Fake dolls "monster high". How to distinguish the original?


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The Iconic doll "monster high" from "Mattel" that is not the first year beat the records of popularity. The heroine of the eponymous cartoon smile from shop shelves, toothy smile, flaunt fashionable outfits, hold his views as fans and opponents. Vivid images of a "monster" leave no one indifferent! After all, they have made a revolution in the toy world, bringing it a Gothic touch. "Scary beautiful" - so say about them, the creators. Their unusual images are contrary to the accepted canons of beauty, but despite this, the popularity of terrible beauties is off the charts. One problem - the original dolls are quite expensive. Not every girl can beg my parents such an expensive toy. But where there is a demand quickly appears and suggestion. Enterprising dealers are not asleep, and the market is filled with fake dolls "monster high", has neither the beauty nor the quality that guarantees to its customers, "Mattel". How not to get lost and to find the original among the huge variety of goods?

Distinguishing features of the toys, "Mattel"

For many years the world of doll fashion rules this company. She creates a truly iconic toys. On its own initiative removed and cartoon stories about the characters. Of modnyashki "Brats" and Delicate teen girls "moxie", articulated beauty "moxie-Tins" and a huge number of Barbie princesses - all the handiwork of "Mattel". Yes, to have these toys prestigious, and they are of interest not only for children but also for collectors. But the relatively high price is due not only to the sonorous name of the manufacturer - toys "Mattel" are of the highest quality. Safe plastic, neat stitching of the wig, stylish clothes, lots of accessories - all this is inherent in the puppet from "Mattel". Anyway - you toys beautiful as the pictures! Of dolls "monster high" (counterfeiting which are mainly produced in China) made exclusively in Indonesia - and it is worth paying attention to in the first place. And the rest of the toys, "Mattel" Indonesian production have the same high quality.


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Learn to distinguish an original from a fake doll "monster high"

For starters take a look at visitors from China.

fake monster high dolls

And this is the original.

doll of monster high. forgery

1. Pay attention to the packaging. The original title, "Monster High" and the logo should be mandatory.

2. Look at the condition of the doll or set. The original dolls have a jointed body with the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee joints. Ankle cast. Head is movable, the neck has a hinge. Slouch and excessive thinness, inherent attributes of the original.

3. The face of the original dolls made very carefully. In addition, each doll is custom-made and Molde looks different from her friends. But the dolls one species from different series are similar. Detailed eyebrows, nasolabial folds, nostrils, ears are all signs of a real doll "monster high". Fakes are also often cast in one facial pattern.

4. Hair is made of high quality kanekalon, their color matches the color of the namesake cartoon character.

5. Accessories are made carefully, with no sharp edges. The same quality worn the whole outfit: not any sticking out threads and frayed edges. But forgery of dolls "monster high" can be dressed in anything.

6. The original doll is made of quality plastic material, safe to human health. Fake can be plastic, and rubber. The presence of the odor of the plastic should be alerted!

Real and fake Frankie

The easiest way to understand the example. Here cheap replica native to Asia.

pictures of monster high dolls fakes

And this is the real Frankie - neat, stylish, safe for health.

monster high

As you can see, to figure out where the original is, and where fake dolls "monster high" is a snap. Be careful and choose for children only the best!

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