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Almost every mother is faced with the choice of milk formula, when it comes to separation of the infant from the breast or domarkiene newborn. On the forums most recommended mixtures for newborns “Nestožen” or “Nestogen”, which we will discuss in this article.

What are the advantages of a mixture of “Nestožen” celebrate moms:

  • The child stabiliziruemost chair;
  • This blend has a sweet taste;
  • Babies are less colicky;
  • Affordable price.

Normalization of stool and the absence of colic it indicates the absence of individual intolerance of this mixture. This is facilitated by the included in the composition of the mixture prebiotics (natural dietary fiber) that improve the intestinal microflora and prevents the occurrence of constipation.

In addition to prebiotics, infant formula “Nestožen” contains vitamins and minerals that are essential for a particular age. So be careful what box to buy for your baby. The numbers on the packaging show you the recommended age for feeding the mixture. mix nestožen opinion

If newborn from the first days to give a mixture for six months, then it will start abdominal pain, allergic rashes, regurgitation, and problems with the chair, as his intestines are not ready to accept such an abundance of substances. But a year-old child discomfort get if I eat a mixture for infants, simply, he is hungry.

What are the disadvantages of this mixture?

According to mothers, a mixture of "Nestožen" (review taken from the directory of the goods "Babyblog") causes the following problems:

  • Broken chair in children, there is a multi-day constipation (2-4 days), color feces green, plasticine consistency;
  • Vomiting of curds;
  • Allergy in the form of a rash and plaques on the body and face;
  • Mixture with GMOs (the presence of soy lecithin).

Violation of the chair is associated with intestinal intolerance of newborn. This does not mean that the producer (nestlé) of a mixture of the unscrupulous, just the baby needs another feeding. Constipation may appear when the change of food, and vomiting caused by failure to observe hygiene of feeding. However, if these symptoms appear after each feeding, it speaks of intolerance to the mixture. formula nestožen


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Allergic reactions can occur because of intolerance to baby:

1) cow milk protein (casein);

2) lecithin.

But the manufacturer indicates that only healthy children are a mixture of “Nestožen”. The opinion of moms who have children not prone to allergies, confirms this. In the case of the onset of rash hand over analyses on a dysbacteriosis and allergies, maybe you should try a mixture of goat's milk.

Now consider the presence of soy lecithin in the mixture. Lecithin to the human body in small amounts (no more than 7 grams) is necessary for growth and cell regeneration, assimilation of vitamins A, D, K, E, for the formation and operation of the Central nervous system.

The Lack of lecithin in the body leads to underdevelopment of speech, loss of weight, impaired memory, poor concentration, unstable mental development. Well, the newborn in the absence of lecithin simply did not learn the above vitamins necessary for its development, growth, and weight gain.

What are the components of a mixture of “Nestožen”: a review of the composition of the mixture

Each mother can evaluate the advantages or disadvantages of the mixture of this brand, we offer you to read its composition for newborns (+1): skim milk, GOS (galactosamine), demineralized whey, lactose, soy lecithin, maltodextrin, vegetable oil, FOS (fructooligosaccharides), citrate calcium and potassium, chloride of sodium, calcium and magnesium, taurine, vitamins, zinc sulphate, manganese, iron and copper, L-carnitine, sodium selenate, potassium iodide. Non-GMO, flavors, preservatives, dyes. the mixture for infants nestožen

Guards in this part of the absence of names of vegetable oils. For example, palm oil makes the process of digestion of food, and canola is included with fluids. Caution should be exercised to moms who have children prone to allergies, as the lecithin and protein in cow's milk are potent allergens.

But the presence of L-carnitine and taurine has beneficial effects on brain development and eyesight, and at the expense of iodine and selenium decreases the load on the kidneys. Prebiotics (FOS and GOS) improve intestinal health. Please note that indigestion the baby individual intolerance to the components (which the manufacturer indicated on the box), as well as an expired or incorrectly prepared mixture “Nestožen”. The same opinion about this brand can write in comments under this article.

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