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Dog BU – this animal, known in many social networks. Every year the popularity of the dog increased. Such popularity he received thanks to a number of famous videos on YouTube and hundreds of cute dog photos. Breed BU does not exist as such - more on that later. Below we will explain who is this cute dog with a funny haircut.

Return to popularity. So, in such a social network like Facebook, more than hundreds thousand people have liked pictures and videos featuring this lovely dog. Tens of thousands of views gathered these videos on a social network "Vkontakte".

Why the animal became so famous?

This popularity is understandable, it is so nice to watch a tiny dog Boo! Her beauty touches on the face involuntarily smile. Note that the dog BU "busy" charity projects. The funds it collects are sent to children with pathologies, thanks to these donations a number of operations.

the dog is BUDog Boo is very similar to a stuffed animal or bear, but not a dog. It's friendly, docile and affectionate animal. Caring owner of a cute dog always prepares him for the upcoming shoot. According to the owner, dog Boo loves to pose for pictures. The dog likes the clothes for him to wear. He also loves to play in nature. Especially like the baby fun on the green lawn under the rays of the sun. Here's a she - dog Boo. The price of cute little animals of this breed ranges from 25 to 50 thousand rubles.

Many people wonder what breed of dog BU… We solve this interesting mystery. Boo the dog is of breed Pomeranian. The uniqueness of her appearance adds an interesting haircut. The hostess says that the accident was such a fun haircut. It all happened like this: once the coat of the dog is very confused, the Barber offered to shave it completely, leaving only the legs and the head, as there were still able to comb her. The owner agreed to the proposal of the wizard, the result of which was convenient and nice haircut.


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dog breed BooNow let's talk a little about the breed such dogs, and also about how nature has this wonderful animal.


The Pomeranian has a lively, cheerful disposition. It is very loyal and smart dogs. Even though the growth they are small, but able to charm even those who are completely indifferent to the toy breeds.

First dog appeared in the former Prussian province of Pomerania. Soon a dog appeared in England and then in America. According to the standard, the growth of this dog at the withers should not be more than 23 see she has quite a good body, body chest, small ears and short muzzle. By the way, the Pomeranian girls and boys looks very different, so if someone in front of you – a simple affair. Males appear more massive and dense, less elegant, but brighter reflect the essence of the breed.

Despite its "toy-like" appearance, the Pomeranian is always ready to follow the master. He may even rush to defend him, if you see that he is in danger. Note that these dogs are easy to get along with older people and with children.

Care of dogs Pomeranian

Their Main pride is thick coat with abundant undercoat. It needs to be brushed a couple times a week, using an ordinary comb, and slicker brushes. Every day is not necessary to carry out this procedure, otherwise you can leave the animal with no undercoat. Bathing a dog needs as little as possible. Just before the water treatments it should be a good comb.

Teeth – this is one of the weakest points of this breed. You must carefully care for them, to avoid the occurrence of such diseases as periodontal disease. Need to brush your teeth using a special brush and paste.

the dog is BU priceBehind the eyes also need care as needed wipe soaked in clean water with a cotton swab. Walking a dog is not necessarily possible to accustom her to the litter.

What to feed a Pomeranian?

For this breed ideal - dry food. Of course, you need to choose only the premium and super-premium. If you want to feed your pet “straight” you should know that not all what is good for people, good for Spitz. Especially damaging meats and sweets. Therefore, consider the diet details.


The breed is well trainable. The quality of the severity, you do not need, they understand everything the first time. This dog will constantly delight and amaze their owners with intelligence and talent.

The Pomeranian needs to communicate with people and with other canines. On a leash to keep a dog, as incorrect or not fully formed social skills in the future will manifest as behavior problems.

photos of dog breeds BUThese dogs can show dominance, and excitability (expressed barking) and increased activity. To avoid this, let's pet the opportunity to vent his energy in the right direction.

Now you know that is this popular dog. Breed Boo, as you can understand from the article, does not exist, so we have described some features of a Pomeranian, which is a well-known and cute doggy.


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