At what temperature should I call an ambulance for the child? At what temperature in infants to call an ambulance?


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Fever, when the disease rarely causes adults to the er, and our General practitioner many go only for the sick list, if necessary. Diseases today, it is customary to carry on the feet and not to spend time on bed rest, good to fight against symptoms pharmacy offers a wide range of products.

Adults can not afford to go to the doctor when the temperature increases but ignore a fever in a child for parents is unacceptable, because the reduction in infant mortality in this century has occurred thanks to advances in modern medicine, providing timely assistance to young patients.the temperature at which to call an ambulance, child

There are emergency cases when the doctors need to intervene immediately, so parents should know at what temperature to call an ambulance for the child.

What temperature is considered normal in a child?

Many people know that classical 36.6 degrees not all are indicative of normal temperature, since the exchange processes are in the body of each is person in different ways. For children this is even more true, because thermoregulation in a growing organism is only being formed and strongly depends on the age and activity of year old baby fever 39

If a baby the first few months of life the body temperature is kept at around 37-37,4 C, but at the same symptoms no appetite and stool is normal, baby is active, nothing to worry about. The thermoregulation system in a few weeks usovershenstvuetsya, and body temperature alone will not exceed 36.8 degrees. However, over-wrap and heat can greatly affect the thermometer, because the kid has to provide a comfortable environment, and not to coddle him.


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High temperature may be the norm for a child

After the massage, crying, feeding temperature in infants may slightly increase, which is the norm. The first hours after vaccination can also cause an increase in this index.

The Child after active play, especially in the heat, can get hot and to sweat naturally, but even under these conditions, the temperature should not rise above 37.4 degree Celsius.high temperature in a child without symptoms

Some children Have a temperature of 37 degrees is normal. However, if the early indicator for the child was 36.6 degrees, but after suffering illness during the week or two the thermometer shows 37-37,3 degrees, you can suspect a hidden inflammatory process, which is the reason for going to the doctor. It will examine the little patient and appoint the necessary tests.

When should I worry?

In the vast majority of cases parents are unable to cope with the fever in a sick child's usual medication and physical means. However, experienced moms and dads know at what temperature to call an ambulance is necessary to the child immediately.

The General rule is: the smaller the age of the baby, the greater the risk of negative consequences of ignoring high temperature. For infants children the indicator of the thermometer is above 40 degrees is a definite reason to immediately call the ambulance, especially if the child is under three can keep high temperature of the child

Associated symptoms, such as rash, vomiting and abdominal pain, presence of blood in stool and vomit are a signal to attract medical care, no matter at what temperature. To call an ambulance the child should immediately, if a sudden rising temperature for half an hour failed to bring down the antipyretic agents.

What to do before the arrival of the doctors?

Waiting for the ambulance you need to release the baby clothes and diapers, put it on the oilcloth with the sheet, cover with a diaper and wipe with warm water, plenty of water. Periodically, temperature measurements must be repeated, by tracking the what temperature in infants to call an ambulance

The Child should not freeze, as the result of contact with cold air or water vessels on the surface of the skin narrowed. It will inhibit heat transfer and will only aggravate the situation.

It is Forbidden wiping the child with vinegar and alcohol-based liquids that can be absorbed into the skin and cause poisoning, not to mention the burns on the delicate respiratory system of the baby.

Exceed the dosage of antipyretics without the individual advice of a doctor is prohibited.

Parents of children that react to the heat of febrile convulsions, have the experience to know at what temperature to call an ambulance for the child. As a General rule in such cases is not waiting for the temperature rise over 38 degrees and if the measures to reduce not help, call the ambulance.

When the heat is good for the baby?

The Anxiety of inexperienced parents is easy to understand if one year old baby fever 39 degrees. The toddler may look lethargic, cry and capricious, but it also happens that the high temperature affects neither the appetite nor the baby sleep, and only hot forehead and flushed cheeks betray a malaise.

It is Known that by raising body temperature the body is activated to fight foreign viruses and bacteria, releasing interferon and adaptive immune cells. Why doctors do not recommend to bring down the temperature, if the temperature does not rise above 38.5 degrees. This does not apply to children who have previously experienced febrile convulsions.

High fever with no symptoms

There are cases when the child's illness is not the usual scenario "runny nose - cough - fever". It also happens that as soon as the causative organism becomes a target of the immune system, there is a high fever in a child without symptoms.

the temperature at which to call an ambulance to a child 1 year

The reasons for the absence of any signs of infection of the gastrointestinal tract or the respiratory system lie in the fact that, most likely, the virus is stationed in them. Doctors also suggest that after a couple of days of heat without symptoms the child shows no signs of the disease because his immune system has successfully coped with the invasion of the "enemy". In this case, the child should see a doctor to make sure recovery.

Overheating as a cause of fever

Sometimes a very simple reason that the child has a temperature of 38. Whether to call an ambulance if no other symptoms, and the child does not Express concern? Before you dial the ambulance, worth checking out, not too hot if the baby is not too bundled up, shouldn't his crib at the battery, not if he's overheating as a result of active games, or walking under the scorching sun.

Overheat can often be attributed to high temperature in a child without symptoms. The causes of this condition should be immediately deleted. For this you need to eliminate the alleged inconvenience and create the baby comfortable conditions: cool and damp air, coupled with copious drinking. Within 30 minutes the temperature should return to normal.

How long is a fever normal?

Fever, without symptoms should not last more than three days, with prolonged fever may indicate a complication of the disease. Negative factor is also considered to be the re-rise of temperature after the child a few days did not suffer from fever. Such situations require a mandatory medical examination.

Parents usually know from experience how much it can hold high temperature in a child, because children are different and the body's response an individual. This allows them to meet the next increase in temperature in the baby and not to panic. Usually the body temperature to normal on the fourth day. Otherwise we need to call the doctor.

The Young moms and dads, physicians are advised to carefully observe the condition of newborns and children first year of life with fever. If she moved little hard, appear alarming symptoms, such as rash, vomiting, diarrhea, febrile convulsions, breathing difficulties, the question of at what temperature in infants to call an ambulance, gets sharper, because in this situation it is urgent to alleviate the condition of the crumbs regardless of the thermometer. Sometimes the delay might cost him his life.

Temperature in children older than 1 year

Parents of infants often wonder, at what temperature to call an ambulance for the child. 1 year - a special age for the baby, because his body has adapted to the environment. And his mom and dad now know how their child reacts to the heat and know how to help him.

By this time in the absence of neurological diseases, involving febrile convulsions, the thermometer ceases to scare parents, even when it shows that the temperature of 38. Call an ambulance if at a higher temperature in children of this age? Yes, if the rubbing with warm water, drinking plenty of fluids and ventilation, coupled with antipyretic drugs have no effect.

Dehydration can be a serious problem for the baby, even if the cause of fever lies in the banal SARS. One year old baby fever 39 degrees, which remained stable for 1 hour, it ceases to be useful. It concerns not only m...

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