can be very difficult.

bikes with wide tyres of the big diameter

Typically, the weight fatica does not exceed seventeen pounds, and the tires weighs about four pounds. Many fans of this vehicle point out that, despite assurances from producers that the course fatica no different from an ordinary bike, they still had to change your riding style. You have to consider that the acceleration is slower than usual, and the entry into the corners requires some skill.

Wings: for and against

If you are planning to purchase ordinary fatback or small bike on a wide tire with wings, then hasten to disappoint you - such a model you will not find. Producers somehow did not produce such a bike with wings, they simply do not have neither the kit nor available in an optional accessory.

But how to ride, if fatback originally designed to overcome the dirt and sand? There are two options:

  • Tolerate the dirt in the back and every time to wash clothes after skiing;
  • Make the wings yourself.

Some people suggest to cut an ordinary wing and set it on a stand.

bike with wide tires photo

The Most famous manufacturers of Bicycle wide tires

Not surprisingly, American manufacturers Petrikov recognized as the best among the other firms. But European brands are gradually gaining popularity, so we decided to present to you the TOP 5 brands that can boast of its models of bicycles with wide tires

  • Surly. This company is a leader in the production Petrikov, she became the first in the United States, issued a similar technique to the market. It is known that many companies are purchasing at Surly parts for their models.
  • Salsa takes the second place by quantity released for sale Petrikov. During the work were developed several kinds of aluminum frames, and even one titanium.
  • Fatback. This manufacturer boasts a good quality of its products that have the consumer.
  • Fatbikes. The company is in Alaska, where she was born and model bikes with the wide tires. Therefore, the manufacturer produces a very high quality product - lightweight and durable.
  • Sandman is the first European company to address the issue Petrikov. They have a sports bias and are in search of your consumer.

In General, each model of these companies deserves attention, but don't forget about the price of these bikes. About it I want to say separately.

The cost of the bike

The Only significant disadvantage overseas Petrikov is their price. Not every Russian can afford a bike with wide tires. The cost of a branded model in the specialized sports stores starting from thirty-three thousand. For most of our compatriots, especially from the province, this amount is more than devastating to the family budget.

Even if you manage to save up for such a model, in any case, you have to buy lots of different things, without which it would be difficult to imagine comfortable Cycling. How can that be? Give up the dream and settle for the usual two-wheeled friend? Not at all, we offer you a way out - Chinese bike with wide tires. Let's find out how the products of these producers deserve the attention of Russian consumers.

Chinese bike with wide tires

Chinese bicycles: description

I guess the whole world knows that if somewhere there was a novelty, then after a few months the copy will be sold in China. It is not surprising that Chinese manufacturers are very active in offering specialized sites tatbiki different models at a very affordable price. For comparison, I can bring the average price on the bike - it does not exceed seven thousand roubles. Of course, should add to this amount the cost of delivery to Russia. It will be approximately equal to the price of the bike. In the end you will pay about fourteen thousand rubles and be the lucky winner of Patrika, which will be able to brag to your friends.

Of the many companies producing bikes wide tires, attention models Danie and Sarma Bikes. We will describe to you in detail.

Danie, bike with wide tires from China reviews

Like any technology, this bike has its pros and cons. Let's start with a pleasant:

  • Judging by the reviews, fatback this model is very high quality and reliable;
  • He's got a great design;
  • Good permeability and stability;
  • Many buyers Danie for several years to ride it in the winter and very happy with my iron friend;
  • Most of the reviews mention that the bike was surprisingly fast.

Disadvantages of this model are also present:

  • Danie is quite heavy, about twenty pounds;
  • An increase in the pressure in the tire long bike gains speed;
  • The lack of wings makes modifying the model independently.

Summarizing all the above, we can say that Danie is a great choice for anyone who rides a bike for pleasure, has a strong leg and is not willing to pay for the purchase of a large amount of money.

bike with wide tire

The Bike is originally from Hong...

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