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Expectant moms, waiting for his crumbs, closely monitor any changes occurring in their womb. Along with the movements of the fetus they can observe frequent pulsing contractions, that is quite strange and sometimes frightening moment. And then the mothers begin to pester with questions of gynecologists: "Why children matter they have the stomach?" The causes of this phenomenon is quite normal and absolutely nothing to worry about. The development of the digestive system can give such effects or regular periodic ingestion of amniotic fluid. After a while hiccup goes. Of course, there is also a possibility of lack of oxygen to the baby, and this also triggers this reflex, to clarify this point is to consult a doctor.
why children matterAnd here it is - the happiest moment of birth has come. Your little miracle with you. All attention, of course, directed at the baby. Parents often notice that their babies have the hiccups, sometimes for quite a long time. It is quite normal for children, as well as for adults. Someone calm about this, someone starts to panic: "Why a newborn baby has the hiccups?" Most often this happens when during feeding the baby is swallowed air. It happens when he eats fast, or in the bottle from which you drink, a very large hole.

But not only air from entering baby, not yet fully formed ventricle may be the reason why children have them. Young parents should pay attention also for the, not to overfeed their child. Excessive amount of food leads to that stretch of the stomach wall and thereby put pressure on the diaphragm, which causes this reflex. 
why a newborn baby has the hiccupsOf Course, most of the grandmothers in one voice: will you say that the tot was cold. They are partly right, hypothermia can also be the reason why children have them. Walking on the street with the baby, should often check the handle and the spout, if they are pretty cool - you need to go home. In the case when the hiccups started, it is necessary upon returning wrap him in a blanket, give warm milk or tea, it is useful to wear good socks, keep feet warm. Due to the above events, the reaction of the child's body for hypothermia to take place.why do little children have the hiccupsAlso, why children matter, the reason for this may be a trivial fear. Different kind of sharp, loud sounds, bright light, noise, sudden movements, even adults can cause emotional distress in the child, the consequence of which is the hiccups. When the baby starts to cry, usually all terminated.

This is, perhaps, the entire list of reasons why small children have them. As can be seen from the above, nervous about it not worth it. The average duration of this phenomenon is not more than fifteen minutes, then usually it stops. Special attention requires only the case when the hiccups lasts more than a few hours and brings discomfort to your baby. Then you should contact the pediatrician because it may be hiding a very good reason.

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