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Godmother accompanies man all his life. Comes to visit, gives love and attention and care. After collecting all the words in the warm congratulations to godmother from goddaughter, I want to give her a piece of donated love and attention.

A Toast for godparents

If a woman was entrusted with the role of godmother, it means that it is valued and respected. Godparents always feel the joy of the birth of the baby and the thrill of realizing new relatives.

First congratulations to godmother from goddaughter Heard on the christening of her parents. As congratulations baby could bring a smile or a cry.

Congratulations to godmother from goddaughter

A Toast to the cross may sound simple, but from the heart: “my Dear friend (name). We've known each other. Worthy candidate for the role of godmother to our baby. We trust that you our child. Love him as we love, give him warmth and wisdom, faith, hope and love. You can do it, we believe in you. For you, godmother!”.

Fit the lyrical words as a toast: "To love was not enough for our baby, we commend to you, dear godmother. May the Lord give you his strength together to educate and that we are all in good health are at the wedding he walk".

Or another option:

In the house of joy and excitement,

Today we Have the rite of baptism.

The best godparents we found

And all to celebrate here.

For godparents raise a toast,

Godchild of their healthy growing up!Congratulations to godmother from goddaughter

Merry Christmas

There is a tradition that on Christmas Eve, the night before Christmas, the godfather godchildren are supper and words of gratitude. A mandatory attribute is kutya-a porridge made from whole wheat.


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To Congratulate godparents can Simple sincere words or the Carol, a traditional ceremonial song that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ and the owners of the house.

Congratulations to godmother from goddaughter can be figurative and symbolic, in verse and prose. For example:

“Dear godmother. I came to thank you for your love and attention. And I want to wish you the following: let the Holy Nativity of the Lord will cleanse your home, bring the happiness and joy. Let this kutia, which symbolizes peace, tranquility, comfort and prosperity at home, will give you all this. Let your life be like her, sweet and with a twist”.

Birthday once a year

To give a beautiful congratulations to godmother from goddaughter Happy birthday, does not require effort. From little goddaughter nice to receive a gift made with their hands: appliqué, painting, a doll or just a postcard. From adult – just a sign of attention, which can be a beautiful bouquet, delicious cake, or any other symbolic gift. The most important thing, how it will be presented:

“Dear godmother. Please accept my sincere congratulations happy birthday. Let the luck will come to your house, and happiness dwell in it. Let forever you will be a loved one. So as in abundance and joy to a ripe old age you have a full and happy we met always nice. Just a good wish, love, kiss, hug”.

congratulations on the anniversary godmother from goddaughter

Dear godmother, dear Fairy godmother, my.

Happy birthday Sunny I congratulate you.

Even as in the tale of Cinderella, your dreams come true.

Be happy, dear beloved and be thou.

I'm better than people on earth not seen, believe me.

Let the luck and joy will knock at your door.

Let all that pent up, will go far, far away.

You and I are good, interesting, comfortable, easy.

The Main thing is not to leave the cross without attention. If you do not allow circumstances to congratulate in person, then order greeting godmother from goddaughter on television, adding a gift to her favorite song or order a courier delivery of flowers and gift along with a beautiful voice card. In any case, it would be nice.

Today is the anniversary of the cross

So congratulations on the anniversary godmother from goddaughter was original, is a bit of a dream.

As a gift you can present a collage that will show the warmth of the relationships in the photos. Placing it in a beautiful frame, writing words of gratitude and wishes, you can claim the title of “the Most original gift”.

You to me heaven sent,

That along with the angel of my

I brought you together,

Lovely child calling her.

I gave you a priest

To me have always been.

Our love is sacred

For many happy years.

Take today's birthday

My love and gratitude.

That life was full of fun,

And the year came to yours was bright.

The Original way to congratulate song. Remake of a familiar song, dedicate her godmother. Perform it at the celebration and you moved everyone to tears. Not only does it resemble a familiar tune, but will give you vivid congratulations to godmother from goddaughter.

In childhood, the way of the cross is associated with good character in the fairy tale Cinderella, who was able to perform miracles. In his youth, godmother – best friend, with whom you can talk to for advice about things that you do not share with mom. In her youth she was a good counselor and a wise mentor. When they become adults, have their families and children are born, and with trembling need to look for candidates for the rolegodparents for them and evaluate the real meaning of the cross in life.

Beautiful congratulations to godmother from goddaughter

Congratulations to godmother from goddaughter's always nice to get that feeling out of affection, gratitude and devotion. Happy birthday, or just good morning ‒ still it would be nice.

More words to think no one could

To transmit my love to you.

The Lord loved you, shore,

For the fact that you are in my life.

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