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Today, the word "sling" familiar to many young parents, but most of them saw this device only the picture and treat it skeptically. In fact, the sling – this is a very convenient device to carry the baby, allowing the mother to free his hands and to feel quite mobile. There are many types of slings, but one of the most popular is the ring sling (SSK), which is a piece of fabric with a length of approximately 2 meters (plus or minus) and a width of 60-70 cm, one end of which is sewn a diameter of 5-7 cm

The ring Sling can be used from the neonatal period. It is very convenient to feed your baby breast, and both at home and in a public place (if you cover the baby with the free end of the scarf, the surrounding just doesn't notice). SSK will make the mother very mobile and will not depend on the operation of the lift, the weight of the stroller and the availability of assistants for its descent and climbing stairs (because postpartum women are strongly advised not to lift weights). And weight child's first months of life compared to the weight of the wheelchair is simply not there. Furthermore, with such a sling mom will be able to freely move around the city from the first days of baby's life, no problem going to urban transport and all public places (shops, clinic, Bank, post office). 

The ring Sling will come in handy not only outdoors but also at home. If the toddler does not want to go to sleep alone, then SSK will save mom from a long sickness, and will facilitate the process of laying the baby. One has only to put the baby in the sling to position “cradle” (lying) and start to move around the apartment.  you can give the baby breast – so he quickly calm down and fall asleep. And when the child finally calm down and leave in the arms of Morpheus, it can be carefully shifted in the bed and cover the free end of the sling. This mom needs a little to weaken the fabric in the rings, bend over and drop the baby on the bed (sofa), and then  carefully remove the sling over his head. If necessary, you can just pull the fabric from rings, but in this case when you re putting on the sling will have to spend a little time to tuck the ends back.


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How to wear ring sling

Novice moms often ask, how to wear ring sling. The beauty of SSK  that you can wear it in different ways – front, side and rear, by varying the position of the baby, depending on its age and character. For your new baby's first months of life allows for two positions: horizontally and vertically (but not sitting!) before mom. For older kids who are already good head and a little back, you can begin to master position on hip and back, although in fairness I must say that for sapinoso wearing this sling fits not as good as others. Ring sling makes it easy to change the baby's position, moving it back  to the side or forward and back. It must be remembered that  this carrier  should always be worn on the left and on the right shoulder, alternating between them. This is important not only for the health of the mother's back, but for a balanced development of the muscular system of the child! It is also necessary to watch correctness of landing of tot (in vertical position) - pop should hang like in the pocket and the knees have to be above the priests.

Most importantly – purchase the correct sling with the rings. Some manufacturers offer "lingophone” products with many extras – cords, puffs, pillows that are absolutely not necessary neither the baby nor the mother. Oddly enough, but in the case of FCS the principle of “less is more” is working at 100% (with respect to various additions and “improvements”). The best slings are made from a special fabric scarf well-known manufacturers (Didymos, Hoppeditz, Nachi, Girasol and others). These FCS are of high price, but its qualities are far superior to the counterparts made of other fabrics. And most importantly, they do not lose their value, and after operation, so  to sell SSK the scarf fabric  is much easier than any other sling.

To Make a ring sling  with their hands is very easy – you need to match the scarf to the desired length, cut in half and sew to ring. However, it is necessary to decide what to do with the second half of the scarf (to sell, to sew another SSK for yourself or also for sale or to make a may-sling or backpack the scarf fabric). You can also make a sling with your hands from any natural fabrics (or fabric with a minimal addition of synthetic fibers) – calico and linen for summer, jeans and corduroy for cold time of year. You can make a sling with rings of conventional cotton, but in this case it is better to do it double, because this fabric does not have high strength. Toddler first months life fit and SSK from a heavy knit or fleece. 

How long can I use the sling with the rings? It all depends on the endurance of mom and how long she can carry the baby on one shoulder. Many mothers with 3-4 months of a baby moving to a scarf or a may-sling, however, SSK, due to its small size, remains a lifesaver. Quality  ring sling will come in handy for the baby at the age of 1-1,5-2 years, but not for long-term wear, and dashes from place to place (from home to the shop, the car or the Playground and back). After all, to carry even a heavy child in a sling is much more convenient than just on the hands!


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